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  1. ew loadouts should not exist and if your making weapons the exact same but with different skin and sound then thats just ********. imo each utility could be very different from one another but no loadouts. for example normal gameplay would be a powerful utility similar to halo ce magnum. but for social big team battle a utility start could be something like a halo 3 battle rifle. obviously fix random spread but what i think is good about this weapon is that its still a utility weapon but it allows people more maneuverability on a map and more times to goof around. people could also play team slayer with br starts too if they wanted and it would play much different then magnum starts and could be a unique experience.
  2. the shotgun could certainly be made more skilled i like the idea of a slug so its not poo past 2 feet.
  3. dont get me wrong i hate not utility weapon starts because the gameplay is terrible running around with an smr or ar as a primary. however i can see where people are coming from with getting cross mapped. i cant explain how it works but it just really feels unfun to get team shot by the dmr but at the same time feels like you cant really do much to kill people team shotting you because the dmr isnt good enough. i havnt played reach since pre title update but i hated how often i got team shot and it felt like i could do nothing because of bloom. with halo ce it pretty much never get that frustrating feeling of being cross mapped yet the pistol is much more powerful. probably because you actually have a chance of killing someone quickly and effectively if they get the jump. while in reach once your getting cross mapped thats pretty much it. but you cant just get rid of utility weapon start unless had some optional mode that had skilled close quarter weapons. like gears of war 1 mp was a very skilled game and you can run around the map like a mad men because only the host could lancer you down. otherwise shotgun duels were very skilled. but the problem with halo ar duels are not skilled or shotgun isnt either really. non utilities are not designed in a way that make sense to spawn with.
  4. i feel as though having a harder to use weapon is actually better for casual players. that way they can traverse around the map without being obliterated the second 4 other places reticules heat seak to them
  5. yeah i really didnt like halo 2 when it came out. it seemed like in forums around that time that it was like halo 2 campaign didnt have what people liked about halo 1. but now it seems like halo 1 is not looked at as having a good campaign. but outside of the reused levels its really good. also ive never really felt something the way i did when you go from pillar of autumn to halo and you explore that first level. like its not this complete weird alien world with purple shit like xen from half life but its something familiar but so different. and in halo 2 and 3 weve only gone back to halo in what feels like cameos. looks like infinite might be going after that original ce feeling
  6. halo ce has the best gameplay hands down but can be the most frustrating halo if your opponents are far above your skill level. its basically just you sitting in a spawn dying while your enemies are invisible have rockets and overshields. its especially bad on maps like derelict and wizzard. im more of a casual player/baddy but i would like to see halo gameplay go back to something similar to halo ce. maybe they could keep the spawning mechanic but design less maps where your just stuck spawning into death. maybe power ups could still be strong but in a different way. like quake weapon pickups are good but they arnt free kills.
  7. so damnation sucks without power weapons? well halo would suck if you just spawned with an ar but thankfully we have a pistol so it works
  8. na i figured it would be a problem 2 posts before where you posted that
  9. how are they whining like toddlers if they are complaining about the exact same thing you are? i said before aim assist was going to be a huge problem when people can plug in controllers and gain an aim advantage with supreme amount of auto aim. but people didnt agree i think my post even got deleted because i cant find it. pc users generaly want to play a game where the main input method is a mosue and keyboard not a controller. and you even said its been a problem and complained but now pc players are toddlers? if you make a pc game dont make it so you can plug in a controller and have a large amount of aim assist. but i agree i always like in halo 1 gameplay in how a player with zero shields can come back and 3 shot a player. it feels like in later halos you cant really do that for the most part. i feel like its a bad design choice because almost every 1v1 ends with one player with no health.
  10. i saw that too and thought the same thing. its annoying because i want to just play the game. devs make matches last shorter so the game can end so the player can look at his progression being boosted at the end of the match with points and stuff. some how people love this shit though
  11. anybody remember this video during the early days of reach on bungie.net? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OilVqh0lhNY
  12. squad battle was sick and it was always BR starts too
  13. if 343 went right off the back saying infinite will not be classic halo i would be fine with it. because from the lasting few halo games what can you really expect? just get over it really. but with the 2018 trailer it really seemed to be calling back halo ce and brining back masterchiefs old armor and having a less of bionacles super hero feel to it all. but now they have raised a lot of peoples hope that it may be more of a classic halo game and will just cause people to be sad or angry if it turns out to be sprint town
  14. guys 343 said mcc is going to have modding. maybe that means we can remove bullet spread and host no bullet spread servers. also something i think would be sick is have a modded pistol that functions exactly like halo ce and we could have pistol starts in addition to normal br starts. in this game type it also plays very similar to halo ce with countdown on power weapons and they are much more powerful. at least im going to try and make a mod like this if no one does

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