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  1. I just want to see everyone on H5G to get even more tilted from H5. My dream is no rifles, a 50m radar and plasma pistol starts.
  2. That is ridiculous looooool I hope that is never in Arena
  3. im not saying no one did but those games got a ton of hate as well. Stop twisting my words lol Yeah most definitely, agreed. Halos community sucks when it comes to welcoming players.
  4. MLG mods in '08 or '09 literally locked any threads asking why H3 is a terrible Halo game because it got asked so frequently.
  5. The topic was in general forum posts. Your personal opinion is fine but isn't the discussion that was going on lol
  6. Dude I recall MLG and b.net being all posts back when h2 released as a terrible game, once h3 got released MLG and B.net were the same thing again lol. Do you want me to get a webarchive of this? lol
  7. Top players are a small margin, there is a minute amount of people so when Anti and others were discussing how they don't want to play casuals with other players nd its getting a lot of traction on twitter, there's an issue. Obviously not every top player is that whack. Zero is the opposite which is cool, usually he's pretty open about playing with whoever. Halo community sucks, I agree with that. But people being able to come to locals regardless of skill level is an obvious thing you need lol. I've played countless games where its the same thing, thats like a barebone necessity smash in general is fine, but most people here act like its straight up heaven when there are issues where discourse for game affiliation is a thing (come on you cant tell me this isnt a thing lol) Also, if you're in Florida you should have a good time, i usually hear positives about that scene. Hit up CEO in the summer
  8. uhh I think its the opposite lol. H1-H2. Wow H2 is trash H2-H3. Wow H2 is so good, h3 is trash H3-Reach. Wow Reach is trash, i miss h3 Reach- H4. Wow H4 is trash, i miss Reach etc etc
  9. I like the smash community at times but I think its a bit glorified here lol. When top players are comparing themself to MJ and Kobe and saying they dont want to play casuals with other players, when Melee literally boos smash 4 off the stage in their award ceremony, when they cant even accept different games off their OWN series there is an issue There was that attempt of Smash united or w/e it was called but that died off so quick.
  10. I know, I heard about it. Overall though i don't really think the settings are one i like. If you and the group of people like it, great! Just not for me. If 4sk ever happens lemme know and ill try having an open mind about it if my input matters
  11. immersion It's to boost up speed but if sprint works like h5 where if you get shot, you move at a snails pace then you'll have issues. Also you dont recharge shields. Sprint does have a factor in creating momentum into the movement tech that has been invented lately (bum jump, thrust slide) as well Another game did a similar idea, I think it was Wolfenstein where it had sprint but you kept your gun up. Personally id just rather have Thrust give you the option to thrust slide and leave it at that (the momentum for full sprint in h5 is actually really quickly achieved)
  12. i think mikwen tried to really advocate no radar but after private talks with 343 employees basically said in the HCS thread once that he doesn't think its going to happen. But I do agree it might help
  13. Yea if they removed sprint from halo completely, I'd be fine with it. Up the speed and make the strafe better and Ideally, "my" Halo 6 would be no Sprint (or if they want sprint, keep gun up 100%), keep Thrust but make it not rechargeable but have Thrust fuel (similar to H1/Reach Health packs), make Thrust be able to "shimmy" out of melees once Lunge starts, make the pistol slightly stronger and no radar. Also keep slide so Thrust slide/Bum jump/Bump Thrust are still a thing. A few other changes like make weapons have less magnetism like you said as well. But 343, like you said has their own development ideas on what they want. We're probably not getting "our" Halo. h6 development started long ago. I already understand Halos development, I enjoy h5 and I think its one of my favorite Halos but Halo overall as a console FPS is really not that great competitively. Its been an issue since h2 where the game becomes a game of execution which i dont like. Which is why I moved onto other Competitive gaming scenes where I think the game is much more thought provoking. if you don't like where the state is of Halo, pick a new series. Competitive gaming is actually on a boom recently, there's something for everyone long as you have some sense of an open mind about it. Sorry went a bit OT lol
  14. I don't like H3 (I like H2 FFAs) and I don't like h4. I enjoy Reach ZBNS and H1 though I joined to try the settings and discuss it a little, then later on decided i dont like the settings which is why I left lol Edit: I also tried advocating 4sk since in those settings 4sk could actually be pretty cool
  15. I competed in tournaments, yes. I also just don't like the settings that are being used by you guys.
  16. You're missing my point. I'm saying that HCS wont pick up these settings, 343 is trying to promote their game that they made and want an accurate representation of that. Whether or not the public would still watch with Sprint/Radar is a completely different discussion. The reality though is that H5 is an esports game and that 343i wants their game to be shown accurately to the public. They're not going to use these community gametypes. Whether or not 343 is right on that regard is again, a different discussion. I'm just saying 343i wont pick it up
  17. Smash is alright viewership wise, it doesn't beat SFV, CSGO, LoL, Dota 2, etc but it does hit alright viewership ever since evo 2013. Apex, Genesis etc get like 70k+ and evo hits 200ks (though i understand its evo and thats only why it hits those numbers). Smash is only flourishing because of evo 2013 though. The game was nowhere near as big before that
  18. The reality is that HCS wont pick up these settings. If these settings are that important to you guys, why don't you start up something yourselves? Yeah it takes a lot of work but the reality is these settings wont have any influence in the HCS part of H5. Start your own mini league of 2v2s or 4v4s, whatever. But expecting the 343 funded tournaments that the general public care about to go for your settings isn't really a smart move.
  19. These settings wont be used in tournaments, therefor most of the players don't care. People also may just like H5 Vanilla and are fine with that, maybe they also read up on the settings and read a bunch of things in h5 have been removed and aren't interested in that either. People for the most part dont care for ultra competitive setings. They care if the vanilla part of the game is good or not. So when you're making essays about the settings its just annoying to have to scroll through an OT post and or block the user. HCS thread is basically for fun/memes/jokes, pro team footage, tournaments and whatnot, the title of the thread pretty much explains that. It's not like H5G is really that thought provoking either, no one here (HCS thead and here) really go that in depth in the game and usually here there's memes about h5 vanilla. I agree it goes OT but at this point that thread is basically HCS OT (OT as in jokes and whatnot) where its a hangout. No one there really cares for ultra competitive settings, the users there care for tournament play and top players. Personally I played the settings and I don't think it's for me. H5 CS removes a lot of what makes h5, H5. Whether everything that h5 brings to the table is a negative or not, is another discussion but really CS just feels like an attempt to cut down everything and go back to h2/h2a/h3 which I'm bored of and I feel the games (besides H2 button glitches) are limited/less options. Which if you guys think that's fine, is cool but personally I don't dig it.
  20. Why does VicX look like hes staring into my inner being
  21. I still remember that fraudulent Halo 4 pre-release event
  22. Wait I'm behind, who are considered the best players outside of CLG now?
  23. this is a bold move but im going with this so i can see something new hopefully.
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