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  1. He probably had a suicide that brought his "score" down to 24, allowing you to get the 25th point for the win. If suicides don't subtract points in this game that's an unfortunate (for him) glitch then.
  2. Lol I know that guy and can assure you that's not the case. Learned a new word today though, so thanks. If H5 has the pro-pipe I could die happy. @@Sal1ent, excited to see the new weapon (even if it's not a pro-pipe) and the CTF changes. Hopefully the gametype settings allow for a Classic CTF experience though in case those changes aren't well received.
  3. While Bravo was commentating on the stream he pointed that out and said something like "Remember guys, this is a pre-launch build". So I'm glad they know it's a problem, at least.
  4. Maybe I missed it, but does anyone know how they've been hosting the games? Has it been in an XBL custom game lobby, or has 343i figured out how to get LAN working in the MCC? If I remember right LAN was still iffy when the spoke at SDCC.
  5. Nice catch. Seems like an interesting way of (literally) highlighting power weapon locations without having waypoints showing from halfway across the map.
  6. Yeah I'm curious about those weapon sets. Is it just a nice way of saying "Loadouts" or is it more Reach-style where there are only presets to choose from in the gametype options? Maybe even something else entirely.
  7. That seems like it could be a good way to balance it. As long as it's not like assassination animations where it can accidentally be triggered and cause you to die.
  8. Agreed. If it stays as the weird ordnance-stick-thing I wonder which color Active Camo will be (assuming it makes a return). Or they'll change the speed boost color, but that might confuse H4 players. :maven:
  9. That's what I was thinking. Without a host to worry about they may be able to lower the threshold for a trade.
  10. I'll try to get a few games in on this tomorrow and post any feedback I (or the people I test with) have.
  11. I absolutely hated both Dispatch and Station 9 when I first played them. Since then I've learned to like Dispatch, but I swear Station 9 is probably the most boring, albeit well-forged, map I've ever played.
  12. Oh I had no idea it was used in Reach competitively. My parents sold my Xbox about 2 months after Reach came out so I pretty much missed out on everything that happened lol.
  13. "GoD 0f FoRgE" has a fantastic remake of The Pit, if it's not common knowledge here: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/filebrowser/details/103c8908-acce-4eed-83f9-a6fb91f0a65e And if it is common knowledge, is the general consensus that Sprint breaks it or something?
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