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  1. Most are disagreeing with him because most find it insane to believe that he can enjoy HMMC? Is it not allowed to enjoy a game nowadays just because it's broken but some things may still work? That in no way means he's being a fanboy. If thats your mindset then I'm sorry but this community is no more disrespectful then THC. So much for thinking this is anymore of a friendly community. Hell compared to this entire thread...Both Bungie and Waypoint look more civil.
  2. Can a mod lock this damn thread? The flaming is getting out of hand. This isnt what this community is presented to be. Least I hope not. TeamBeyond was formed from THC, We're not Waypoint. Let's not become as negative as they are.
  3. I agree with you OP and it's nice of you to speak your mind but you cannot change the minds of people who are old Halo fans. HMMC is 4 engines running at the same time on 4 different (I think) netcodes. Yes they should have done server side testing bbecause the strain from being run on 4 game engines simultaneously is putting a strain on HMMC thus why we have these bugs. I'm being patient (I don't own an Xbox One yet but I will soon) with 343 since I love halo, however that doesn't mean other people have the same mindset and there's no changing that. The fans that will stay with HMMC will stay and others won't. It's the way some communities grow to be.
  4. Posted this on Waypoint, but I'm posting it here because I want to hear both sides...and I feel it needs to be said. I bought Halo for the Xbox One, but not just for it being the only game to play on the Xbox One, but because I'm a Halo fan, and a loyal one at that. I'm not an ass kisser or a dick rider or some senseless spoonfed Halo fan. I however love Halo, and will love Halo. I know that Halo has issues, that it's broken, however I'm not going to be impatient and go trade the game in because I'm disgusted. I'm disappointed, yes that it should have had some more testing before it came out. Halo has 4 Halo titles working simultainously on one disc, which frankly I've ever seen any developer have more then maybe two titles working on one disc (God of War Collection for PS3) I understand, Halo fans are disappointed. My Halo is sitting on my shelf because I don't have an Xbox One yet, but I do not see myself trading it in anytime soon. Moving forward.... The Halo Community is not what it used to be. I've see pre-owned Halo copies at my Gamestop because people got impatient with the game. But what kind of fan may I ask, trades a game in because they're impatient? I know that a lot of us may or may not have evry single Halo game that's been released. I have every Bungie/343 made Halo game on my shelf. Some of us got into Halo with Halo 2, or Halo 3, maybe even Reach or Halo 4. Some of us may have sold our copy of CE or Halo 2 because we got rid of our original Xbox, but that doesn't mean we stopped being fans of Halo. However I think people left Halo, and came back to see if 343 could bring out a working Halo title. However being that HMMC still has issues, it made people rage and not want to play a broken game. But I ask you, how many of you have HMMC on your shelf until the issues are fixed? See, the Halo community knows who the fans are. But theres a difference between a fan and someone who "just plays Halo" I'm giving 343 a chance, and why? I know they can fix HMMC, not only because they have to but because they know the fans aren't going to accept it in it's current state. But they know that they have patient fans who are the Halo Community and I think they know who aren't. Yeah HMMC is losing players by the minute, but then again, tell me that those players didn't waste $399 on a console for a single game, but waited until Halo launched to buy a console just for a single game and didn't keep it, but ended up trading it in for say...a PS4? Those people who wanted HMMC to be on PC bought the "inferior console" as they call it because they had to, not because Halo wasn't on the PC. However how many bought the Xbox One for Halo because they wanted an Xbox One and are to this day enjoying the console? See, that seperates fans from typical gamers because fans will buy the console for their favorite game, but keep it because they enjoy other games that the console has. How many of you still have your original Xbox or Xbox 360 not because of Halo, but because you enjoy the console? Halo may not have many of it's past time fans left, but it still has a community, a loyal community. I believe that's what seperates us from the rest.
  5. Buddy, I'm 26 and yes I clearly have...only reason why I don't have an Xbox One is because I have you know...bills to pay? I wasn't spoiled bro, I worked for all my shit... It's called giving games a chance...when this generation of gamers doesn't even know how to do that. But actually no...that wasn't was I was explaining....people do what they want with their money. Whether they sit on a broken game is up to them though however, people who are patient ENOUGH (like me) will see the game though to it being fixed. I did the exact same thing with Halo 4 and I still have THAT on my shelf.
