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  1. Yeah dude, host say in 4s is bearable but when you are 1v1'ing someone and their BR feels like sniper shots its rough =( I eat to begin with because of my movement, when I have host it is too funny to hear kids cry!
  2. was so cool to see him do it on film an not hearing it in the game
  3. MASS gamers lets reunite and get some mass lans going or something. GT = oc stryker
  4. Hahaha I completely agree man =( that is what is even more sad, we cant trust them to make good new maps nevermind old remakes.
  5. Hope a decent amount of teams go to this!
  6. Fizzor won in 56 seconds I believe
  7. The map is pretty good, missing some things an the new things that were added is decent. I really feel though that they do not need the pit back they need new solid maps that make the game feel good. I have seen a bunch of people say they dnt care about the pit an if wanted to play it they can play reach an h3.
  8. I remember that!!! It was for PGL correct? I want to say after that I didn't play another H4 1v1 hahahha. Ehhh I may go to that but prob not to be honest it is like a 6 hour drive from boston =(
  9. Thank you very much man!
  10. Yeah that is me buddy, I have kept the name since I was like 12 years old hahaha. Ummm I believe he doesn't really play to seriously but does play some here an there for fun!
  11. Thank you bub! I am glad to be here also!
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