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  1. Isaiah


    anyone down for GBs after this
  2. Isaiah


    I'm a war zone kid
  3. To quick and it's kinda on a bad angle since they're on a ramp doing the assassination we will definitely be doing slow mo assassinations with the custom game traits ( they added it on h5 like the halo4 modded gametype when it was all slow mo assassinations) and we'll be doing just normal speed so probably 100% normal and I was thinking reducing it to 50% not to slow that it ruins the animation because I know some of them they throw the Spartan after they die or something so well do it at a speed that still looks cool and angle but still it being slow enough to break down each part of the steps of the assassination
  4. Looks like a great and fantastic controller and all with its button mapping to its vibration sensitivity and switching out the parts and all but I think MS just killed scuffs XD like the guy said in the video that somebody posted that has the best review its less tedious then the scuff and you can re map it on the Xbox not on your PC ( I think that's how scuffs work right? You put in the lil "magnetic key" in your controller and you use the app on your PC to re map the buttons ) but anywho only way I would EVER buy one of these ( claw for life ) is just so I can switch my grenades in halo 5 without moving my left thumb off my stick and pushing the D pad. And I feel like scuff is only used for people you can't claw or who are big COD fanboys... OR people with disabilities which boogie2988 described pretty nicely in his review on the Xbox elite controller and which gave me a big perspective of view of how people with disabilities try to play normally like we do on a daily basis which is another reason I like this controller it's easier to use for everyone including people with disabilities which I think MS though of them while making the controller <3
  5. I think there's a flag assassination and I know you can ground pound with it and impale somebody with the flag
  6. Hi me and my friend are trying to put together a YouTube video of all the 17+ assassnations in Halo 5 for everyone to watch and see which assassnation they want to try and unlock or haven't gotten yet or they just want to see how grusome and painful it looks like or just want to hear some good ol neck and back breaking! Please if you have any of the assassnations unlocked and so forth please message me on xbox my GT is ( J2H Executioner ) or just put a post down below I'll probably respond more quicker to you on Xbox though but I'll check this post aswell daily. Also you will get a shoutout on the YouTube video if you help with us and our hunt to assassinate and collect them all!
  7. When was sargoths pro? I think even suddoths are more pro then sargoth and we all know suddoths aren't pros....
  8. Hi since halo 5 is around the corner a lot of us from halo 4 customs from the Xbox 360 and also the halo 4 playlist on MCC are just looking for new maps to play and such or if you have a idea for a forge map in halo 5 and want to try it in halo4 since it's the most similar then just contact me the GT is ( J2H Executioner ) or if you want to play halo4 customs you can also add me aswell. *were also looking a map of dispatch for MCC if anyone was a remake or a ported over version PLEASE CONTACT ME GT POSTED ABOVE ^
  9. Can you stop fanboying me? Thanks like you know it's true don't denie kid GG
  10. Just get the XO fours or XO sevens they work just fine with the adapter you can hear game chat and party chat just fine and they're comfy and you can di the "fold them sideways so they lay on your shoulders ordeal" and they work for your cellphones so you cN use them outside xbl purposes and it's one wire to thhe controller and you don't need headset batteries done and done ^-^
  11. On the older pic of top mid from the caves you should keep the top part of how you have the two forerunner dishes stuck to each other instead of having them separate in the new version so just take the older top part and add it to the new version I think thatl stick out more and how you had the rocks author to looked more clean well a opinion I thought I'd just hand out ^-^
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