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  1. I had to stop reading at him saying "who's to say midship wasn't stretched out because of nade spam?" What a fucking idiot.
  2. I'm pretty sure reamis is Arlong who I used to see posting here all the time.
  3. I'm just praying for no sprint multiplayer, I don't mind that the graphics are shit.
  4. The precision slayer filter in general is just unbelievable.
  5. Has it been said anywhere whether or not sprint will be in multiplayer? Pure depression.
  6. I feel like we're not the only ones who've lowered our standards from back to. Back disappointments?. I'd play a full h2a at this point.
  7. Think I'll probably cry if there's sprint again. How could they be that out of touch? .
  8. I'd prefer hitscan with lightning strafes. Lead only if it's basically the h1 pistol but either with a slightly slower rof or a smaller clip to make it less forgiving.
  9. What's a "fair" amount of h3?. I just don't believe you. I never touched halo 5, not when it's technically free with Xbox game pass and not out of a bargain bin. I'd take any bet with you that you'd play "an updated h3" as we all would. Hell I'd probably still play h2a despite all the things I don't like (nade indicators, generic sound effects) had it been a full game with all the maps and features built around it.
  10. You're not shitting on it at all though, just making a fool of yourself. I am blocking you though. I encourage others to follow suit. Again you reposted the same thing from a page or two ago. Aside from words mixed around--your posts amount to nothing more than bot spam.
  11. If there was no spread it still would be less consistent than h2 being projec. Arguing when it came out sure. Ten, thirteen years later is pointless. Its not like rng is the problem with halo 4 and 5. Where did i say intentional close quarters made the game good? I said it's working as intended. Which reminds me of a fun fact h3 h8rs have such a hard time getting their heads around. The spread makes no difference in RR range (assuming everyone isnt half a world away- but that's netcodes problem) where 90% of h3 is supposed to be played.
  12. This is the eureka moment the h3 h8rs need. Bungie literally posted an update before h3 came explaining the intentional random spread to promote closer ranged gameplay. Is this inferior design? To competitive players that hone their skill and would love to cross map. Definitely. Is it completely pointless complaining about this design when it's very much intentional?. Definitely.
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