  6. I'm gonna be honest. I do play Halo competitively now, however I am loving Halo 5. Does that make me an 343 ass kisser or dick rider? No it does not but I'm open to innovation in a game, as long as it's done right. I hated Reach, hated Halo 4, but for me Halo 5 does look competitive...from my perspective. Don't get me wrong, I loved the original trilogy, and still play it to this very day, but I will give Halo 5 a chance just like I gave Reach and Halo 4 a chance. I may not have liked Halo 4 or Reach but I still played them, and enjoyed them for what I wanted to enjoy it for.
  7. Like 343 said, post launch...remember, they have a bigger team. It'll likely be ready that week.
  8. Just went on the Waypoint forums and theres already outrage about Halo 2 Aniv being the only ranked playlist at launch... I guess kids these days don't know the definition of post-launch? Learn not to jump at the first thing you hear...holy crap.
  9. I'm still picking up my jaw from the documentry... holy crap. To imagine Halo 2 sold 2.5 billion copies in 24 hours..
  10. Those switches alone will take Machinima to a whole new level.. Imagine what Roosterteeth can do with RvB.. Perfect for my series (that I'm still writing)
  11. I'll be damned http://www.vgchartz.com/preorders/
  12. http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/10/13/listen-to-the-halo-2-anniversary-soundtrack-right-now Steve Vai really kicked it out of the park.
  13. http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/10/06/warlock-is-the-final-halo-2-remake-map-for-halo-the-master-chief-collection-ign-first?watch
  14. I actually didnt even know about BLB, and again, great video. You're helping me to learn new stuff that I didn't know before.
  15. I agree. I could care less about good sportsmanship in COD, when it comes to Halo, I care.
  16. First off, the REAL Halo 2 is IN HMMC, how can you say Halo 2 didn't get the full remastered treatment when yet it clearly did, like Moa said, it's a mix of old and new, which is for people to try out. Second, your use of the word casual, just made me lose respect for you. Why would casuals quit Halo 2 Classic and flock to Halo 2 Aniversary, just because they aren't good at it means they aren't allowed. Lose the snotty, "I'm a 50 in Halo 2/3, I'm king attitude". That's not going to give you anymore credability. This is TeamBeyond, not Bungie, not Waypoint, don't turn it into an unwelcoming community. No, "we" don't all know it, you may, but the rest may not. Also you don't speak for me, or for the entire community. Halo CEA has Reach's MP, I didn't like it either, however I was talking about the campaign. Also, I came off as civil to you, so why are you coming off as a complete asshole to me? It may feel like Halo 4 to YOU but how about the rest? Moa said himself, Halo 2 Aniv feels fine to him. It looks fine to me as well, although I'll give a final judgement when I actually play it.
  17. Watching this, and all I can say is... DAMN I just realized, I've been playing Halo for 10 years...I saw the Halo 2 Demo and was like, WOOOOOOOOOOW.
  18. See here's the thing, your mixing up the engine, with the actual game itself. Halo 2 Aniversary is built upon Halo 4's engine, itself, meaning it'll look like a Halo 4 skin, but it'll act like Halo 2. If they would have put more resources towards a new engine or Halo 5's engine. HMMC most likely wouldn't be launching in November, more likely 2015. No one is going to force themselves to play Halo 2 Aniv, because like Moa said, it's a mix of old and new Halo, something for people to try out to see if they like the look. Halo CEA was built off Reach's engine, but still had the feel of CE. I used to design maps for Custom Edition back in the day, so I know these things.
  19. Moa, I never said I didn't want to play Halo 2 Aniv. I'm looking forward to it actually.
  20. Are you going to do a vehicle guide also?
  21. What we need to do, hoping to hell HMMC has some sort of clan system for Halo 2, is create one for GoBeyond. That way, the community grows and in doing that, we attract people, throw some customs up one weekend, and play some Slayer, recreate that good sportsmanship. You may not have done well, but but still Good Game. You know, there may be 50's in Halo 2 and 3, that are snotty teenagers, but not all "pros" are like that.

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