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  1. The media were only allowed to show 5 min clips, not the full missions
  2. Both the Xbone and PS4 are massively outselling their last-gen counterparts, sales are 50% ahead of where PS3 and Xbox 360 sales were at the same time in their lifespan.
  3. I was talking about their "campaigns", Destiny had a half-assed story, literally a character tells you "I could tell you the plot, but I wont now go read the website" , and Titanfall tried to put multiplayer maps together as a campaign.
  4. And how did those games turn out? Destiny was the laughing stock of the industry for months and a complete dissapointment, and nobody gave a shit about Titanfall after 2 weeks
  5. Because Halo is a narrative experience, thats why we have comics, books, web series, and TV shows, the story and it's universe actually matter
  6. That just doesn't make sense, is 343 gonna deny entrance to pros asking for the settings to be changed?, are they gonna lower the prize pool as punishment? Why would a high prize pool silence the community? We are the community, we are not stupid. Take of your foil hat and think before posting illogically
  7. Because game development is not about "fixing", is about change, like it or not, it's a creative process and will always have "change for the sake of change", which IMO is a stupid point to make, there are reasons for every decision made, you may not like the change but there's always a reason, no matter how small or stupid it is.
  8. And they would just do the same 343 are doing, but guess what? they got sued by their investors, you really think it was their dedication to the players what forced them to stop other games development. 343 has already said that no Halo title will release without a beta first, just to avoid the problems MCC had.
  9. So... this happens when there's nothing to talk about? Great
  10. Yeah... lets trust this guy, he seems to know a lot about Halo. "I’m no Halo expert, but I have played Halo games. I even finished one once."
  11. So, the Spartan armor should not have a reflective look, nor shinny or metallic.
  12. You know whats the only game the armor looks like metal? CE. every other game looks like clay, and 3 is the worst, it even looks smaller and weaker.
  13. I like them too, IMO the best spartan design in the whole series, it really looks like a half a ton murdering machine, the old spartans look weak in comparison.
  14. Station 9 is an extraction forge map from H4
  15. But there is no liberty to create something really creative, like snipe a mole or jump rope, or even create sculptures, like a TIE Fighter or UNSC ship above the map, its just a bunch of hallways and rooms, every map would be like station 9
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