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  1. I rarely post on here but thought I would since it might be my last because I'm leaving Halo. I know I tweeted this video a few days ago but for those who haven't seen go show it some support and enjoy. GL to all during the rest of the 2018 season, love you TeamBeyond <3. http://youtu.be/viD--vDpYnA
  2. Some thoughts I had on my mind and would like to share http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssDE163kI8Q
  3. https://twitter.com/HunterSchline/status/720721302701486080
  4. Im literally in the party with him, raaayne hasnt even played me and reported he won can we get a fix on this please lol kids sliming his way up the bracket
  5. Been sitting here for a good hour without a invite and said you were offline
  6. Need a fix on seed AK please, Raaayne did not show but says he advanced, please fix so i can play my next round, thank you.
  7. May you fix seed AK please, Raaayne isnt online or inviting, messaging and the advancement on whod I play next for seed AL which hasnt been updated.
  8. Name: BxbyJ Winner: BxbyJ Round: 1 Score: opponent is host and isn't online and or invited, messaged me.
  9. I at raaayne who host since he ehas higher seeds and for some reason he reported win an hasn't even played me yet or invited me, he's not even on Halo: MCC lmao someone fix please
  10. I'm a sixteen year old competitive Halo player looking for a dedicated team that's going to events and already has experience. I, myself have went to one LAN event which was Chattanooga last year that I placed Top 5 at and have also played on LAN multiple times before. I've won multiple online tournaments but recently have placed top 16/32 in the HCS Online Cups. My main focus as of right now is to find a solid squad to go to GFG with in Febuary. If you're looking to contact me be sure to message me on any of the social networks below. Social Networks -Skype: Hunter Schline -Twitter: @HunterSchline or @BxbyJ -Xbox One Gamertag: BxbyJ
  11. I would like to play somebody else other than Karyotic the kids connection is literarily awful I have video of him teleporting across the map, can we solve this problem I don't want to lose in this tournament due to playing on Colombian connection
  12. Your Player Name: BxbyJ Winner: BxbyJ Round Number: ROUND 5 Score: 2-0

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