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  1. Correction, its actually 1-0 MW up and Eden Slayer is close right now Edit: now its 2-0 Edit 2: oh didnt know it was on main stream lol
  2. Most Wanted vs 3sup https://www.periscope.tv/MATCLAN_x_MT/1ZkKznDgpqgKv
  3. man I hope the stream puts some more matches of MW, these guys are hype to watch Edit: Thanks for periscoping the match man. Was the most hype ive been this weekend lol
  4. Tbh I think the storylines in the am scene are more interesting or at least entertaining in their own right imo. You have CSS who most people didnt know of and they made top 4 at Chatt. Beating Weedmaps which iirc was King Nicks team. They also knocked out Global sanction who were more old schoolish compared to CSS. So that alone was fun to see Then you have money matches (previously Elv) and e4 team which originally were the gatekeepers of the am scene and generally assumed to be the top 2 teams in the am scene. But now it seems the top 4 is a toss up and a few other teams I think are also on the come up
  5. eh i dont think it necessarily matters when it comes to publicity. EVO 2016 had 4k for 1st place for marvel vs capcom and GGXrd barely scratched 11k. Both games have a bigger tournament and streaming presence than Halo imo
  6. Shouldve probably specified (im zuzu) but im not gonna be lanning h1 (live at houston), just knew some of the players and was trying to help you out. Idk if he has a profile here but Talented Trev might know ppl
  7. The winterbrawl (an fgc event) had a halo 2 lan and a gears of war 3 tournament. So while not smash centric, people can support it
  8. Late to the convo but go. youll talk to a bunch of players long as you initiate conversation. I haven't went to a Halo major (only sfv majors for me) but for the most part I think as long as you like the game and you see others who like the game youll have fun. Also, compete in the ffa if there is one (theyre usually cheap). Random tidbit but first major I went to it was really odd seeing a whole ballroom dedicated to your scene/game at first lol. Cool feeling though since youll actually see that others have the same interests Any reason youre not competing btw?
  9. When I dont care who wins on both sides i just hope for a hype game 5 But go nV just so i can see potential salt and extra hype
  10. YO THE BLAINS FOR THE WIN https://clips.twitch.tv/halo/ImpossibleSpiderDeExcite EDIT: Nvm someone beat me
  11. Make Dead Shooter Olympics a reality, guys
  12. https://www.twitch.tv/commonly Commonly is streaming no radar 8s
  13. Good luck man! Dastroyeds stream has been pretty fun to watch you guys lol
  14. Yall ever notice clg used optics ar skin. This was all foreshadowed
  15. Is it possible we can have a radar where SAs are only shown? I think thatd be a decent middle point
  16. Tfw Halo 1 spawns are random but the game isn't random but h5 is random
  17. I find Halo 1 to be a bit Tekkenish, at least spectator wise. Where the game has no real hype to it unless you understand the games intricacies. No casual Halo player is gonna understand why a 3sk is worthy of a popoff or something of the sort. And speaking of h1 I think Shadowrun is at least a more fun game competitively, I like to play that game a lot more competitively. I'm not sure if it is more competitive (Lack of true tournament play on both sides) but the only one here who knows enough about the two games is @@Teapot so eh. Shadowrun is still my GOAT Shooter, amount of mental gameplay there is reminds me a ton of Fighters
  18. I'll be honest, besides the issues Chatt had with its stream not working on twitch (btw the qual in hitbox was solid) and general production stuff which I'm sure can be fixed for next time, I had a lot more fun watching this event than Pro League matches and Pro League finals. The Pro League Finals felt really fake with no hype from the crowd or anything. Meanwhile I'm watching periscope for matches and you can totally feel the energy I actually have some more entertainment watching the AM scene than the pros for some reason. Even watching matches through periscope and people casting through a discord for off stream matches were super hype. Though I'm sure im biased since I had a few friends at the event so I was rooting for them. But I really did feel the atmosphere of the am players and the event was overall, genuine. The Pro League finals had no crowd and overall just looked really boring and artificial. While we have 3 opens, 2 of which are HCS sanctioned, I do hope we will be more open events centric and hopefully we can get a crew to start setting up at the east coast and texas :P Edit: Audio issues on twitch
  19. Infamous matched weedmaps which is kingnicks team Boam grabbed a 2 for 1 with rockets and flew in for the triple and over
  20. it actually had 39-40, i just asked voodoo whos helping run it EDIT: YO WHAT BOAM IS IN SEMIS FOR FFA??? This is Boams first event and he's made top 6 and semis in ffa what a solid first event for the dude
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