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  1. Player Name: C0RZ0 Winner: C0RZ0 Round Number: Round 3 Score: 2 - 0 (Best of 3 games) Halo Waypoint Link: N/A Gave player 15 minutes (No show)
  2. Post your streams from twitch.tv to this thread so people have an idea of who's streaming if they are interested in watching the 1v1 tournament live. Good luck to all!
  3. The bracket is listed here... Take a look! http://challonge.com/Spring_Showdown
  4. Who do you think will be this Spring Showdown's Top 3 finalist? Place your bets now haha
  5. I hope you're not letting the people that last minute decided to join this tournament when they did not already register in the previous post or live outside the US like you already stated a few times. And I understand it will be single elimanation but, does that go for 1 game or best out of a series of 3 games for example? @@Clicked @@Saucey
  6. Already signed up and checking in... Gamertag: C0RZ0 (they are zeros in gt) Also, my 1v1s will be streamed live! Twitch.tv/C0RZ0
  7. Count me in! Gamertag: C0RZ0 (Yes, they are zeros. Not o's)
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