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  1. squad battle was sick and it was always BR starts too
  2. if 343 went right off the back saying infinite will not be classic halo i would be fine with it. because from the lasting few halo games what can you really expect? just get over it really. but with the 2018 trailer it really seemed to be calling back halo ce and brining back masterchiefs old armor and having a less of bionacles super hero feel to it all. but now they have raised a lot of peoples hope that it may be more of a classic halo game and will just cause people to be sad or angry if it turns out to be sprint town
  3. guys 343 said mcc is going to have modding. maybe that means we can remove bullet spread and host no bullet spread servers. also something i think would be sick is have a modded pistol that functions exactly like halo ce and we could have pistol starts in addition to normal br starts. in this game type it also plays very similar to halo ce with countdown on power weapons and they are much more powerful. at least im going to try and make a mod like this if no one does
  4. doesnt it have aim assist with controller? im more impressed with people who own in cs go with controller on pc, no aim assist
  5. having a portal as equipment in halo would be so sick
  6. yeah i slowed down to .25 and it seems instant register to me.. maybe h2 does have projectile but its fast as fuck compared to halo ce or h3. maybe try playing with aimbot on at a running target on coag?
  7. tony hawk is 3d and you use dpad for movement
  8. plasma rifles power up disables enemies weapons scope for 15 seconds like an emp so you can only fire descope
  9. melee feels perfect in halo ce to me. you can actually miss your swing and have to aim it on them instead of auto lunging to them and getting a hit. also double melee is very simple yet feels very satisfying it made halo 3 ar starts that much worse because ar and melee is quite effective yet its so skilless. you dont have to aim for a melee you just press melee and suck towards them and hit them. boring asss
  10. the quad shot is hard enough to pull off, it just needs to be on a br with less magnetism and aim assist. would of been so sick in halo 3
  11. pls no hitscan br. also i love double shotting and quad shots but do you think its possible they could introduce a mechanic like this in this day and age without their being rampart cheating with macros or modded controllers?
  12. lol you guys are really sinister if you think bungie made reach shitty on purpose so 343 would follow their place and gain an advantage in the fps market. i believe halo infinite will have a playlist with no sprint and abilities and even classic zoom instead of iron sights. however this will be the "try hard" playlist and not fun for people who want to play classic halo without being mlg sweaty
  13. halo 3 ar always had way to much auto aim anyways. felt like a very boring unsatisfying weapon. they should compare BR
  14. i agree with you however i would bet 200 dollars it will have aim assist when plugging in a controller. also its not just about mlg and 50s. i think it cheapens the game for players of a skill levels when you have weapons with such extreme aim assist. but since its most likely going to happen i just hope 343 will compromise and lower the aim assist to halo 3 levels on halo 2. otherwise ill stick to playing ce and halo 3. and im not super into competitive sweaty matches its just something thats always bugged me about halo 2

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