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  1. I hear you dude! If you want to play sometime hmu my GT: JediMasterSaint
  2. I know exactly how you feel, I wouldn't mind running some games with you. I normally rank high diamond. Other than that I need other players to play with to learn different strats and movements,so I can be more versatile. So if you're fine with that my GT is JediMasterSaint
  3. What's up guys I'm looking to better myself in halo. Whether it be social, customs, GBs, or tournaments (online/LAN). I can take criticism I normally rank high plat to high diamond. I have played in both online and LAN tournaments so I know callouts and of course small talk is always key to good teamwork. So if any of you guys want to play and help me and yourselves grow hit me up. Either on Xbox or on social media GT: JediMasterSaint Twitter: @JediMasterSaint
  4. I'm always looking to better myself and my communication. Small talk is key. If you want to play let me know. GT: JediMasterSaint Twitter: @JediMasterSaint
  5. I'm game, hmu sometime GT: JediMasterSaint (planning on changing it soon lol)
  6. Looking for a solid t03 to run srcims and games with. And are for sure going to the tournament this month. Time is short and we need to get some solid team chemistry. Hmu GT: Jedimastersaint
  7. Looking to play in the upcoming ATL tournament. I'm 100% willing to go if I have a team(may just go anyway for fun if I don't have a team) I was at the recent HCS Daytona FFA tournament. Did fairly well won 5 out of the 8 rounds. But I'm always looking to improve my skills and can take critism. I normally play everyday I rank high plat/diamond(when I play by myself) and rank Onyx(when I play with a team that communicates.) I'm also more of a support player also but can take charge when need be. If you want to play sometime hmu GT:Jedimastersaint (thinking about changing it soon. lol)
  8. GT: JediMasterSaint I'm looking for a team to compete with; of course I will travel if necessary, but other than that looking for a team to play with. Hit me up if your interested.
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