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  1. I feel like if there is anything that the new developers need to see, it is the soul that Halo 2 had along with that fast strafing and perfect aiming.
  2. It really is so god damn beautiful. And thats before we actually start playing all the old maps and familiar situations.
  3. Honestly, the reason is PC gaming. Games might be highly optimized on consoles, but I would rather have my GTX 760 SLI. I would rather have a beautiful, quiet computer case with sound dampening and 3TB worth of storage. I would rather have a TRUE "all in 1" that I can both work and play on. Consoles are cheap HTPC devices with insufficient cooling and can not be upgraded. I can plug a USB joypad into my PC if I want to play a game that is designed for the sticks. Its so sad that I cant play Halo with advanced PC graphics options. Console games literally have a frame cap(30/60) so that they do not expose the consoles for the POS that they are.
  4. Sc2 is such a good game but its not for everyone. You have to be able to take constant gut wrenching losses.
  5. On a lighter note, based on the twitter and forum stuff I have seen in the past few months, certain members of 343 do seem to get it and I am optimistic that the next game will be more respectable than Halo 4 was at launch and presently. Too bad Im working on my gtx 760 sli.(yolo swag)
  6. I just got back from work and went back to check out the 343 Halo tournament. I also saw some twitter (basic) info about it from some pros. I ALSO saw some whining about it and I just wanted to post what I thought about it without making a thread. I think it is bad. I think the stream is bad and the entire tournament is poor because they did not take the Halo community tournament format. All these years of progress and improvement and the best they can do is an online qualifier with AR start. I think that is shabby, if not shameful. Then again, it reaffirms my negative feelings toward coorporate developers in general. They historically tend not to take advice or do things for the community. Instead they come up with internal frameworks and ideas. This is why companies (the most recent being valve and Treyarch) are praised so highly for embracing "esports". It is because without that, they would be down in the shit with the rest of the developrs having to come up with their own internal ideas. With the esports, you have to respect the community a bit, even if the settings and format is initially created internally. The reason that I felt the content of my mini rant was relevant is that this little tourney was a prime example of being anti-esports and anti-community. It has big money and a high production value but NO SOUL.
  7. k thanks. Hope you can persuade them that loadouts and "LE PRO AR" is not Halo
  8. damn its sad to me that people can enjoy COD. I guess it proves their business model! DUMB IT DOWN
  9. I did not buy Halo 4 and I had no interest in using consoles once I got a PC in 2010. About Halo, I can say that "the reason I can not enjoy any other FPS" is because there is no other game series that has shields where I can out strafe people in gun battles and have such fast-paced fluid gameplay. To me, COD is less than noteworthy(doesnt exist) and I find that CS(le "best" game) is just not my style of game, although I do respect it. I have tried Shootmania, QL, CS, Tribes, BF2:BC, Bf3 but none of them were Halo. At this point, I am waiting for the next Halo to be good but I have actually abandoned it because I no longer want to own a gaming console. PC only. Game devs can join me or be left behind.
  10. If you had your way, in this forum or any, good sir, how would you like to be addressed and how would you like your opinions to be received? Why should anyone care? Why are your ideas even worth putting down on paper? Just some questions for you to think over sir
  11. If you read my post, first, start listening to Sonic Carnival Night Zone linked below so you can get soak in the lolz and get ready to read my post. Next, follow this link and read this Halo 2 wishlist below. The whole idea of "PROZ HATERZ ON CASUALZ AND IZ LE SMARTER" is actually based in reality because most ideas are actually really silly and bad. Its not that the "PROZ GAMERZ" are "TEH WORTHY" unlike everyone else, its just that they HAVE spent the time devising clever, measured ideas that are generally more respectable than some wishlist. Just go on youtube and you can find "Le Science" that MLG kids have done over the years where they literally perform experiments with hit detection and physics to either verify hypotheses or other things that I would classify as Le Science. I personally think it is FUN and OK to make wishlists, but I think it is equally important to understand that most ideas are bad and that wishlists are empirically, definitely "circlejerks" in their purest form. I hope that I have entertained you with my quality reply to the 1000th "ZOMG MLG HATERZ THINK THEY R TEH 1337" thread in the MLG/competitive gaming community. http://electronics.howstuffworks.com/halo-wish-list.htm
  12. Yes every time a woman walks on stream or something people literally start talking about sucking juices out of vaginas. I shit you not. This is a non issue, or at least it is not something that can be changed and therefore should not be focused on.
  13. Seriously. What kind of organization is dumb enough to not have sub only or slow mode on? let me say that again HOW CAN YOU BE SO DUMB AS TO HAVE AN OPEN CHAT ON A CORPORATE SPONSORED STREAM.
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