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  1. I'm only friends with Devan so I don't get banned
  2. Someone's Thrust CD is faster too. Forget who though
  3. They're used a good amount. The Rig one is pretty hard but the reward for it is pretty good for quicker collapses and whatnot. You just have to do it when you know players arent looking at you or will be looking at you Uhh im not sure what you mean by radar. Do you mean i want radar because the games too unpredictable? If so, I'm the one who said it should be removed because the games predictable already and doesn't need it. Its only there (as shown in that one vidoc for h5) to be accessible for casuals.
  4. While Thrust bumping? A good amount for ones like Fathoms where unless you get a perfect Thrust bump (Which I dont even see players like Naded do). Players get shot out of stabilize is the issue a good amount of the time. The other one I can think of is Rig Basement to Mid cat. Which if you mess up (or get shot) you literally die from no floor to safety net you. The thing is, is Mid cat/Mid corner/White hall are all areas that are nade infested and have LoS in T2, Snipe, Bunker, E2, Batman Ledge, back of head glitch, etc. If you use it wrong, you'll be punished heavily because those 3 seconds (actually its 4 or 3.5 i forget) are a huge deal. By the time you get Thrust back in this jump the length you would have moved is Junction/snipe spawn which is a really long time with losing that many amount of options.
  5. challenging someone without a Thruster while someone has a Thruster in a part of the map that has lots of LoS to it is not the smartest idea
  6. Is there a way to block a full thread or nah? Also, i actually enjoyed rng with spartan. That was the most emotion driven team so it was reallt fun to watch.
  7. How much did that one event like week one of h5 make? Some IGL tournament i believe i forget the name. pretty sure that hit like 48 teams or so with little to no advertising. Is UMG a remote possibility or nah? I recall it being a thing when h4 was out but that game was pretty weak attendance wise
  8. believe they're doing whatever eglx did. I agree that the prize pool is low for turnouts but I personally never understood the mentality. Do you see a realistic chance to make top 4 anyways? If not, why does it matter? I'd say the high majority really do understand they wont make it there. Not to mention I thought most players make it to events to meet up with online friends and play a lot of halo. Not to make an income off of it
  9. I liked when Mikwen did that -78 Slayer comeback back in Reach
  10. Ok im interested in this discussion, talking on a basis specifically on strafe (nothing else being discussed), what does no Thrust have and what does Thruster bring to the table? Edit: I guess we can use the CS settings to discuss h5 without thrust
  11. Honestly, I think a new thread is in order to discuss the issues 343 and ESL cause to Halo. This thread moves too fast to discuss large posts like that. I community effort should be done and we should note down the complaints the community overall has with how 343/ESL/whoever is causing these issues imo it feels like 343 wants to get their game to be an esport game, but really has no clue on how it works. Looks like no studying went to this to see how the scene was previously and study the history behind it.
  12. I love how once exaggeration is used in an opposing side you guys trip but not when its your way lol Alright, you win lol
  13. Yipes, mike ross, zhi, fword and logan sama will forever be my favorite commentators. Great "loose" commentary but informative as well with their duo
  14. Honestly i dont see a point making a post on thrust here lol. I tried talking about the offensive maneuvers, reads, mind games, timing, etc that higher level players do but no one here cares about the intricacies of the game imo. If you want to do it though, good luck. Maybe i wrote it wrong. I feel its an underrated skill in h5
  15. We have readings on David Sirlin playing to win every Thursday night and Saturdays we have Octagon to fine tune our thruster please do attend
  16. True lol Sunday finals had like 3 loser bracket runs i think lol
  17. I dont think a lot of spectators will turn off the tv if they see its double elim grand finals d evo top 8 had SFV and had 2 million unique viewers. Also theres a lot of tournament games that use double elim
  18. That was me lol. Then Sitri and I tested it to see if there was any fixes we could do
  19. See if you can get some players to host the stream instead? 2k is a lot, I'd say get someone whos actually in the h1 community
  20. Hmm, don't you just click the little image button right under the smiley box in the quick reply box? You should just be able to link it there unless its a gifv link i think
  21. What gif perfectly emulates the hype for finals i need help
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