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  1. zZunair

    OT Thread of OT

    Pretty sure almost none of the OT kids even made an account
  2. If you posted in the Asoiaf thread back in the mlg forums, the thread ran pretty well For spoilers state the book/episode on the top of it so people who are on like book 2 don't get spoiled for book 3. It was also nice to have some Mods who read the books so they can take care of spoilers without getting spoiled
  3. ORD because the 12 sec despawn is way too fast. What's going to happen is the weapons that spawn (mainly rockets and snipe) are not going to be in play as much and that's just going to make gameplay slow as hell. It kind of becomes (in a way, not necessarily all of it) like Penance from Reach where rockets and camo were impossible to be used If top players (that we actually trying) can play games with the despawn being an issue, I'd be all for it
  4. The ghost emote is too damn happy
  5. As good as that episode was, I'm still mad about what was changed from the books. Kills one of the many theories from asoiaf
  6. zZunair

    OT Thread of OT

    You're all bitches
  7. Oh Jesus, Gold is back This is not good
  8. Topic is basically to discuss games you are playing now. I've been playing Bioshock infinite and good god that game is amazing. It's my first Bioshock game and its awesome I also started black ops 2 and strictly just play league play. IMO it's more enjoyable than h4 ESP with players not quitting as near as much as TTD and ranking system is pretty enjoyable.
  9. CoD 2 is like the h1 of the CoD series. CoD4 is overrateed IMO
  10. You're still awful in NHL 13. I've heard from others how bad you are
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