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  1. Remember when bungie hyped up a super cool, super secret feature of halo 3 for weeks (months?) and it just turned out to be the water physics?.
  2. Construct is only good on hill and even then it's just vertical choke point checking. The pit while a very aesthetically pleasing map has the same problem on a horizontal plane. I think pit plays better in reach too. Heretic is a remake and just doesn't play as well with it's unreliable br (although I say this as someone who'd much rather play h3 than 2). Narrows is dogshit. I like looking at halo 3 maps but I think there's a good argument there for that's what they actually have over reach maps- they just look better and as you say no ones thrilled to look at grey map after grey map. I hope I'm right in that we'll see just how fun and competitive reach can be now that it's getting a fair shot with the v7 settings.
  3. How many people in here can honestly say that watched the reach v7 tournament?. Apart from the easy no scopes and generous nade hitboxes, reach is a far better game than halo 3. So what if the maps are grey? So are half the maps in ce. Not to mention; isn't there a possibility of modded maps for reach pc?.
  4. Yup. You couldn't sell cars with unresponsive steering or indicators that come on a second after you switch them on. The gaming industry is such bollocks. Edit; then again, they probably would if you could patch cars.
  5. I wish halo events would have analysis on plays from the previous game between matches. Overwatch does this and despite being trash ( well the last year and a half of meta anyway) it makes the streams very entertaining.
  6. Yeah I read up about it after the post. Here's hoping I get an invite.
  7. Downloading insider now. Can you still be invited to play the reach flight?. Edit; I try to play the mcc insider and I just keep getting booted back to the store?.
  8. Well I dunno how you can say it's for the best. Returning players like me are bound to be put off by not being able to play the game (vanilla h3 sucks imo) and I'm sure the 50s are just playing the same people over and over again. Any regular custom games going here so?.
  9. Haven't had an Xbox for a few years and would love to play some mlg but can never find a game (smallest violen). The 2v2 settings and hce are great but I miss playing 4s. Was mcc ever part of games with gold btw?.
  10. Why can't we just have a real fast movement speed 343?.

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