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  1. I guess I'm going to be that guy that goes to GameStop at 10am with his two small children to buy a five year old game.
  2. This only works if you owned it digitally correct? If I only ever had it on disc I'll have to get a disc?
  3. So according to these forums, Halo 5 is a good game - all that needs to be changed is: Aim acceleration Dead zones Strafe speed Pistol shots to kill Automatics Grenade hitmarkers Weapon placement Nav points Jump-melee delay Maps Lighting Ranking system Skill matching Party matching Voice chat Game types Breakout (tweaked or removed) File browser Lag problems Forge crashing Someone let me know when they nail all that down and I'll pick up a copy.
  4. Why didn't they just make a good aiming system from the get-go? It would have saved all of this confusion. I don't ever remember people wishing for acceleration sliders in CE or Halo 2. "These dead-zone settings are killing me!" -No CE player ever
  5. Go ahead and like it. There's all kinds of terrible gametypes that Halo players like. Personally I loved Dino Blasters in Reach. But it doesn't mean it should be in the official tournament rotation or be forced into the main playlist of the game. When we shit all over it, most of us are doing so due to the lack of competitive merit in the gametype. When we say "it's not fun" - that's an opinion.
  6. This is true though. About 2.2% of the population finished 10 games of Arena Breakout. Only 4% even tried it. That's everything Breakout should have been to me, a gametype Halo players refuse to even try.
  7. THIS. No one posted long write-ups about how to tweak Infinity Slayer or Team Regicide to make them play better for HCS. Shit gametypes should just be fucking canned. Oh, it creates a hole in the objective gametypes in the HCS? GOOD. Shine some light on the issue of too few gametypes in the game. And I'm pretty sure we had a year worth of events with 3 maps. Only 3 gametypes for a few months couldn't be worse than that.
  8. How to know you're one of the old guys on the videogame forum: You make and/or get "bro-rape" references.
  9. When I was 12, I was playing Secret of Mana on the SNES. Doom apparently came out in December that year but we didn't own a computer because there wasn't a reason to back then.
  10. You can't tell how many people played it - only how many tracked players on HaloTracker did. But you can use that to gauge interest of the community as a whole. Keep in mind Sunday isn't over yet, this number could get higher. Tracked players on HTR - 337,687 Arena Breakout - 13,949 ...holy shit. 4% of the community wanted to try Arena Breakout. This may say something about the population (it certainly does) but it also speaks volumes on the ability of 343 to know what in the hell the community really wants for weekend playlists. It ain't this shit, that's for sure. Oh, and it's an 81% drop off from the last weekend playlist. (so far, likely to go up a bit by the end of the day)
  11. They thought pretty far ahead. They don't care too much if those players leave, they got the $60 from them already. They only care about retaining the small percentage of the population that's going to respond by dumping $$$ into REQ packs. There's an Extra Credits video on YouTube about F2P and how 10% if the gamers account for 90% of the revenue for those games. They call them "whales" and that's who the gameplay is catered to. Warzone was designed to be satisfying for those players at the expense of everyone else... because that's where the money is. Look at this community - how many have paid real $ for a REQ pack? But someone out there is doing it, the HWC pot is up to 2mil. And my guess is they give a VERY small percentage to that. I wouldn't be surprised if REQs will have made them more money than game sales pretty soon.
  12. But don't worry, the population is growing. /s
  13. All he said is he wanted to neg him... basically how we say "I disagree." If he couldn't do that, that would be one of your so-called "safe spaces."
  14. That's why I married my wife. lol - good thing she doesn't use the forums.
  15. Exactly. In fact the big shift over to PS4 for CoD in terms of advertising should actually give Halo a break on the Xbox One lists. But we got guys here saying that "PS4 is the home of console shooters" - then failing to explain why 3 shooters are topping Halo on the Xbox One. Shouldn't those players be on the PS4?
  16. When I first tried Halo 2 the breakdown of consoles in my group of friends was this: Nothing Nothing PS2 Gamecube I hadn't played videogames since Goldeneye spitscreens in 2001. Soon it became like this XBox XBox XBox XBox, Gamecube (that dude's a homo) I know it's anecdotal evidence but Halo sold consoles pretty well as far as I could see.
  17. Here's the cheat sheet: Brunettes: Boring Blondes: Fun Redheads: Butt stuff
  18. Completely pointless argument - blondes, duh. IcePrincess confirmed for uggo.
  19. Don't forget whiners. Lots of posts whining about other posters.
  20. Wrong. Probably 2million people have played this game. If it was perfect... they would still be playing it, and that would put it at #1.
  21. To be honest it's probably not that high either. This is a REALLY ROUGH ESTIMATE but based on the Star Wars Battlefront numbers - 11% of cross platform FPS gamers use PC, 33% use Xbox One. Take the Steam Charts for Black Ops 3 and apply the same percentages you get a peak population of 73,000 in the past 24hours. http://steamcharts.com/app/311210 http://swbstats.com/ Like I said, it's really rough estimate because SWBF may be more popular on PC than BLOPS3 and BLOPS may have more users on Xbox - but I think it's a good jumping off point. Now do you guys see why I think Halo 5 is in the shitter? Any numbers I look for confirm it. Only 73K peak for the #1 game. I'm just glad they don't track Netflix, HBOgo, Hulu, YouTube and Twitch users - or we wouldn't know what any of the top played games are.
  22. What does that mean? edit: nvm, I get it. You mean as compared to PS4, PC, other games being popular, and the Xbox One install base and blah blah blah. Well... I disagree.
  23. This whole debate is so dumb. Because there's an API we can reverse engineer the numbers. I did it a few weeks ago but I'll spell it out again. 1) Choose a gamertag on HaloTracker 2) Go into game history 3) Pick a Warzone game (because of loose skill matching parameters) 4) Select 4 players that haven't been previously tracked (based on K/D over time graph - untracked players to remove bias) 5) Go into game history 6) Choose random game 7) Open records of all the players 8) Go into game history on each 9) Check to see if they played on a given date (I picked the most recent Saturday) 10) Repeat until you have a big enough sample (I did 600 random players) Based on that I found that only 20% of the random players had played at least a single game on a given Saturday. That means that the population on a peak day is only 20% of the total players that have ever played a game of Halo 5. At the time I found that to be 1.8 - 1.9million, based on the fact that 12% of the random players had previously used HaloTracker and they had 220,000 users at that time. (Because they've added users automatically at this point, those numbers would have to be recalculated.) So based on that we can say that about 375,000 unique users on that particular Saturday. Those would be distributed across the day according to the population fluctuation. If we can safely use the weekend playlist participation to gauge general interest in Halo 5 (only one game needed to count) then I think that number is half of that by this point - or 187,000 total players max in a day. @@VinFTW @@Moa Where am I wrong? These stats I'm getting are provided straight from 343's API - and I'm literally looking into each players game history and measuring their play time. Unless the API is broken or I'm prone to hallucinations then this is the state of the game. EDIT: @@Bravo not trying to start shit man, feel free to weigh in on any calculation errors.
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