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  1. FiS, Ogre 2, SK and Ola teaming together... in Fortnite http://www.twitch.tv/fearitself
  2. $250 a month for DirecTV (every channel known to man-including sports packages) and AT&T Fiber around 1000 down / 500+ up - Orlando, FL. Gotta get through the National Champions (in football) UCF. Pretty stacked team with serious injuries last year and everyone is back. All in on Johnny Dawkins.
  3. Preach. This has been going on since 2010... don't fall for the lies.
  4. Who's the female interviewer? She was pretty good and the first interview went well.
  5. It has come full circle... really glad to see MLG involved with Halo Championships again.
  6. Crowd is legit for the finals. Bunch of butts in seats and the nostalgia feels good. Crowd reaction with some of the snipes bring me memories to my last event-MLG Orlando 2008. Feelsgood
  7. Something like 36k subs on twitch and averages like 40k viewers. Absolutely unreal.
  8. Sooo... I stopped following pretty much all things Halo for quite awhile (typical reasoning; don’t enjoy the game, last couple of TO’s have been bad, getting old/married, stream quality being mediocre-long downtime’s, etc.) but having MLG run a Halo event where I live is hard to pass up. Nostalgia is forcing me to buy a spectator pass and check out the event. Anyone nice enough to provide a quick summary of intriguing storylines and what teams are expected to compete near the top (or underdogs)? Reading 400+ pages of this thread doesn’t seem ideal as I expect half of them are memes lol.

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