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  1. there should be a lightning gun with a small ammo capacity that sucks the shield power out of users and refills it when you hit them and regens your shield too
  2. so why cant we look back at ce. i know infinite is hardly the worst ofender, reach with bloom was even worse
  3. just play ranked and see one guy quit and see how bad team shot gets. the team with 3 players cant get any kills because as soon as one guy is low shields the enemy sprints away and theres nothing you can do because of the focus on team shot. precion weapons + long kill times just promotes this style of play because even though you cant kill very fast, you can still output the same amount of damage from long range. this creates this fucked teamshot shit that isnt fun. just have people cover spots and when your low shields you rotate out. complete cancer imo. and quiters just show how bad it really is
  4. by reach they already lost passion in halo
  5. CE campaign was awesome and i think it reached heights that no other halo game has reached in its campaign. i have not played infinite campaign, but ce was really the only halo that gave a really mysterious feeling on the ring. yeah theres some copy paste room sections in attack on the control room, and repeated levels with captain keys and two betrayals and maw. its not perfect and id say halo 2 has an even bigger problem with linear and samey copy pasted hallway levels, except they dont expand into open areas like attack of the control room. i want another halo game that gives back that halo expereice from halo 1. honestly just form looking at infinite it looks like some sort of pre generated world almost with minecraft blocks scattered around. sometimes i have weird dreams about being in the halo 1 verison of the ring world and its awesome
  6. forget ar this game aint even good in ranked. team shot festival sprint fest
  7. make the ar skilled by making it require a lock on feature that requires manual designation with lasers. once the target has 3 lasers locked on them, then the ar can go into no spread mode and basicaly shred a target in .2 seconds. the skilled part would be the designations onto an enemy player. this would also be interesting because a target isnt taking any damage until they have 3 designations on them and start being fired upon. so you can get into battles with people and potentially take no damage. without using the alt fire, the gun would be like halo ce with a 60 round mag. you also make the ar skilled while keeping the satisfaction of having the full auto spray to own someone at the end. i posted this idea earlier but no one replied but i think it would be a cool way to make the gun skilled the lasers would be pretty fast but not hitscan. a bit slower then halo 1 pistol projectile but the laser lingers for 1 second so you should avoid strafing back into one
  8. lower aim assist and you actually make casuals more happy. high aim assist means more sweaty because no one misses shots. so nerf melee and aim assist and the game is less sweaty and casuals will be more happy and so will nerds
  9. my favourite infinite feature is pressing melee if your in the vacinity of an enemy and launching into them. its good because you dont have to aim and it makes the game more fair and balanced
  10. im fine with reloading but im not fine with players having 10x the health of sometihng like cod but giving them the same ammo count on weapons. 7 shot kill pistol with bloom with 12 round magazine is like giving the m16 in cod 5 bullets before having to reload. its so aids
  11. nothing or if you want it to do something just make it twice as efficient or extra energy goes into your shields to heal you or make some random shite up like that
  12. ive always had this idea of a weapon pickup that directly feeds your weapon into its ammo supply so you never have to reload. that would be sweet
  13. being only be able to get one kill with a magnum if your lucky makes me think we should get rid of reloading
  14. because they are cheerleaders man. the only thing they will be critical about is if they cant make their spartan cool enough in customization or if the ar cant compete with utility weapons
  15. thats it im so pissed off at this game now it has bad gameplay im done
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