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  1. I haven't watched comp halo for a long time, the halo 3 2v2 tourney has been very enjoyable to watch!
  2. I was about to play H4 and my Xbox 360 red ringed
  3. 1. halo 2 anniversary announced 2. halo pros and fans aboard hype train 3. 5 day halo 2 LAN announced ending with weekend tourney 4. hype gets it featured on Waypoint 5. Streamed on mlg.tv 6. Ad money and donations contribute to prize pool 7. ??Profit??
  4. sent you a friend request gt is gdhaliwal43
  5. Starting today you can trade in any used game for a copy of Battlefield 4, Assassins Creed 4 or Cod: Ghosts at Best Buy or Future Shop in Canada only. http://business.financialpost.com/2013/11/08/future-shop-offering-new-call-of-duty-assassins-creed-and-battlefield-titles-for-free-with-single-trade-in/?__lsa=24c1-b781
  6. 343 should just rip off COD and make a zombies type game mode but with the flood.
  7. They should release halo 2 multi-player as a free to play game for Xbox One. I wouldn't mind if they had weapon skins and armour that you could buy as long as the game-play is the same.
  8. "fucking bullshit" "no fucking way" "what the faaaaaaaaaaak" When I 4 shot someone and look away and then they kill me "okay"
  9. well you cant move around much on abandon but on some of the forge maps you should be able to anywhere, above the map. Abandon was a terrible map to use for example haha. This is pretty much being able to walk on invisible floor and doing the weapon glitch to remove the reticle.
  10. Well it is need but it can easily replace slayer pro in the infinity slayer playlist without creating a new playlist and I see no point of having slayer pro since there is already throwdown. Legendary slayer also shouldn't be just AR starts but also include BR gametypes for those who like balanced gameplay with radar.
  11. I was hoping for no sprint, this is kind of disappointing and is pretty much slayer pro with radar.
  12. Only thing I worry is that light rifle is way OP with a team of 3 using it and someone with a carbine/br for cleanups.
  13. I would like to see it be like COD competitive is right now so first to 6 points wins and teams switch sides (attacker/defender) every round.
  14. Uncle Sudd should be #1 :unclesudd:
  15. Great work, I'll be sure to check it out.
  16. lol

    E3 Discussion

    all I care about is the games so the xbox one, other shit don't faze me
  17. The aim assist can't be nerfed without a TU that's why it didn't come with the weapon tuning.
  18. lol


    hey whats up

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