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  1. Indeed, Instantly when I heard the DMR bullets and my screen being frozen I was like ''Fucking c'mon?! Seriously? Now's the time to make my screen froze in a middle of my killtastrophe?''
  2. This has happened before but now it just got annoying kinda shame this hasn't been fixed, annoying to hear just getting killed whilist screen is frozen due of the host migration/generating lightning lol. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpV2pPJGudQ
  3. That's dumb since the other team gets so much more advantage of them staying in the match (power weapons, Over Shields etc.)
  4. Saw that I had wrote the title all wrong, it should be ''Joining Progress added to Throwdown'' lol Brainfarted a lil' bit on the title...
  5. So today, I played some nice Throwdown with my brother and my friends and I see that we get into a match that is already halfway done on Onyx TS, we obviously get destroyed since its 3v4 and game was 10-40 when we joined. So we search again and the same thing happens, only on a different map and players, didn't 343 say there is no joining in started matches on throwdown?
  6. Oh, didn't realize this, well it's not a long time ago when I played CTF but it is still really annoying since it is not in Infinity Slayer :/ Makes the games kind of unfair when we get two total noobs who are new comers/just bad in general :/
  7. It is not in Infinity Slayer/CTF that is for sure, I am glad that it is at least in Throwdown...
  8. First time I played against pros was on lvl 50 MLG against tD, game was our host, narrows CTF, game is 4-4, my brother does some ninja flank 1337 skills to their basement with the rocket he got from SK who I had killed, blows up 2 guys and weakens the third guy and my friend finishes him off, pulls the flag, we end up winning, obviously we had lost the game if it was their host since I am from EU but it still was an achievement in my Halo career
  9. So today, I played some Halo 4, like every other who enjoys some nice hours of quality gaming, but today, it was different, it was pure frustration and rage... I play with my brother 90% of the time I play so its a 2 man party constantly but I've noticed one little bit annoying/frustrating thing in the Halo 4 matchmaking. There is no party match-ups, I mean, we get constant 4 man parties every other game and makes it really annoying to play (talking 'bout Infinity Slayer atm. but this goes for every playlist) Why has this feature been cut out from Halo 4? In Halo 3, it was perfect, if you had a 2 team, 2 man team/Single man teams were the only ones you would get on ranked, if you had 3 man team, 3 man teams were the max (you would get and one lone wolf to your team occasionally) I know this is sort of rambling/anger post but I am doing this because I can't be the only one who is annoyed by this... right?
  10. I was never into the Halo 2 Competitive side, I played it for casual, I started to get into the Competitive side on Halo 3 (GB and MLG and so on) and it turned out to be extremely fun since the gametypes/maps were perfect in the Halo 3. If I'd had to choose what maps I'd want for Halo 4 or maybe for Halo 5, it would be: Narrows Construct Guardian Pit (This one is already coming to Halo 4 .-.) Heretic/Midship (Halo 2/3 map doe) Amplified Onslaught So basically, every map from Halo 3 MLG/GB since those maps are the only maps I seriously enjoy to play, I personally dislike all of the Halo 4 maps, they just play so badly imo.
  11. + the stopping power doesn't help at all even if you have sprint, get shot twice while sprinting and you are slow as a snail, the sprint just kills the spawns and makes you spawn on the worst spots ever
  12. FFA has come unplayable in H4 Forged maps, I just spawn between two enemies and die, or I just spawn that my back is on the enemy and die from there, if this is bad luck then hell, its some serious unluckiness since this happens every other game and so on...
  13. So, I recently played some FFA in Dispatch and oh boy, that has to be the worst experience in that map for me, the spawns just made me think that how can this even be a FFA map? Every time I spawned, there was a enemy already shooting at me from behind or I spawn right next to a noshield enemy, nevertheless, the game ended after few rages. So I went to play some Snipers on Shutout and man, that is the worst, every time I spawned, it was on bottom lift or on snipe ramp and constantly get spawn trapped, we lost the game 50 to 10 and we had no chance thanks to the beam rifle spawn in S3 and them hogging it, it was a nightmare, this same thing happens in many other maps and it is just terrible, in Halo 3 (MLG for example) the spawns were carefully thought and you could get out of the spawn trap very easily, it was perfect, maps were perfect but now these maps just are annoying and not fun to play.
  14. I doubt its this one, the A.I. is just dumb, many of my friends say the same that they just drive whenever they want and hit every object they see with the Car, If they'd mimic my controlling of the vehicles they'd be too good for a A.I.
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