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  1. I think they told HTR to HE DIDN'T SPEAK UP! He literally gave ZERO INFORMATION! It's more accurate to say he told US to "shut up."
  2. Yes. He's the community manager - he's managing the community by making them think the population isn't dead. Not calling him a liar, just a dude doing his job.
  3. Reach only counted campaign matchmaking, not solo play or even co-op with friends. But yeah the most played is anyone that has it open at that very moment. The order of the games in the list is too dynamic to be based on a time frame unique users count. I can't confirm that but it seems pretty obvious. @@Cooper They've been pulling this same routine since Josh Holmes failed to refute my breakdown of their week one numbers. All they can say is - "Nope, you're wrong! But it's a secret..."
  4. Unreliable or not, they actually mine the API for each game and provide a number. Bravo provided a meaningless platitude.
  5. Most played also counts people playing campaign - which is why Halo 5 was popular for a week or so before it plunged. According to the stats from 343 campaign play accounted for 57% of week one play time and they've always claimed half of Halo players only play campaign. So that drop off after those players completed the campaign will never be regained. Previous Halo titles only tracked online multiplayer modes (not sure about Halo 4).
  6. Based on what? Because he said so without providing any numbers or evidence? I'm still going to trust the only real numbers we can look at as a community. This is just Bravo doing his job - spouting the PR garbage they tell him to.
  7. So only the people added on HaloTracker stopped playing in huge numbers? That's a relief, it means they're only losing the hardcore fans. But I hate this kind of PR bullshit. Don't tell people they're wrong without providing any facts or even any ballpark figures. It's literally him just trying to get people to stop talking about the obvious population decline.
  8. That looks more like Halo than Halo 5. At least this dude has a proper chest plate, these new fool Spartans all rocking a toilet seat around their neck.
  9. You actually have to LAND the sticky. Splinter you can just hit a wall or the ground in the general direction of the player.
  10. Word. But if money is the only motivating factor for MS they could still release a Halo game every two years. Just leave the multiplayer the same for 4 years or so. Go the ODST or CEA route and just give us a map pack with the new campaign only game. If the base multiplayer is good, NEW maps, NEW game modes, armors, etc, is enough to keep people playing for a long time. As long as it's truly new stuff that was developed with the new game, not rehashed garbage or core features that were left out on purpose. Almost like some kind of... sustain plan.
  11. What if they asked if Halo is worth smashing a whole console over?
  12. Hey you stole my thing. /s Make sure you point out that this isn't the number of people who played - only the number that HaloTracker is tracking. So you can use it to judge relative percentage of decline in the population but not to actually measure population. That said, those numbers are fucking brutal. Huge declines week after week. So we're at what 20% of launch population max? I bet it's even lower.
  13. I disagree. Just take the assets that work well from the previous titles and change them as little as possible to get them up to par for this gen. Which let's be honest -is not that much better than last gen. Going back to the Reach UI, features, customization, game modes, engine, etc. would be a huge step in the right direction. Fix the strafe, sandbox and up the frame rate, add spectator mode and ranks and you would have a great product in no time.
  14. I went from a core group of me, my three buddies and my wife - playing every night, getting every game at midnight launch to today... 2 PS4 users and two of us duped into buying an Xbox for MCC. None of us bought Halo 5.
  15. In the comments: Shaney Mapes showing the TB love. (who here is Shane Maples?)
  16. The fact that Halo has weapon tiers now makes me sick. What the hell game is this?
  17. Oh... I guess didn't realize it was fun to watch as it is. Maybe I missed something. At least my way it would end sooner.
  18. Add a double layered overshield with instant pickup right to the middle of each map. Both teams will play damn aggressive to make sure the other team doesn't grab that. And if someone does grab it, then it's game over in a few seconds anyway. In a game with increased lethality due to fragile players, an OS is the ultimate power weapon. It would turn the game from generic paintball into a round based version of CE's "cycling" gameplay.
  19. So release it unfinished - then add more features later. I know for a fact that 343 isn't philosophically opposed to that approach.
  20. Why are people still using Titanfall and Halo 4 to describe a quickly falling population when Halo 5 fell quicker than both of them?
  21. We used to use the "jar of peanut butter" analogy. Hey I love peanut butter, but once your dick has been in the jar - not interested.
  22. They had 4 pros working for them. You telling me they never played a 2v2? It's one gametype they should have absolutely nailed. I don't think they can make it much better.
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