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  1. they have a lot more competitors imo Edit: So UGC St. Louis and the two events that are HCS sanctioned are now the opens we have. G4g I wouldn't be surprised is also gonna be a thing so potentially 4 opens now
  2. For anyone who doesn't know since it wasn't streamed at Chattanooga, there was a pretty hype game 5 off stream where whoever lost wasn't making it to pools. @@bunniesz23 team (Hype and Positivity) and Takedowns team (Elemental Goonz) were in a close g5 coli slayer where H&P were down 44-40. Bunnies gets 2 scatter kills in snipe and grabs a plasma to CE the Rockets spawning to go to red court which his teammate grabbed to finish the game off. Popoffs were made
  3. Im a scrub i dont know these old man games
  4. I usually mean it and i usually say it even if i win/lose. If im in tournament i say the same things and fist bump them (im tryin to get no germs )
  5. I can play for a few if youre on now. My tag I usually use is zZunair or Zuzu if you wanna play Edit: though i have been the worst player ever since school started for some reason. Not even sure if I'll hit onyx this season lol
  6. Solid tage! The edit to throw in aces stream in the beginning was pretty dope as well lol
  7. I have no shame in QTBing Riptide or Tyrant. I kind of want to do the same for Assault but not sure if its gonna be in or not so i may as well learn it
  8. Off the start if your team is looking for a burst rush on one side such as Coliseum where you send 4 to snipe side. If you Slide store and toss nades at their side of pyramid you will be there first while inflicting damage on the guy with a Splinter nade. Edit: actually i think Thrust slide off fornt cave side to s2 will be fastest but they lost all resources and will take forever to finally toss a nade. Trying to save a flag cap where there isnt much time. Example being in Coli where if you spawn Elbow and you know opponents are in Fountain side. If you wanna zone opponents with nades and while doing so, make it faster than just YY nading and walking, this is the best option. You can try Thrust sliding but with you giving no zoning efforts until after the Thrust/slide start up animation comes up, you're really just hoping your opponents are incredibly slow. just some random examples
  9. You literally just insulted the two of them calling them shills
  10. i agree but practically its always the latter
  11. Pretty sure us Thrust Cancel shills argued the point that TCs are difficult and require a 1 frame input for best success, that thrust bumps are difficult execution wise as evidenced by top players messing it up and through just players practicing it, utilizinf thrust with your strafe which i literally wrote a huge post on including xbox dvr footage to explain my points on how to use Thruster. but yea we only say you guys suck at the game and read up on it lol. Maybe you guys are getting that vibe after we explained it a bunch so we got tired of it? Edit: bad english
  12. Pretty sure i and others have discussed that whole list infinity posted and more countless of times. At this point it just reminds me back in reach with 4sk vs 5sk, both sides have already went in depth and to me at least its just preference at this point
  13. My tag is zZunair if you wanna play sometime (i may have you added) im onyx but don't really care who i play with. Plaza, in my exp works like this nowadays. It used to be open tram side now it alternares between tram and blue. If you spawn blue, you want first spawners to push to Yard to either go loop, top glass, light or top yellow depending on the scenario. Different scenarios can be if opponents are top glass, loop or top yellow for example. If theyre top yellow i would suppress at yard and move for loop. Loop has easy access for top yellow shots and teammates can help in other various ways (yard can force him to drop dip or move to a better LoS for Loop for example) Id say top yellow is the first guy that needs to go down as he has the best access to any good points for blue spawners. Now the reason i say dont go to blue ramp while they have top yellow is that any push from there will have you go down 90% of the time. Its better to do a slow roll on map control than get greedy and go for nest quickly. Once your team has control of loop, glass, blue (last spawners should stay here imo if you have control of yard and loop). Now think of the map as a square, what do you have control of? Well you theoretically have hotel all the way to loop. Basically you have 3 corners of the map controlled and you know where they all are at this point as spawners even only have one spawn point, lift. So now your team needs to get ready for a collapse. Top glass and light is pretty key for this as they have the most dmg accessible. Blue can