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  1. Lol Y’all basically did with that gold pro reach.
  2. Umm you have no choice because when you spawn there’s a second before you can move. And stop trying anyway I already told you.
  3. Never said spawn killing doesn’t happen but 9/10 all those points aren’t controlled, 9/10 people don’t stick successfully, 9/10 you don’t have a sniper, and in ce good luck missing your pistol shots on a stand still target. Stop trying to convince me that ce spawns are any good, it won’t work. My own personal experiences dictate my opinion and because of that I can never love that games spawning. And forever will see them as a bad spawn system.
  4. What is mid air control? Im confused by that? Like can you give an example
  5. Well In h5 when people thrust there’s like a sleight input delay or AA removal that prevents you from instantly tracking them as they thrust
  6. I never found that thrust hurt halo and considering how well that h5 mythic plays it kinda just more proves that. Sprint may hurt halo but sprint didn’t hurt like everything in halo.
  7. 1. How high are we talking here? You act like the game should be played at fucking 120+ fov when the most realistic is like 105 at best! 2. They’re stretched the fuck out so the maps are BIG you fool! This makes the gameplay good for vehicles and gives infantry a chance at moving on the damn thing properly. There aren’t constant man cannons and teleport lees everywhere ! Many BTB maps could work with sprint and some did! H3 Valhalla which was a 1:1 remake in h4 played fucking great! Sprint didn’t ruin the map. Sprint hasn’t even made btb bad or anything and you act like it does for no reason than to hate sprint. This would be a compromise that would work for everyone! This wouldn’t split the fucking community either. The people who actually want sprint in halo would get it, and the people who don’t want it would also get it! The people who want no sprint halo(you me etc) play 4v4 more than anything, and that’s what most care about. You’re a fucking lunatic how you praise h1 btb maps for their giant ness and think those play fine, when I know damn well sprint would make those he’ll of a lot more tolerable.
  8. Oh I agree but we need something quick. The problem is people here don’t seem to understand the 4v4 competitive isn’t the only players here. Try making warzone work with no sprint I dare you to try. BTB didn’t work either in other halo games compared to what we got now. Doom honestly would be the bms halo would need for shit to work for all modes
  9. The problem with a lack of sprint is the general speed of things. In halo bms is low. Like not one halo has had a fast bms and even mlg 110 is low as shit.
  10. Hmm he’s Australian so the chances of him being something else is low like very low.
  11. You’re white that comment has no affect on you lol.
  12. In pit I have a chance to do something, and that’s if someone is looking my direction. Miss that sniper shot(and yes even the best miss There) and I have a chance
  13. Ohh and you’re so special, get over yourself
  14. Whatever not debating this since every time you people come up with stupid arguments that are unrealistic AF.
  15. Halo infinite should just have sprint for BTB and warzone, invasion(if they have it) and classic for 4v4. Heck’s the only crowd that ever wanted sprint in halo was btb people anyway
  16. Maybe so, but I bet the majority of gamers do not view the spawning of ce as “good” and because of the number one thing that makes spawns bad? And that is spawn killing. Depending on the map it’s worsw(prisoner for example) even if both of you die the chance of spawning in front of the enemy is pretty high, and since there’s about what .5 seconds to pull out the magnum and cock it you’re dead unless that guys shots don’t register on me. I’ve never been spawn killed as much as I’ve in ce, which to me that makes the spawns bad. You only view the ce spawns as good because you have some say how you’ll spawn(that’s only if you and your teammate die relatively the same time😑.) oh and the spawns are 100% trash for 4s and higher. Other halos do a decent job of making it so I don’t spawn in my enemies reticule. In h3 some stuff is a bit predictable but unless you have a sniper I have a chance of not dying off my spawn. Many here have a belief that if the ce magnum was the utility weapon and we had h3 spawns there be more spawn killing even without any real evidence to back that up. I’m talking as if h3 had the ce magnum
  17. Reach. Reach was a terrible game to launch with. The player base was too split on what they desired. Vanilla, TU, and NB. Aim assist ruined any sort of ranked play as mouse vs controller wasn’t any fun. DMR starts we’re over powered AF but because of the weapon balance of reach there wasn’t a proper alternative. The pistol in reach was very weak, and because of that AR starts don’t play as good as people want them too. No forge or server/custom browser. There’s others but I think you get the gist. Now we’re on halo ce which unfortunately many do not enjoy either as it’s hit reg is utter garbage, spawns are terrible, it’s just not a fun experience. Not to mention streamer discrediting which believe it or not actually hurts games. When a big streamer like summit discredits a game, people don’t want to play.
