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  1. Bonnie Ross came from Zoo Tycoon and Fusion Frenzy. Currently Head of 343i. Kiki Wolfkill came from Project Gotham Racing. She’s currently an Executive Producer. Frank O’ Connor was a glorified blogger on Bungie.com doing weekly updates during Halo 2/3. He’s currently the Franchise Development Director. These are just some of the major players for 343i, can you spot any issues?
  2. That blinding shield flare is going to piss me off to no end. Just glad it covers a huge portion of the screen as well.
  3. Yes. I play pretty often after 5 pm EST. Add me: Torlain
  4. FiS, Ogre 2, SK and Ola teaming together... in Fortnite http://www.twitch.tv/fearitself
  5. $250 a month for DirecTV (every channel known to man-including sports packages) and AT&T Fiber around 1000 down / 500+ up - Orlando, FL. Gotta get through the National Champions (in football) UCF. Pretty stacked team with serious injuries last year and everyone is back. All in on Johnny Dawkins.
  6. Preach. This has been going on since 2010... don't fall for the lies.
  7. Who's the female interviewer? She was pretty good and the first interview went well.
  8. It has come full circle... really glad to see MLG involved with Halo Championships again.
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