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  1. i would say aim is way more important in cs than halo
  2. it seems like any game can be competetive as long as theres a loser and a winner and theres competition. like how many fps games are there that are very nooby? cod pro mod was considered a skilled game and it has similar kill times as other cods and basically killing instantly. halo 2 has absurd amounts of aim assist that makes br and sniper super easy yet its considered by some the most competitive halo. i mean cs go itself was very low pop until they added the update that added weapon skins and knifes and cases. the game had lower numbers then cs 1.6 and tied with source. all of a sudden skins come and people love cs go. dont get me wrong i think they've improved the game after that patch too but i doubt cs go ever comes close to where it is now without skins. so i dont agree that a game has to be very competitive to be popular. i just think in general if your game is popular and has the ability to win or lose without being to much random then it can still be played very competitively
  3. yea 40% of women are not gamers lol. how often did you hear girls talk on xbl back before party chat? there was barley any
  4. dice did it first with 1942 and then bf2
  5. why would they want to nerf mouse and keyboard? pc players already use controllers just to get aim assist in mcc
  6. so thats what inspired the assassin from diablo 2? lol
  7. ive never played halo 5 really. i dont get the picture? halo 5 is flat looking?
  8. the map itself was kinda lame too. why was blood gulch just green and grey rocks it never looked like that. ugliest version of blood gulch ever made
  9. the original cs was just a mod. valves only made a few original maps
  10. because most people havnt played ce more then a few hours and dont understand that no one holds the trigger down (unless its in a modded setting like mcc team doubles) and when spamming the trigger it mostly stays within the reticule. the video even shows that this video is fake news made back when people tried to convince people bloom was good for halo because its always been in the game, and reach only visualized it. they remove all the context and trick people into thinking its similar
  11. i thought of like an aids type equipment. like it could be cool maybe in a ce type game with less team shot you like send a cable to another spartan and you guys are linked and share shield power. so if just one person is getting shot at, they have the shields of both users. but you would be dealing damage to 2 people so it wouldnt be like a free os. like a grenade on both of them would be super juicy one shot kill. but i mean in halo 3 and stuff i already feel everyone is docking each other 24/7. this would be like that but only from an equipment found on the ground
  12. im not sure health packs really fixes the issue. i never played reach past the TU, but i remember it feeling like the worst in terms of team shotting and just in general hiding when low shields bull shit. i remember how aids it was on pinnacle.. and that had health. also you cant remove shields from halo with the mechanics it has. you can never 1v1 someone with low shields in a br fight, even the pistol from ce wouldnt do it. it works in quake because the maps are designed for it and same with the movement speed and weapons
  13. anyone else think its weird in ce how holding down the trigger gives perfect accuracy in doubles? or does this not bother anyone
  14. kill in 2 bursts or the ability to double shot like in halo 2?
  15. maybe make the AR do very terrible damage but a multiplier for headshot damage on shields too. so a more skilled close range automatic weapon. have anti aim spread so if your aiming at the chest bullet magnetism will pull towards feet, and if aimed above head, it will pull above head. anyone play resistance1 fall of man on ps3? pretty good console areana type shooter and the starting weapon was sort of like an ar from halo but it felt like you could get some good skilled duels going
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