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  1. A lot of the people advocating for thrusters were the same people calling evade garbage in Reach. But somehow thrusters are better because they also ruin map design?
  2. God forbid you actually walk to get places on a Halo map. That's why CE needs thrust, sprint and clamber - Prisoner is just too difficult to navigate with regular movement options. And I should be able to sprint, slide, thrust, stabilize, clamber to get up to green from shotgun on Damnation.
  3. I suppose you're right. This is a problem with the no deranking. If someone keeps winning against diamond players they feel like they should get onyx. But then if they get it and always lose... They can stay onyx? Messed up. Especially because pure ELO takes over at onyx. Well in an ELO system the points gained by the winner come directly from the loser. So shouldn't those players drop below 1500 and be removed from onyx? Well they aren't. Plus any diamond players are contributing points to the winners from outside the system, leading to inflation of points in the onyx tier. I have a feeling they're ranking up the top 4 players in FFA, which only makes it worse. Can anyone confirm this?
  4. EDIT: I posted a "why not both meme" but then I thought about it. If he did that you would hear. "You just suck with the pistol" "You're deliberately doing poorly to prove your point" "You're supposed to pick up map weapons in Halo" And furthermore, he can stop when he hits champ with the AR to prove his point... if his goal is to prove that the pistol is outmatched, what's the endpoint for that scenario?
  5. No, FFA is broken. Yes it only tracks entered gamertags but it does so for all playlists. The distribution across the other playlists is more regular -it's clearly off in FFA. This is from the same pool of players. So unless HaloTracker somehow only attracts FFA gods that are pretty garbage in other gametypes it shows that there's a flaw in the ranking.
  6. Yeah it's shocking the number of players that are invested enough in Halo to check their stats on HaloTracker but still can't be bothered to finish the 10 placement games. 20%+ across all playlists? 60% in the weekend lists, wow. But sorry I can't get any solid player counts from these stats, too many variables The guys at HaloTracker could mine the API for every gamertag by searching game history, I suppose I could too if I didn't have two kids. But it would be a lot of work. One stat we can get though is the weekly drop in Arena population by a percentage. Of the tracked players 170K played slayer and similar but smaller numbers across the permanent playlists. The weekend playlist Shotty-Snipers also saw 170K (171,200) - the next week's rotational playlist was Doubles. Doubles only managed to pull in 67,747 players - that's a 61% drop off in players trying the weekend list. We see a similar trend with the BTB list - 69,410 players, a 60% drop from Shotty-Snipers. While it's actually a (very small) gain from the previous week I think it's sad to see that BTB did not move the needle in any meaningful way. I think it shows the "SUSTAIN" plan isn't worth anything. Had BTB not launched this week I think it would have been another drop. So we can fairly accurately check the weekend playlists to see the interest from the community. I think it's a good metric because even if someone plays only one game HaloTracker will still register them in the population. And remember, the gamertags on that site are those players most interested in Halo. If you lose them... TLDR: Population dropped over 60% from week 2 to week 3. Week 4 addition of BTB failed to regain any players. #sustain
  7. This. A utility weapon is by definition the most capable weapon. It can be skillful or not, it's usefulness is what makes it utility. The pistol ain't that.
  8. Anniversary Classic is a great playlist. Not sure I would have wanted to play CE as bad as I did had it not been for a glimpse into it that Annv.Classic gave me. Yes I know it's not perfect but to me it's still the #1 4v4 Halo playlist currently available online. Can't wait to play some more of it when (hopefully soon) Reach hits BC.
  9. Which only tells us that 343 has the ability to use any weapon in a forge map when making promotional footage. (duh) It says nothing about our ability to do so when forge launches.
  10. Knowing 343, they would make BTB unplayable and accidentally give us a perfect CE 2.0 in 4s.
  11. Edited OP: I meant from 4v4, there are no vehicles in Arena
  12. This. Seriously BTB can hide a lot of flaws in a Halo game. That's why it was Halo 4's most played - because all the bullshit seemed less in your face. Sprint isn't even too offensive in BTB. Thrust isn't being used the same way on these maps I'm sure, and clamber is almost completely irrelevant. No one is complaining about the automatics anymore either, or the radar. Only thing from 4v4 that BTB won't fix is an easy sniper.
  13. What does being an optimist have to do with it? Or even a pessimist? It's just the facts dude. No amount of good attitude or positive thinking is going to change them. Halo succeeding has nothing to do with eventually getting back up to 3rd most played and more to do with having a product worth playing when it launches. That would be my "sustain" plan.
  14. There's sell-in and sell-through. One number is how much product was sold to retailers and the other is how much was sold to customers. They could easily hit the 400mil in sell-in without moving that many copies to actual customers.
  15. I figured out what Quinn was thinking when he said we'll get a true utility weapon in Halo 5. (You should see what a skilled player can do with it)
  16. I'll preface this by saying I'm not trying to start a fight - I just love getting stats and picking apart what they really mean. I believe this. But what does that say about the pistol's role as a "utility weapon?" Not much unfortunately. No one ever played conservatively with the CE pistol (and to everyone about to argue this - no it wasn't OP, don't bother.) I'm pretty sure it only tracks time holding the weapon, not backpacking it. Otherwise your AR time would be much higher because you spawn with one. Even if you drop it quickly it shouldn't be only 4hrs/26hrs - AR/Pistol ratio. In addition to that I would bet you drop the pistol for the rifles and keep the AR, at least in FFA.
  17. 116 kills/hour with Pistol 179 kills/hour with BR Seems like you should be dropping that pistol more often. edit: Pistol headshot kills 83.5% BR headshot kills 94.4% DROP THE PISTOL
  18. They're giving 1.5million to the competitive community. I'm pretty sure it's an important focus to them. What a waste of money. Oh and how much more do the pro-team get paid than the 4 testers they would have hired anyway? My guess is somewhere between $0 and $0. What a waste of money.
  19. You just described exactly why it is a PR move. 1) Hire a team of pros with the intent on getting meaningful feedback from them to make the game more competitive 2) Shoehorn in a half dozen mechanics that ruin any competent merit the game had 3) Refuse any feedback that pertains to the biggest issues in the game 4) Trot them out on stage for PR events
  20. Who the fuck said anything about the terror attack?
  21. There supposed to be MCC news in all the updates. The classless thing is how they pretend it doesn't exist.
  22. And by January 2008 it had sold 8 million copies. That attach rate is insane. I'm not sure you'll see any game hit that kind of attach rate for a long time (or ever).
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