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  1. I'm a FA for competitive halo! Hmu to run games GT: Trestle
  2. Looking for a team FA I'm a high onyx lvl GT: Trestle
  3. Looking for people to run games with. Hmu to play. -Trestle
  4. GT: Trestle I live in Fort Walton Beach near Destin
  5. GT: Trestle im looking for a team for online and maybe some lan events if we get good. I'm a f/a either looking a to4 or any other f/a's. Hmu to run games.
  6. Onyx in Arena, I know call outs, and good with my shot. Just need a team. Hmu to run games. GT: Trestle
  7. I'm onyx in arena. Hmu to run games! GT: Trestle
  8. Me and Thy Ayysh are looking for 2 more players to play in any online event. If you want to run games tonight either message me GT: Trestle or message GT: Thy Ayysh
  9. I'm from Fort Walton Beach in the panhandle. Anyone near me?
  10. I'm from Fort Walton Beach in the panhandle. Anyone near me?
  11. My GT: Trestle I'm a halo competitive player looking for a team of 3. I have good knowledge of halo and a good shot. I'm hoping to do tournaments and have fun online. I know call outs, I'm good at map movement, and getting better everyday. If anyone needs a solid 4th please hmu. I've bee playing competitive halo since reach and would like to keep the game going.
  12. I'm a free agent looking for a competitive team on halo 5. My GT is Trestle. Message me for tryouts please.
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