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  1. there was a ton of players this tournament. Round of 64 is a thing and I heard like 300ish people in the ffa I think (lasy one idk for sure tho)
  2. PLayed random 8s with it on rig truth and eden. Only thing I noted is that double thrust makes oddball dude have a lot less vulnerability than I would assume other halos did and you can run away.
  3. Might be a good idea to make a discord chat for this when this starts rolling.
  4. Talented trev may be interested but idk hus username or if he even still goes here
  5. Who still plays from TLC? Me, adamar, swift kill, gabriel, munoz and I think that's it from what I know
  6. Yea Corpus is about a 15 hour drive for me, don't think I'll be able to make it
  7. Word cool, should be on tomorrow a good amount and yea thats not a good idea, i agree that its a bad move then
  8. cant play today but hmu tomorrow. My tags Zuzu What was the situation in Yard? I feel capping Yard is a good idea in some certain scenarios Edit: Actually i may have you added already lol
  9. Off topic but I found this cool lol Neighbor and Tashi are competing in one of the last tournaments (an in person one) for street fighter 5 until capcom pro tour finals
  10. Tested the frames once, it was slower by 2-3 frames at least for nades. Idk on melees
  11. Its like 50-10 in rig strong for mw vs alg Mw is up Edit: alg got a trip and takes lead Edit 2:Series is 2-1 g4 is ctf truth which they beat liquid at in oc
  12. I know im not a pro or anything, but 15 of my friends and I decided to play a no radar 4 team Round Robin tournament, it plays a lot better (at least with what I played so far). From what I can see, comms have to be clear to understand where all the opponents are and because of all the options h5 offers movement wise, you have to make a lot of educated guesses where the opponent is after a disengagement. You really have to keep track of where opponents are now and you get rewarded more for good positioning when it comes to flanks and get punished for bad positioning a bit more. Also no more ringing around silos in fathom. Hopefully fridays TB tournament is good too!
  13. Theres a discord for Shadowrun here and some players in the community can help you out I would think https://discord.gg/B4PdYnD
  14. commonly streamed no radar 8s with am players. But yea its barely been tested
  15. Agreed. A lot of my local players back when Reach was active LOVED Shadowrun. They always wanted to LAN the game and really appreciated the game. A lot of Halo players like Shadowrun (at least the ones I talked to). Haven't heard anyone bad mouth SR at all from my time in the halo scene. Games generally looked at very positively
  16. Super excited for the lan, especially Shadowrun since I dont think a legit LAN has happened in a long time. Gonna be definitely watching this I mean I dont see the problem of supporting both games or liking both games. No need for a us vs them mentality
  17. Id only go to a halo event if my group of friends went (which seems to be g4g and I need to save up). The game doesnt really matter to me, id go to a halo 3 event as much as I want to go to a halo 5 event
  18. I respect the grind. Good luck man Edit: Tip I learned competing in Fighting Games and Halo 5. You can put a 100 games down and learn nothing when you're playing for the sake of playing. But if you're self analyzing, actively looking at holes in your gameplay, even 5 games could be incredibly beneficial to you. The art of getting better is self analyzing yourself, looking at your losses (it sucks I know) and not looking at other teams as a stepping stone, but being better than you were yesterday. Good luck again
  19. Whatever the chatt event did, the "lan" had good connection. It was super crisp and amazing from what i heard by the people who went. Hopefully we can at least have that for events consistently. Actually I wonder if the closed servers have any different feel to it compared to any players who also went to chatt
  20. IDK if the periscope has been posted yet but MW vs Liquid. MW I think is blue team https://www.periscope.tv/w/1kvJpqPBERMxE
  21. All the hype matches for me have been on periscope for this tournament lol
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