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  1. Except when your friend is a stupid cock who keeps insisting on dumb rules - then you stop going to his place for paintball.
  2. Reach launched with loadouts in vanilla. Most common pick was Sprint and DMR.
  3. 1) The campaign 2) The multiplayer 3) The user experience (Split-screen, UI, Ranks, Progression, Customization, etc.) Honorable mention: The art direction
  4. Halo CE didn't have matchmaking. You could play whatever you liked. Every other Halo had vanilla settings forced upon the population in matchmaking.
  5. The SMG was the starting weapon at launch of H2. BR playlists were only added later.
  6. Well the whole point of my post was starting weapon in vanilla settings. What game had a Gold Pro DMR at launch? Oh that's right, none of them.
  7. You also seem to have loved the past 4 Transformer movies too, for what that's worth.
  8. Yeah it would be much better to have a weapon that can't do shit off spawn. lol It's much better to require teamshot to get a kill. lol And I'm confused... is it bloom or perfect kills cross map? Can't really be both. And what weapon are you arguing in favor of?
  9. Let's compare it to utility weapon from other games - basically the same kill time but much harder to use and less range. Garbage. Let's compare it to other weapons in Halo 5 - is there any weapon less useful or lethal? Nope. Garbage. Being "skillful" doesn't make up for being useless or we would have been arguing for sentinel beam starts in Halo 3. Keeping that reticle on a moving target takes skill man.
  10. No game since CE has had a better starting weapon with vanilla settings. H2 - SMG H3 - AR HR - DMR H4 - FUCKING ANYTHING APPARENTLY H5 - GARBAGE PISTOL I'll take the CEA pistol thanks.
  11. They actually counted not only bundles but every Xbox product for the entire month of October. NDP says total of all video game she's for the month was $805 million. That's for hardware, software and accessories. So every WiiU, 3DS, 360, Xbone, PS3, PS4, every single game across every platform, every controller, guitar (2 guitar games that month) and every Amibo. ($197M in accessories alone) So $805M across every facet of videogaming and we're supposed to believe Halo 5 was a FULL HALF of those sales? BULLSHIT.
  12. I would get on right now if I still owned a 360. Now it's just pray for backwards compatibility.
  13. All this talk about Reach and Halo 4 and Halo 5, comparing vanilla settings but no one is talking about the game with the best vanilla settings since CE... CE ANNIVERSARY Yeah, I get it - it was no CE. But ANNIVERSARY CLASSIC beats the hell out of H2, H3, HR, H4 and H5 in terms of default settings.
  14. It makes sense. That's why they stopped making games like Classic Mario a long time ago. No one wants that anymore and it wouldn't sell. They certainly couldn't sell a Mario game where you can use the older games and make your own even harder levels.
  15. Halo 5 population is a fraction of what Halo 4 had a month after launch. Halo 4 sold waaaaaay better on a system with a much higher install base, didn't drop as quickly and stayed in the top 10 played games much longer. On top of that the Halo 4 counter only counted matchmaking. The position of Halo 5 in the top 10 is determined by players in every game mode, campaign and customs included. Edit: A month in Halo 4 was still hitting 100k peak population. Halo 5 pulled just over that on launch week, then dropped 60% shortly after.
  16. This would be the starting weapon in Arena if the waypoint crowd had their way.
  17. Baffled. I don't care how casual you are, the pistol is fucking trash and anyone can see that. Overpowered? WAT?
  18. All of the numbers seem to be matching up now. I got 1.8-1.9mil unique users have played matchmaking when I did some math with HaloTracker numbers yesterday. Considering the campaign only players I think that stacks up with the numbers you're finding.
  19. At this point we all have that resume requirement to work for 343.
  20. Here's some numbers in case anyone is interested. I'll put how I found these in a spoiler tag at the bottom. Not claiming them to be 100% accurate but it should be pretty close estimates. Unique Users somewhere around 1.8 - 1.9million Only 23% of the people that have played Halo 5 played it at some point last Saturday. That's about 425,000 UUs.
  21. Ah, I think I see the confusion here. I have no problem with people not deranking in any division except onyx. Problem with that is if a player at 1500 CSR looses a match, he's still at 1500 CSR. But the people who beat him still get points from him toward their ELO. So that player can stay in onyx and keep giving up "free" CSR points to those that beat him. That's why there are such high CSR numbers in onyx and champion and it leads to more grinding - which I think isn't a good way to judge skill.
  22. Your post has nothing to do with what I'm talking about. All I'm talking about is inflation in an ELO system. I'm not even sure what you're addressing but hey I'll talk about one of your points anyway. MMR being separate from rank is dumb as hell. All that does is confuse players and make matches look lopsided.
  23. I guess you would know. Also thankfully my phone has a weird glitch today where it's listing my network as AT&T so I don't get flamed like @@CyReN did for having an embarrassing carrier.
  24. Top post on front page of Reddit right now is about Halo: CE, not on r/Halo - all of Reddit. I haven't even seen one post about Halo 5 hit the front page in the 3+ weeks it's been out. Hail to the king. EDIT: @ your posting game is weak fam, I got you by one whole minute
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