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  1. Doesn't mean they can. We don't know that assault didn't crash the servers when they tried it in a network environment. All we know is that assault was in an internal early test build. We know nothing of its stability.
  2. Maybe it's a civics lesson in American Democracy. >Everyone gets to vote >Almost no one does >No one gets involved in any other way >Everyone is disappointed
  3. Makes you wonder if they CAN'T currently make those gametypes for some mysterious reason. Otherwise it seems crazy that they wouldn't. They can't be that oblivious to what the community expected of a weekend playlist... can they?
  4. @@Mendicant From HaloArchive "For much of the time Halo has been a franchise where Humans and Forerunners were one and the same. Humans built the magnificent structures and technology that the Covenant worshipped. This however did change. Sometime after Halo 3 it was decided that Humans and Forerunners were separate species" http://www.haloarchive.com/the-library/what-is-humanitys-origin-in-halo/ (written by imendicantbias - funny coincidence) I mean these are the hard core lore nerds and they're saying what I'm saying.
  5. Well that explains why there are two Didacts, otherwise those conversations would make no sense. But I'm taking about Spark's line to Chief and Johnson that's basically the last line if important dialogue in Halo 3. "You are forerunner, but this is my ring" That's literally the payoff line for the whole series. It's basically letting the players who couldn't figure it out know in no uncertain terms that it the forerunner were human. After that interaction the rest of the game is just running away. So if they didn't consider forerunner=human they sure chose a strange way to end the entire trilogy.
  6. It's funny, is just about to post those exact quotes and say it doesn't prove anything. But seriously, would she talk about humanity that way to the Didact? Or more likely just not mention anything about them to him. Because he hates them and has composed them into robots. The only time the word forerunner is spoken by Guilty Spark is to let us know that Chief and Johnson are forerunner. If it was the name if the race (dumbest thing ever, why would a race be named that) I'm sure he might have mentioned it more often.
  7. Except the only thing mentioned in the terminals is that the librarian found "a race" she hadn't encountered before on earth. She says she decided to add them to the shield worlds (or ark, I can't remember) and stay with them until the Halo rings activate. So if this is humanity, it contradicts everything written about ancient humanity by 343.
  8. Nope. Changed after Halo 3. The big lore nerds have written at length about that. There's one throwaway line about a race that lives near the arc in the last terminal, other than that there's nothing that contradicts the forerunner being humanity.
  9. The walls in the Halo 4 hallway are just needlessly busy and shaped. There's no well defined silhouette. In the old school hall the walls bending outward stands out with its simplicity and a bit of mystery, it also draws the eye down the hall.
  10. It's a good start but the outward arch of the walls in the first one just evokes something deep inside me that the other just doesn't.
  11. Neither. But if HaloTracker keeps at it adding every player - they'll get us that info soon enough. Once they have every gamertag that plays Halo it's a simple check to see which ones played on a given day.
  12. Interesting news from HaloTracker: They are now scanning game history for each player and adding in everyone. They say they can add a few thousand players an hour - but they've increased the tracked players quite a bit already. The announcement said they're now tracking 220K, but by the time I noticed it's already up to 300K+ I imagine they should have a solid number for the population in a week or so. My take on their new numbers: Only 60,000 players tracked as playing a game of Rumble Rockets. That's a 50% drop from players who tried Doubles, and a 67% drop from Shotty Snipers. Also it's apparently a trash gametype because only 14.5% of people who tried it could finish 10 games. Only 1 in 5 players tracked on the site played the "social playlist" last weekend. That matched the number I found for the previous weekend when I checked to see if random players played a game at any point on Saturday - about 1 in 5. I think we're at about 20% of launch week population at this point.
  13. That's because we weren't exploring their society - the Halo rings are weapons. It would actually be more similar to being in the backend of a department store (or some industrial site more likely). Nuclear power is the arguably the most advanced giant structures we make here on earth and they look like this. That looks more like CE and H2 than Halo 5.
  14. It's hilarious that you posted this analogy right after I mentioned crazy people at the service counter at Best Buy. Craziest thing I ever saw: >A couple buys this laptop. >Next day they come back with the box. >Claim it never had a computer in it, just a stack of paper. >Throw a fit. >Get new laptop. WAT? I couldn't believe that shit, they were obviously liars but hey, they screamed enough I guess.
  15. I worked at Geek Squad a million years ago, we were right next to the service counter at Best Buy. The person you described gets more of what he wants than any other customer.
  16. The poor aiming was intentional - they said so The lack of party matching is intentional - they said so. The lack of social playlists is intentional - they said so. The strong automatics were intentional - they could change those easily with the new engine, yet they don't. The maps were intentional - they showed us their process in "The Sprint", no excuses for bad maps. The way the Spartan Abilities are being used was intentional - Josh Holmes defended them himself to me on twitter, said to watch how the pro team used them. All the shit decisions we (and others) are pissed about have been explained and defended ad nauseum by 343 at this point. Both after the beta, pre-launch and post-launch. This is the exact game they wanted to make. I don't expect them to change anything in a meaningful way.
  17. And it wouldn't be that way if the game wasn't always fucked. Give us a good game and we won't be able to bitch. (well we could still but it would come off differently than it does now)
  18. Who makes this list?People like Lemon and cT (rip)? Or people like IcePrincess and vinFTW? There's no way to get any consensus. And what topics are our of bounds? Sprint? Thrusters? Issues like that are paramount to some players but others just want to give up and move past them. Do we talk about split-screen? Truth be told it damaged the sales/reputation of Halo 5 more than any other thing, especially when you're taking about including the casual players in this. Not to sound negative but I honestly think it's too late for this game. And I think too many players have lost the will to try and fight for Halo 6 to be better.
  19. Are you sure? I thought that was added in Halo 2. I know H2 had it.
  20. Carbine takes 7 shots to kill, fine for a niche weapon but making players land 7 shots for every kill... terrible idea for a starting weapon. People would get sick of hitting the trigger, which is not what you want in a FPS. I think the main complaint people have against the pistol is that it is in no way a utility weapon. Yes it's skillful, everyone agrees... but it's weak. Suffers the same issue as the carbine in that it's just too many shots to kill. The biggest problem is that it's hard to use with no payoff for being skilled. You aren't rewarded for being good with it because the kill time is still in the same range as every other weapon. Yes the CE pistol is a good example of skill vs. payoff but so is the sniper (in some games), it's difficult to use correctly but if you practice that skill and master it - one shot kills, TTK of 0.0ss seconds.
  21. Reach default melee took down full shields, that's 70hp. Spartan health bar is 45hp. That means with 100% melee and bleedthrough you could one-hit-kill a player with a third of his shields up. (35% actually). That doesn't seem right. 75% melee or no-bleedthrough, either are good fixes. (Should be 66.6666% melee for Anniversary to make it match CE but it wasn't an option)
  22. NDP numbers included bundles. Halo 5 copy in a bundle is a digital download. So even with a high digital percentage of sales it doesn't increase the number of copies sold by that much. Many or most of the digital downloads are already counted in NDP numbers.
  23. Bigger possibility that 343 can't even get the shirts correct.
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