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  1. funny enough epic games recreated that gun in gears 1 with the 2 second bullet lag shotgun. but to answer your question i think it would be awesome if a gun like this was in halo infinite. but i think it would work best in a high base move speed and no sprint environment
  2. yea man and thats just gameplay mechanics the whole feel of ce is gone in halo 2. i feel as though if ce launched with xbox live it would be the most popular halo but halo 2 was most peoples xbl title so they like it more
  3. i like the idea of the gravitys hammer knock back being much more powerful. so it has more use then just being a reskinned sword. i think they should change rockets too. more ammo and higher rof but harder to get kills. make it more skilled like quake or team fortress
  4. damnation never gets played now. i think maybe all the complaining about that map in reach so they made it removed or never play in ce? also no rat race
  5. i donno im happy with what 343 gave us plays pretty dandy. sure beats playing 30 fps on xbox version and mouse and keyboard is more fun and skilled. after playing halo ce on pc version for years, this is really nice to play with 60 fps animations and bullets that dont have 3 second bullet lag. also no spread is really cool too. yeah i think custom browser would be nice and most pc games should have it
  6. double tap reload then switch weapons. it will reload when its in your back so you can use other weapons. and normally i hate excessive reloading in games but the ce pistol it feels pretty good. you have the potential to 3 shot someone in half a second so i feel like its a fair trade off if you unload all your bullets that the reload is kinda long
  7. in ce you can now hold down the trigger without the bloom effect. not sure why i quoted this guy but i couldnt get out of it
  8. it will probably have aim assist but with ce gameplay i think a mouse and keyboard will be the superior option but right now i cant get onto online to test
  9. anytime you go against good players coordinating they will be humping their spots and rotating out when low shields
  10. im a casual player compared to most people here. no casual in the sense that i think ar starts is fun but i was never really good or got to 50 or anything. but i think when you say that if its good for competitive it will be good for casual but i think thats not always the case. some sweaty team shot garbage is actually bad for casual because its not fun.
  11. the most fake part is three seperate campaign characters. 343 knows locke was a fail no one wants to play as anyone other then chief
  12. if you have lunge at least make it so its not a free hit. you should lunge towards your aiming at (so if your cross hair is to right of enemy you will lunge to right of him) and finially your crosshair should be on him for the melee to connect. so if you see a guy running horizontally from you then you will have to aim infront of him like how you would lead a shot and then finially have your crosshair on him for the connect
  13. for halo 3 we just need no aim assist when pluggining in controller + remove random spread. also remove the ability to land a melee lunge without having to keep your cross hair on the target. you should be able to miss or dodge people who melee no more free hit i dont like the arguement that because halo is a console shooter that it means a port to pc also means it should have aim assist. it really doesnt make sense its a port for the pc not for console. a mouse user theoretically has more potential if hes really good but the skill floor of using aim assist on controller is over powered. i saw it when i first played halo online (i heard they toned down aim assist later on but i dont know) and it was ez money 4 shots when mouse users were like 7 shot putting a lot of effort into tracking movement with mouse. controller ez money lock on
  14. from some footage we saw the employees playing a halo game that had the reach style ar and the nerf gun is reach style so looks to be true
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