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  1. While I do like being able to play CE online easily I'm still gonna rage for a minute. 343 gets zero credit for "all the people playing CE now" because they fell so far below what they could have done. I'm not even talking about MCC, but CEA. We could have had a ton more players playing CE. 360 had a much larger install base than the X1 and we could have had a working CE on that machine. If I was in charge of producing CEA I still would have done the map pack for Reach but would have worked a bit more at making it more similar to CE play. That would be a good stepping stone for introducing new players - who could then go into CE Classic playlist. But no, instead we get a low effort map pack, with a ton of gameplay comprimises, generating almost no interest for true CE gameplay. And then the big MCC fuckup... disgusting. I can only imagine where we could be right now if they had gotten CEA right on the 360, and MCC right on the X1 - the fanbase would demand that style of play in future titles. Instead we have all of the users of the only competitive Halo forum forming 12-man Warzone parties.
  2. I guess it was @@Infinity all along. Edit; Don't quote my posts @@Cursed Lemon or apparently you'll face the same swift scalpel
  3. HaloFollower needs a whole new staff huh? I guess now we know the real reason @@Moa stepped down as a mod here.
  4. That was before the TU. They ruined it by giving armor lock the plasma repeater and dropped every loadout from two stickies down to one. RIP vanilla Elite Slayer Multiteam... you were a crazy stupid bastard while you lasted. You could tell the change quickly too, Reflection used to be a mosh pit down by sword spawn all game but quickly transitioned to more regular play style with people picking needle rifle and holding top floor. Sad...
  5. Probably a speed-run. Those usually do well.
  6. Anybody know the file size of forge maps in Halo 5?
  7. But then it wouldn't be "boy-girl-boy-girl" It sounds like a joke but I guarantee you gender balance means A LOT to those in charge at 343. Many of their public statements have reinforced that. They could have made Spartan Thorne go transgender between H4 and H5 though, then they get another "female" character and even more diversity.
  8. I still think it's coming this year. They don't put a colon in a game title for nothing.
  9. If I get a shit spawn super close to an opponent I'd much rather have my AR out already. It's helped me get a lot of kills and I know I've been killed the same way.
  10. Your battery life in that screen shot stresses me out. I want to plug my phone in now.
  11. Right. But it is to the intended who can't find a game because of it. Fuck them I guess. But the bigger issue is that a good "social" play experience is more than just hidden ranks.
  12. With @@Moa done as a mod maybe I won't get banned for 2 weeks for using sarcasm. And I can finally find out if it was him or @@Infinity rapid fire deleting my posts every so often. (Prediction time: Will this post be deleted or will I be banned again?)
  13. Same reason they put "ranks coming soon" in every MCC playlist at launch.
  14. Anecdotal evidence but I never played BTB more than maybe 1% of my games H2-HR. My wife started with Reach and she absolutely refused to play BTB. None of my friends liked the list either, even though there were 6 of us total and it would actually make it easier to play together. It's all we played in Halo 4. Not because it was good but because the enormous Halo 4 maps were a better fit, the Armor Abilities were less important, Sprint was less of an issue and even ordinance drops aren't so bad with that many players. BTB actually helped "water-down" all the garbage in Halo 4. Still bad, but bearable. But hey Kevin, if 6,000 of the 10,000 players in Halo 4 prefer Infinity BTB... better make that the entire focus of the multiplayer dev team.
  15. Late reply: Ugh... what a dip-shit. This video is the WORST. Nearly everything he says is completely wrong.
  16. Halo 7 will be developed by someone else. (@@Sitri you a redlettermedia fan?)
  17. Plus a lot of the people that tried to play it have had a seizure from the frame drops.
  18. Yeah I'm not a gamer. I stopped playing videogames in the late 90s. Someone introduced me to Halo 2 in 2005 and I've played Halo ever since. If I can't play Halo I'll just do some old person shit instead like read books or something.
  19. No I mean I had already played it on the X1, then it stopped working.
  20. Yeah homie, 360 for Reach MM Anniversary Classic and OG for Xlink I guess? and I think I'll start doing LANs. I'm old anyway, maybe I should have new things.
  21. I think I'm going to sell my Xbox One. I haven't played shit on it in a year. I've played maybe 10% of the Halo I would have if I still had a 360. What a fucking waste.
  22. Well the maps look like shit, running lights don't turn on until you're right near them and then they pop in suddenly. And I got all the DLC and even played on an Anniversary map... now it says I dunt have any of it. What the fuck.
  23. Fucking hell. Why do I have an Xbox One? Bought for MCC - mistake Kept for Halo 5 - mistake Held hope for BC Reach - mistake
  24. The guy at GameStop says "Oh there's finally a good Halo on the Xbox One." Unfortunately I'm getting the choppy visuals too. It's not just the FPS, it's... weird.
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