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  1. I think most people who have an issue with the people who post here from h5g are at times, making points that really just dont make much sense. Its fine of you dont like h5, but the points i hear just dont make much sense at least in higher level of play Stuff like, you just press thrust to have a good strafe theres no thought to it (yea and i have a good strafe by just mashing left and right) Someone once asked for help in doubles and one of the main posters of the thread said you should move around the map and force cqc to spartan charge (???) Someone said that autos are Overused and went on to say that the metagame of halo 5 would force a range either mid or long that made Thrust useless to dodge shots and h5 would basically be a pop shooting contest H5 is random I have issues with h5 as well and the points i hear on forums at times i agree with, but sometimes i feel like they dont make sense.
  2. I think its possible if people start spraying and praying a bit too long, thrust can mess with it a bit. For the most part yea its not incredibly hard to miss shots or anything Edit: whoops read post wrong. Yes if you miss 2 shots i think pistol user is stumped unless what i said before is in play maybe
  3. whoops didnt mean to neg my b mad late reply. Bruh you can hear/locate where someone is reloading? Thats ridiculous lol now I really am intrigued. Yea I'm using the studio headphones w/out a mic. I actually just have those around the house and thought they'd be a good idea to test out how much a gaming headset helps out before I invest in one (college student rip). I'm planning on getting hyperx cloud headsets once I can since they're pretty cheap and I hear from multiple people that they're really good. But yea i was wondering if I would be able to tell where someone is through sounds (in my exp with the studio headset it didnt help much) but now that I know that I can I will probably get one in the near future.
  4. Did you just make a useless post replying to my useless post?
  5. I wish i wasnt on my phone but wheres the i volunteer as tribute gif
  6. Wait lol i thought we were discussing the game as a whole. Unless like Audley said were just talking aiming which idk why one would use skill gap to describe aiming difficulty lol
  7. okay but if the game is super small skill gap wise why cant players use those strategies and beat their teamwork if the skill gap is small (which Idont think is the crux of skill gap to begin with)? If the game is simple and everyone can hit the top of the world, why are teams consistently beating many other teams and clearly showing they're #1?
  8. Honest question, if the game doesnt have such a huge gap in skill why is it clg is stomping on every team this bad? Also, why is it no one can catch up to players like Frosty? Not agreeing/disagreeing but this is the first time halo has real money iirc, players are grinding but theres a clear distinction in the tier of the team and it can be pretty steep. Again, not agreeing/disagreeing (not even sure how id figure out if a game had it anyways)
  9. I thought the data and feedback would be something like the hill is a cluster, why is that? Is it open and can be seen from many angles? Is that an issue? Yeah? Well if we put it by Van a lot of those issues might be alleviated because Red BR and Blue Light Window can see the hill easy. Meanwhile they can push only from driveway and camo door. Which can be seen from the previously mentioned power positions. So maybe, because as data suggests, that with the hill not being in such an open area it might require players to get control first before they run to Pit Idk makes sense to me, at least the Overgrowth change. Not that i like the map or not. But i do agree it seems random on some changes like Sword in Coli
  10. Is there like a list of what is beneficial when you use a headset? I play the game practically mute 99% of the time and i used a headset yesterday (Audio technicas mx30 [btw do not buy]) and i saw no difference in my game. I dont think im great but i dont think im overly bad either. Maybe its just better in pro level for small individual plays? Personally i think its overrated though maybe i just think that since im not used to a headset yet
  11. this was the greatest moment in campaign so far for me loool
  12. Am I too late for the nostalgia trip? I started with h1 when i was around 6 years old. I had basically two groups to play LANs pretty frequently. Either I would play with my cousins and their neighbors (I'd guess 8-16 of us) and a friend of mine whos family was also very into Halo and their friends (8-16 as well). Usually that would result in BTB nonsense or some 4v4 action. Same for our H2 LANs. Grabbed H2 but really only played casually but pretty frequently. I've done what most 4th graders did in h2, play cat and mouse, tremors, troy, try to get the golden warthog, etc. My cousins on the other hand were much better players than me. IIRC they made it to level 30 or so (I think that's decent...?) I wasn't even allowed to play the Team Slayer/Hardcore playlists because that was for my brother only, I was stuck in doing Team Objective and BTB which i liked more anyways lol H3 wasn't much anything special for me. I played a ton of social btb, played infection but made it to like i think level 47 in either slayer or MLG (I forget) Reach I started getting into the game competitively. I played a ton of 8s with the Official Reach Discussion thread back in mlg, ran the mlg playlist like everyday and watched most tournaments for the game. I know my timeline in halo isn't that big competitive wise but Cbus '12 is still my favorite event to watch because of the last ditch effort we had to do and the community effort H4 I dropped and switched to playing FGs competitively. Wasn't interested in h2a so from 2012-2015 in Halo and the only shooter i played comp wise was Black Ops 2 (RIP) I've been sweating a lot in h5 and enjoying the game a good amount which i haven't had since zbns reach. Now if 343 could stop being weird with how they run the competitive side of this game id be happy
  13. Not sure if its this season specifically but the csr points ive been given have been odd. Im not sure if theres a site for showing how much csr is given per game but my friend who is like onyx 2300 and one who was champ would receive 10 points while i and another friend were 2100-2200 and would receive 1-5 points iirc. Really made no sense
  14. Had a group of onyx today in arena, no issues so far
  15. i think on my alt that was 1900 csr i matched (i believe) a legit Gold. Really confusing Not sure if the game just doesnt have the population anymore to keep matching onyx with onyx or what. But even matching low onyx to high onyx (which rn id say is 2k+) there's a big difference in play. And eh, at least for me every Halo was not enjoyable solo in that sense. In h5 ill search solo but thats to find new people to run sweaty arena for champ /8s
  16. Why couldnt 343 just give us blops 2 League Play. Gimme muh team ranks plz
  17. it surprised me as well lol. He seemed so calm
  18. Your commentating has been pretty solid, you have a good voice for it. Keep it up!
  19. happened to a friend of mine but when he quit the build it fixed
  20. Beast soon to be banned confirmed. He's becoming silenced
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