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  1. Y'all reminding me of late Reach matchmaking and how half of the games were grey Forge maps in Forge World.
  2. Halo 5 sniper montages will forever be tainted because 343 place too much of a crutch on the H5 sniper.
  3. It also doesn't help that KotH has never been a strong gametype for Halo. During H2 MLG matches, the team who slayed more was always going to win. It's Team Slayer with extra steps.
  4. The 3 facts of life SWAT will forever be in Halo SWAT will never be respected competitively (that's not a bad thing) Bloom is a bad thing
  5. What does it matter? Team Slayer and SWAT aren't going anywhere in Halo. You guys acting like 343 is going to launch a Halo game without gametypes that are a staple to the series and claim it's part of a "sustain" plan. They would never do that.
  6. I remember watching Bungie employees spam armor lock more than I could ever imagine and then suddenly everything made sense.
  7. Y'all need to calm down. And I've been playing Halo since 1998 so you need to listen to me.
  8. I wouldn't say the competitive community gets shit on anymore. Nowadays, it's more of pity. Instead of "they're tryhards and need to calm down", it's now "they're still around? Jesus..."
  9. The reason for these changes is because when a 343 employee loses, they react and blame frivolous things like not making a jump or missing a shot with the sniper so in the next meeting, they discuss changing those mechanics. Whenever we see an employee in the lobby, we need to allow them to win the game for the good of Halo.
  10. Rotational playlists don't generate hype/talk like double XP weekends do. When a double XP weekend was announced, the community genuinely got hyped and looked forward to it. I have never seen this for rotational playlists. The most excitement I see is "....huh, that'll be interesting." People play 3-5 matches and then they go back to their usual playlist for the rest of the week. What 343 wants rotational playlists to be is a constant surge of enthusiasm to play the game and on paper, that's what it should be. Fact of the matter is, the fans who would get excited over rotational playlists aren't playing matchmaking. They're playing customs with their friends and that experience is superior to any rotational playlists. What 343 needs to do is cut that system and instead, have a "Map & Gametype of the Week" where people can download it and play it in customs. No playlist needed. Just a featured spot in the main menu to grab a new gametype and map to eventually try out with their friends. Similar to Bungie Favorites in Halo 3 but have it be more noticeable. And community goals is a good idea though they have to be interesting. Not like "Get 1 million headshots" but more like "Get 10 hours of airtime with a Warthog (Social playlists only)" and if the goal is met, everyone gets a Warthog skin. It needs to be fun and engaging.
  11. Rotational playlists is similar to the "yappening" in MCC. It's just 343's way of saying "Lol look how random and wacky we are!" Lol, make a good Halo game, first. And bring back double XP weekends like an adult.
  12. The only reason clamber was implemented in Halo is so 343 can get lazy on map design. Properly measuring geometry is now a thing of the past! As long as it fits within this wide range of measurement, it passes.
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