  18. MM in general shouldn’t go, that custom browser halo pc had wasn’t that great for a player that wanted to play a match and win, since people rarely did regular shit. I’m just saying, mm is necessary.
  19. How can halo become a casual & competitive game that feels right? I think the biggest problem atm is halo never strikes a proper balance. Think, how many games(mainstream only please) do you know where a ranked mode can’t even hit a thousand players? It actually astounds me believe it or not. Hard way mentions in his video, how many see halo as a casual game. So much where it have a competitive mode seems comical. But why? Why was h3 so competitive? H3 you could play any playlist and find matches instantly, what has given halo this image. H5 was viewed as a try hardy game but I can find matches relatively quick in h5 believe it or not, so clearly there’s something about that game.
  20. Haven’t watched the whole video yet but this is regarding your hard core name comment and I do agree 100%. we need to stop naming shit MLG, hardcore etc. fuck the words rank already detracts people, and people think HC is just the sweaty no life moms basement type people, like wtf? i hope halo infinite just has one or two playlist at best for its ranked mode. When people play ranked in a game they want the settings to be what the tournaments are playing, but names like hardcore just make them afraid, which is why “team arena” is needed. In MCC case so many ranked playlist is the worse thing yet. Ow one ranked playlist, CSGO one ranked playlist, lol one ranked playlost(I think, I don’t play league my bro does) rainbow one ranked playlist(I think as well lol) my point is we just need something that makes ranked appealing in halo. I think the thing that makes people play halo less these days and this is hopefully not an issue in halo infinite but “halo doesn’t feel good to play” 1. Spawns. Every halo so far suffers from some atrocious spawns and yes even in h1 the spawn system isn’t magically better just because you can dictate where you spawn, that still hardly changed what makes spawning bad to many individuals. 2. Speed or gimmicky speed. Halo 1-3 in this day and age don’t do so hot in terms of movement speed, people want speed and though if we had some doom like movement speed we’d be fine, but I’m just saying since that’s not the case it’s not up for much argument. 3. Halo is boring to watch. Gotta say looking back at h5 tournaments and some h3 ones, h5 surprisingly enough looks very fun to watch. Maybe because it really does look fast and maybe that’s what’s important to “feel” faster. 4. People love a fast paced game but what does that mean to you?
  21. Problem with competitive settings and maps. 1. Like casuals the competitive community vastly prefers developer maps over playing forge ones. 2. FPS drops. I’m praying that this doesn’t plague infinite, but theres noticeable FPS issues within the h5 maps in forge, and whether that was due to the Xbox ones inability to handle that is irrelevant, it also shows a lack of optimization. 3. Just too many game types. Slayer, king, ball, Ctf, assault,& strong hold . Jesus! No wonder lots of people call halo a handful. Your average competitive game only has one game type, and cod and overwatch are the only ones that don’t. OW has 3 but all of them Are pretty similar to one another where it’s not difficult to go from this to that. And sometimes we have more than our fair share of maps. I know some of these haven’t always been in the mm/comp all at once, but my point is there’s such a significant difference between each mode that’s it’s a bit frustrating. I think many “gamers” would like it if it was just one or two modes because that’s simple, you can get better at that easier than you can the other 3 modes.
  22. How so? I pointed out how bungies looked mystical that’s implying magic or maybe I have the definitions wrong. The look in h4, shows that the technology was ahead of its time as even now humans and covenant are far behind, and it shows off more impressive tech than some floating stoned surface. By prequel Star Wars vibes I mean the technology, you know how in the prequels and clone wars series(if you ever watched it) everything looks way better? Yeah that’s what I meant. By the definition of contradicting, I did no such thing.
  23. Most likely. Sucks to suck is all I’ll say. Look at cod modern warfare. That game pushes the ps4&xbone to the max where a fov slider would break that game. But I’d bet the pro and X easily could handle a higher fov with consistent FPS at 60 or higher. The problem is these companies aren’t letting that happen. I gotta say I pity those who bought an x or pro and plan on buying the next gen to only be screwed over by game companies not letting them use their full power, just to provide a fair environment to those with inferior hardware.
  24. I mean I think that look is more realistic from a high tech civilization that supposedly is ahead in tech terms even compared to the covenant. Bungies is good that’s no lie, but bungies shit seemed more mystical like you pointed out. The four runners weren’t magical. The technology shown in h4 was quite impressive to me. Guess I like that vibe since it gives me prequel Star Wars tech vibes.
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