finish anyone off that goes back nest and can challenge any last players at bottom lift or running to hotel (which if you have someone yellow they can help). Now while you are slaying these players at nest, if you guys are not moving, they will keep spawning there. You dont want that, you want nest. So keep moving but keep in mind spawners (after your team nets a kill) will fight you in about 8 or so seconds behind you at tram side or blue side depending what you guys leave open (blue will happen more often if you leave both iirc) While capping nest, keep in mind if your team doesnt block blue, theyll spawn there and push from blue ramp. So prepare for that. If they dont spawn blue, id assume they push flowers, loop and light. Which if that happens, try isolating those areas to be more annoying. After you cap nest, get control of blue and slay like 2-3 plauers. Do it quick and cap bottom mid. While doing all of this keep in mind where your team is and where they spawn. Contrary to popular belief, you can have a lot of info without your team saying a word. Its just a process of improving yourself. Thats all i got off the top of my head. Asking for tips of plaza sh would probably require an essay off of me if i was to cover the map as a whole. Any specifics on the map you feel youre having issues with? If you cant name any, review your film and see whats up On my new phone with out auto correct (i suck at texting) so typos galore. Hope this helps and if you have any other questions, feel free to ask Edit: if youe team is too slow when youre trying to get bottom mid, leave it and slay again. Having a big brawl in mid is a huge 50/50 that if you lose, you lose all map control
  14. Thats true it can definitely change some things. i do think some maps can be ruined with the wrong weapon set (imagine Colossus with LRs and carbine's lol) but thats a different discussion. I think if 343 could play to h5 strengths, which i think is freedom of movement to wherever and the like, i think remakes can work. I actually like Truth as a remake since i think it does play to those strengths. And yeah with rotations being so key in h5, you can probably argue that h2 and whatnot were all set up based so the strategy is different. Though i guess technically you did figure out a bit of the h5 strat then if you got an idea of map positioning already
  15. To be fair the last few times i matched pros have been the most eye opening thing on how annoying people can be with the sniper. Most AM players snipers im really whatever on, yeah i have to be careful but i don't feel its as risky (though i do get scared 1v1ing a sniper). Then ill match a few pros in a match and it feels like i dont have near enough room
  16. Yea if i had to pick id take Sanc as well probably lol I just dont get where all the map designers that made the disc maps went. I just want one good dlc map thats original
  17. I never played cs really so i cant say anything about that. But i think the issue with Halo since really halo 2 is that the game is such an execution heavy game. Generally there becomes a accepted idea on how a map plays and it never really deviates outside of that pathway for the most part. The meta for sanc has been figured out and theres not as much thought as players figured out the map. Spacing is much easier as players have played the map countless of times i would also assume. In halo its not like every match is different , if anything its more that usually high level players play the map in the same strategic sense. Its just players have better timing/awareness/teamwork etc. I think remakes that are that long can work if the game is more individual based or the game isnt that execution heavy. I just think remakes make that issue an even bigger issue but you can argue that since Halo alreadu has that issue, we might as well play it safe and just accept the nature that Halo is an execution based game
  18. We've played Sanctuary in Halo 2, Halo Reach, halo 4 and h2a. Thats about 6 or so years of the same map. i want that map to just die out at this point
  19. go to the discord I posted I believe they found a solution but im not sure on the specifics
  20. I thought ryanoob did a decent job casting a bit more in depth than some other casters Though to be fair usually the stream is on mute lately
  21. Im just a reach nub, why does the game with the fastest ttk for a utility the only game where you can win a (i assume fair) 2v1? I guess you can go for a blb but that's onlt achievable within cqc. Yea the pistol is fast to get a tsk but i feel its super unlikely since a shot from both players render the opponent to one more shot to the head Why cant h2 players beat a 2v1 with the more options you have such as quadshot, bxr, bxb, double shot etc?
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