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  1. At this point I do not think the top teams are worried about winning it. They're probably looking at getting positioned for what they view as.the easiest group of 4 at regionals.
  2. Commonly is a slayer, he's aggressive and knows map positioning. Any team he's been on has done really well - Crowd Pleasers, Leftovers, and EG will as well. I chuckle at those here who say 2gre should have been EG's choice. He simply is not as good as Commonly is at H5. EG knew this and decided on Commonly after Naded passed CLG knew it and decided to make an upgrade. That said, I do think 2gre's knowledge can benefit a team to place well, I just don't think it's enough to win it all.
  3. What does that have to do with anything? Everyone on the Elevate side counted 5-4. Regardless good series.
  4. It's a shame that any competitive player would find it necessary to take anything that he perceives would improve his performance. This whole topic does leave a negative affect on not only Halo, but Esports in general. I would not mind to see testing implemented, if there is one, at Xgames and the HWC in order to catch those that are using Addy.
  5. There was a big mistake made by 343 or whomever allocated the number of teams from each region that can advance to the finals. It's obvious NA is by far the superior region. There are over 300 teams for each qualifier, and the talent is solid some 14 teams deep. In comparison Europe has 20-25 teams per qualifier, and 16 are in the regional. Out of that 4 advance to the finals. The rest of the regions have worse turnout and still advance 4 teams. The breakdown should have been, NA - 12/14 teams, Europe 2 trams, the rest 2 teams. Unfortunately, there will be some really good NA teams left out.
  6. Seems as if everyone's sleeping on Elevate. They were the only top team in this last qualifier that had to play another top team/WFX for top 16. No excuses, they lost, but it has to be tough watching some of these other teams have a cakewalk through the bracket.
  7. I watched some of the Optic - Crowd Pleasers scrim, CP was up 6-3. Do you have the info from that match?
  8. Caught the start of the scrim between Optic and the team that was running together ( Goofy, Str8, Nemassist, Munoz) does anyone know what became of it?
  9. apparently you didn't see the WFX - Crowd Pleasers/Intel series. Absolutely crazy.
  10. The teams that have stuck together (EG, NV, Crowd Pleasers, CLG- for the most part) will really benefit. They'll have chemistry while the other squads need to work in finding it.
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