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  1. Halo online was brought together under indie developers, whom got fucked by 343. The game is still running but to find the D/L you have to search on 3rd party websites, which no ones going to look for. When it came out the game with basically zero knowledge from fans was peaking at 15k and more to come before M$ took a dump on the game. If the games website was allowed to keep the D/L and make improvements and update content then the game be populated to this day. But unfortunately that’s not what happened, and now we’re in the mess we have today. Also! H1&2 are ran on programs that are not 1st party which is why they aren’t as popular as they should be. The people do not know what halo custom edition or project catogaphrer is. The only way they would is if these would get advertised which we all know will not happen EVER!
  2. It’s unexpected when the pc crowd hasn’t had a halo game(that’s modern) to play. Reach from a certain standpoint wasn’t a bag game to start with. It’s got amazing visuals and graphics, great customization. Great forge, except it’s not available because there’s no mouse and key controls which tbh Is a stupid reason to not include it. I guarantee the average pc gamer has a controller or two laying around since, some games aren’t very fun playing with a mouse and key(fighting games for example) . It’s just rts games and shooters(and mmos) that are mouse and key friendly.
  3. You know what would be great is if we had a voting system like cod, where it only gives you two options. Why should the 90% have to play the maps the 10% enjoy? People talk about playing the same maps all the time, but you know what! I think that’s a GOOD thing! It tells me that these maps are GOOD! When map voting was here, I played pit, guardian, sanctuary, all the time, some of my favorite maps. It be rare for me to play snowbound or epitaph. Map voting may have its flaws but to me those flaws are only flaws to the 10%. Sure in mcc case when we had cross game playlist and h3 being chosen 90% the time, but with the current match composer that’s instantly solved. I think a map voting but only two maps(no veto) is better because if the two options are shit , people will pick the lesser of two evils. But they won’t complain because they had a CHOICE! Taking away choice from gamers has always been disliked by the community. Sometimes it’s perfectly ok such as removal of load outs with h5, but it’s not ok regarding something as simple giving people an ability to not get a shitty map. Funnily enough the bad maps all look amazing(design wise) but play terribly. sometimes food looks good but taste like a hunk of shit.
  4. Yeah but the population drop is HUGE. Going from a 100k plus to5-6k on average isn’t a good thing! We don’t even know the population of windows store but I guarantee that’s low AF too.
  5. This guys video is spot on. through out the video I got to thinking about universal settings. Reach just has so much bitching with no solution in sight, at the very least no solution that wouldn’t require a TU 2.0 you got fans that want TU or vanilla. No Bleedthrough, AR vs DMR(even when you explain the faults of AR starts, pc players come up with delusions of controlling these weapons(lol 15 second respawn timers on them I’ll add) and that theyre power weapons/the dmr as a mini power weapon). I prey that h2&3 can bring back a good chunk of players. That game doesn’t have a huge diversity of game mode settings that’ll frustrate players. I’m sure some will complain about BR starts, but they won’t complain about them as much as they complained about dmr starts. Since the main issues regarding that weapon is cross mapping, and too much damage to vehicles.
  6. Man haven’t had an eye exam in a year and even with my glasses I can’t pass the dmv test. Now I need new glasses. Was thinking something was up since to see things when playing halo or other video games I’ve been struggling. Sometimes to see things right in front of me.
  7. Wish more games had AA like that. Looking at fort nite and it’s issues regarding auto aim on pc.
  8. But it’s no longer just a console shooter.
  9. I like to think Maybe not. In h4 the thruster wasn’t that hard to hit because the aim assist wasn’t gone when they did it.
  10. Because it’s already hard to shoot someone when they perform it. The time it takes for you to be able to shoot while doing it, isn’t even a second long. Lmao you can’t even appropriately respond to thruster pack because for a brief second all aim assist is removed to prevent perfect tracking of thrusting opponent
  11. That’s basically why it needs to go. The not being able to shoot is hardly a bad thing. In fact if you could shoot while doing it, that’d be OP.
  12. Because 343 doesn’t want people seeing who they’re matching. People attend to dodge.
  13. Very well I’ll be ready later on today
  14. But not as quickly or accurately as hitting A/D. And a lot of times a keyboard is more responsive even when a controller is plugged in wired.
  15. And if you lose you’re probably not even gonna upload it.
  16. Then every game out there sucks. Most games don’t have party matching for social. I know you don’t play many games fam but that’s literally the case in all the mainstream games with a competitive platform. I’m not speaking on competitive for say, I’m saying when it comes to social play most games don’t have any methods that can make matches “fair”.
