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  1. Y'all reminding me of late Reach matchmaking and how half of the games were grey Forge maps in Forge World.
  2. Halo 5 sniper montages will forever be tainted because 343 place too much of a crutch on the H5 sniper.
  3. It also doesn't help that KotH has never been a strong gametype for Halo. During H2 MLG matches, the team who slayed more was always going to win. It's Team Slayer with extra steps.
  4. The 3 facts of life SWAT will forever be in Halo SWAT will never be respected competitively (that's not a bad thing) Bloom is a bad thing
  5. What does it matter? Team Slayer and SWAT aren't going anywhere in Halo. You guys acting like 343 is going to launch a Halo game without gametypes that are a staple to the series and claim it's part of a "sustain" plan. They would never do that.
  6. It's impressive how useless the UN is. Imagine how much money goes to the world hall monitors.
  7. Holy cherry-picking, batman! You know what though, you keep ignoring your party's largest issues. It only helps us!
  8. This is my main account. The only cringe is your sidestepping of 80% of the post here making your party look like fools.
  9. I remember watching Bungie employees spam armor lock more than I could ever imagine and then suddenly everything made sense.
  10. Y'all need to calm down. And I've been playing Halo since 1998 so you need to listen to me.
  11. I didn't know Joe Biden had an account here?
  12. My father embraced everything there is to love about America and capitalism, everything the modern Democrats hate. Why would he leave a country he loves? Anyone who thinks Sharia law mixes well with Western civilization needs a reality check. They need to change first and then we can talk.

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