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  1. Wish we could know what we’re starting with but I guess that’s expecting too much for a first (I think? I haven’t looked at infinite in 2 years besides the trailer) update. Oh well, hopefully they go by their word since I agree with some of what I skimmed
  2. I'd say as someone who has played/competed in H5 (though not in person) and SFV, GG, DBFZ in regionals/premiers, that the scenes are very different but also i wouldn't say that most/all players are humble and accommodating (though accommodating much more pronounced imo). I've had players get upset in sfv that I was in the corner for the majority of the match yet i still won the round for getting the "random" hit, rage quits, twitter salt about any of those games listed etc etc. Though yea i would say the idea of better players helping newer players is much more pronounced than in halo i think. The events ive been to i felt getting a match with a top player was as simple as waiting in line to play. I've played daigo in a FT3 that i set the number down since the line was long (the guy previously did like a FT10 lmao), LPN played me until he got called up and helped me out and joked while running games, etc. Most of the players I play against in locals are better than me but the gap is slowly coming to a close as I keep playing them which is generally the concept. Help new players to get to your level and now you have new competition to improve. But yea theres lots of salt which is partly why there is a big discussion on getting good because of the salt. Though i do wonder if these things that are more pronounced in fighting games would be the same as Halo if it was a 1v1 game solely because of logistics to set up a random match with a pro team for example I feel like this post is 90% about me lmao It's really nice, i dont regret not competing outside of subbing for a player. Competitive halo just doesnt feel like an overall positive as i feel FGs are. If 2v2s were the thing id take it more seriously/ different flavors for different folks i guess
  3. Not sure if it’s the right thread but anyone know what the settings are for the ffa in the Ms store tournaments?
  4. May I present you the greatest button Edit: ok maybe footdive or level 3 buster tbh
  5. Happens sometimes but like 1-2 leftover max i feel
  6. Random thought I had today but was getting annoyed of the flag priority system (or whatever you wanna call when the game decides what youre gonna pick up) and decided to test a solution and I think literally the solution is to just jump. The flags window to grab is all the way to the height of your jump whereas the weapons grab window is when youre descending. Not sure if this video helps but here http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Zuzu/video/29694634 Creds to dev for helping out theorize it
  7. I'm dumb so I never tell the difference but my friends were also saying they felt amazing
  8. Thought from an mm run I did with friends (opinions could probably change) 1) Pistol clip currently is small without an AR, I've been noticing a lot of 1v1s have players just reloading lol. 2) Rifle respawn time change isn't a good thing imo. I feel the 40s is going to make the game slower on some scale. Carbine on Truth was already really good, the 40s change I think is going to make it considerably stronger with the BR on p2 as well 3) Why is everyone obsessed with spnkr rockets now??? 4) dmr got an indirect buff I think. 2 shot beatdown was already great but with no autos anymore it is so much better 5) put pistols on the map or something to fix the ammo issue maybe overall I really like the changes
  9. They have walling in h5 in some other places. Iirc plaza has one and there's one on blue bend where you sit on red fan looking through blue sneak
  10. Finals iirc was on esportsarena twitch page and the other matches here https://www.twitch.tv/shadowruncentral
  11. Yea for sure well probably do that for the next game if anything since most moved to play other games.
  12. I feel you on your complaints and don't really disagree (though idk anything whatsoever on editing tbh) but the montage was more made for funzies and was made from someone inside the community. But yea I don't really disagree with you on your critique
  13. Hey guys, the H&P community is a group of players that wanted to improve their game at Halo 5. We massed players interested in the game from different backgrounds such as CoD, Shadowrun, Fighting Games, etc. and used our different backgrounds to improve on the game together. To consolidate with Halo 5, we thought we would create a montage for our community. So here you guys go!
  14. The only change I MIGHT want for strongholds is if you have a hill with the enemy 98+ and are capping a second hill, OT should happen. Though it should end if the hill is stopped.
  15. So what was the hidden meaning behind the whiffed melee??
  16. On your two issues with the game, in hard mode the gun doesn't do enough damage where a few sword hits will kill the opponent besides the minion enemies. Which the robot gun I feel isn't as useful though when there is mass minions. The combo system lets you switch mid combo. The heavy attacks for weapon set 2 is a diff move list compared to set 1 light attacks. Keep in mind the deml only lets us have these weapons and I believe there is other weapons in the full game. Imo the movement is where this game shines like in this video. Also for ground combos you can cancel attacks with a dash basically making new combos/extensions https://mobile.twitter.com/dodonpahchi/status/814274016236032000?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw The demos music is totally what got me. Seriously amazing music and can't wait for the whole game as the OG Nier also has stellar music
  17. The community is definitely getting a good jump right now. Lots of OGs coming in, new players from other shooters, etc etc. Really looking forward to how this keeps going
  18. Remove Fuel rod and test Grenade Lancher imo for truth
  19. Wish GBs would be a thing again for Worlds. Last worlds I found it a lot of fun to play GB matches in between tournaments as an am player
  20. If anyone wants to start playing 2v2s or anything hmu. Tag is Zuzu, I have a few friends who are interested though we have to use Discord voice mainly
  21. Game feels really clean after playing tonight. Super happy I can play this game again
  22. If you're interested, one of the top players for Shadowrun is streaming a private 4v4 https://www.twitch.tv/bumjamas Edit: him and teapot are setting up a discord for the game now since it seems to be getting a revival btw
  23. Oh god this is on XB1? Im running to get my copy back from a friends lol. see yall lol
  24. I think the game is ok and I played a good amount but with how broken it is currently stability wise, I really dont like playing it rn
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