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  1. Quinn mentions he made OverRun to be played in MLG and the game was made to be an eSport. But it isn't... so that's a failure. Why would we want that in Halo?
  2. The trouble with this is 343i may not know what is really needed to make the game a better eSport. They might decide that better theater, spectator mode, more tournaments, twitch integration and even ranks as what makes an game good for eSports - while at the same time shitting all over the actual gameplay mechanics. Besides, CoD is doing much better as an eSport - who's to say they don't decide to push Halo further in that direction because of it?
  3. They got rid of more MS points. Also, give us more things isn't really much of an idea.
  4. Nope. Way off, more like early 30s. http://kotaku.com/5931077/the-average-age-of-a-gamer-just-dropped-by-seven-years-um-what I'm sure there's better sources but I couldn't be bothered to find them.
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