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  1. Sounds like a top five mechanic. Imo the ammo isn't holding anyone back in halo- you spawn with a generous amount of clips (3+?) and if you're finding yourself running out of ammo so often it's gotta be from very passive play. Obviously pinging people and keeping them weak across map is a good thing but to me if I found myself running out of ammo noticeably often I'd take it as a sign I need to commit to some kills or stop choking my one shots as often, move a bit more. In obj it's not as bad but still unless you're actually killing you're not doing as much as you should/could.
  2. It does go both ways but I think it's fair to say first shot advantage is stronger in reach than say h3.
  3. I really want an AA nerf for reach/dmr. It being hitscan it has no business being so strong in the first place- more annoyingly it makes very hard to outshoot someone when down shots- due to fire rate and the clip size but mostly the aa.
  4. Bioshocks story is great but I wouldn't rank it over ce. Half life 2 is certainly the best shooter campaign though.
  5. What event are snipedown and lethuls team scrimming for rn? Also I hope that throw down crap wasn’t 343s only planned mnk only event.
  6. Anyone here ever play the browser bionicle game? That thing was the shit.
  7. 343 cos one step forward- 343 steps back. Fucking swat?!.
  8. I only saw the end of the stream- why on earth were they playing snipers?.
  9. Funny you say that because dark souls was the only game that got me off halo for a few months. Single player games tho. @Hully I did used to play ow but ass meta after ass meta and the want to return to "everyones equal" gameplay kinda kept me on halo the majority of the time.
  10. Whoops I didn't mean to say trading (tired) I just meant winning pistol fights vs higher skilled opponents more often than you should.
  11. Controversial but I wish it had a slightly lower rof. You can spam your way to trades more often than I'd like. I think this was one of h3s greatest strengths- the br rof coupled with projectile and it's speed made it so if you were much better than your opponent they wouldn't take a single br fight off you. Of course its too slow for outshooting similar skill 2v1s which would be a welcome change. I feel like with ce due to the firerate- large clip and it being 2v2-the gun allows you to trade against much higher skilled opponents far more than it should. Obvs as it stands it has a much higher skill gap than 5s though-I'm sure most are getting their opinions from.mcc ce too which doesn't help.
  12. Nothing else has ever held my interest for long.

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