  17. I mean that doesn’t fix shit bro . It could be the best halo ever and if the mm system allows parties to match solos, Without even a duo or triple squad being on their side Then shit will always suck. Party matching is a must and a great need. Heck’s even bo4(and I’ll assume MW community) had huge threads complaining of matching full parties. Some people believe that just because it’s social means they shouldn’t need to sweat all the time which is partly their fault for searching full squads. But then my question is this? Why should you be allowed to match scrubs and pub stomp? It’s not the games fault that the people who search full parties of four are good at the game like yourselves. Sure an MMR could help out here, but mmrs are so inaccurate at times. Just some form of partial team matching is in order. Quick play from h5 is probably one of thee best social playlist ever, since it allows a Mac party size of two so you’re guaranteed to never match a full party of 4.
  18. Figures that neptune would go to cod. Gotta think about the money people. Halo isn’t where it’s at, and unlike halo cod has an actual league. This means they’re doing daily/weekly lans and online matches against one another(like the NFL). Halo isn’t that fortunate(probably not until halo infinite). Halo does a tournament like once every 2-3 months.
  19. I like that it was for social only. It was a proper way to avoid to the people searching big parties in BTB or Warzonre. Eventually 343 removed that. Gosh Idk why we can’t have partial party matching in social. Full team matching yes is too far, but in no shape or form should 4 or 8 solos match a massive party.
  20. I wish that was a thing still too. Also wasn’t that only a feature in H5?
  21. Were talking about halo dude not TF2. Two different games.
  22. I mean the only way I can think of making halo harder is projectile shooting and strafing similar to that of apex legends or overwatch. These games are very similar to halo, and are the best examples. Although that game splitgate which is very close to halo has amazing strafing ability as well. If you’ve ever played that, I would like it if the precision dominance and AR differential was similar to that. The AR is strong but the pistol you spawn with is vastly superior especially in a good players Hands like MYSELF! let me clarify by playstyle based on weapons. People are going to play significantly different with the weapons they’re holding. I play a lot of pubg, so that could be dictating me, but people will play very differently depending on what they have available to them. Skilled play or not, it’s still a playstyle. Skill is such a detrimental word, when to me it simply means I’m better than my opponent, I outplayed them etc. And I disagree that diversity is over rated, it makes things more enjoyable. im curious by what you mean by reworking the HP system? Do you mean like halo reach or h1? Eh I prefer how the shields work in h2,3,4,& h5.
  23. Before I start answering your questions a strafing ability Like over watch or apex legends and small hit box size similar to that of wraith or lifeline from Apex legends could easily solve that. and also I mentioned earlier that my time on reach pc has clouded my judgement on the halo sandbox so it’s kinda been weighing in on me. I disagree on a personal level with the the DMR and one gun game comments but I can tell they’re in quite a majority, so I like to keep an open mind and think of way halo can still have a precision dominant sandbox and give a little bit of power to what they would prefer. 1. Halos playstyle is using literally only a precision weapon or the utility(whatever people want to say) and use that to dominant the game(this is effective depending on your skill level and opponents but it’s the tool that does it best). 2.its wrong because it means people who don’t adapt to this playstyle or try to find some other way can’t prevail. Basically it’s like racing there’s only one way to win be faster then your opponent. But perhaps halo could be like chess where multiple play styles are doable. I’m not saying to encourage camping, far from it, but giving people a bit of power with autos will make these people aggressive. Looking back at your AR video you as “skilled”player was always aiming at the head, but a lesser skilled guy will usually aim for the body only and thus won’t be able to dish out that desired kill. It’s also not that effective mid range if someone were to of Descoped you while firing across the map. 3. incentivizing other forms of play can encourage people to stay playing the game. They won’t get annoyed or super irritated and call the precision weapon overpowered. The reason the utility is sometimes considered over powered because of several factors. It’s not super hard to aim, it being only marginally hard to use than an AR doesn’t tell people much of anything. The AR only being useful in niche situations can cause quite frustration. The ar still being weaker than the utility when utility player is within the autos CQC range. now on a side note, you gotta start thinking of mouse and keyboard these days since every halo now is about to be on pc on one UI, and halo infinite the next relevant halo is about to be on pc and will be the best bet on keeping people entertained hopefully.

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