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  1. Death island is an example of why halos max player count of 16 players needs to end. HI better allow 24 player plus BTB and Warzone should be 64 players! H5 never gave a good excuse for not allowing 24 player customs in my opinion, so I hope halo 6/infinite lets us do that this time around. So many big maps to make in forge only for them to play like dogshit because there’s not enough people and you need to clutter it with vehicles.
  2. I’d of preferred the summer release date myself, as for defending them, I just want to be a little optimistic and want them to get reach done right. Reach is one of my favorite halo/video games of all time man.
  3. Sure they could tell us what went wrong, and why we must wait until the late June but still.
  4. A false projection? Ok let’s take into account you said this to your boss, but your boss never gave you a deadline, so therefore you’re all good. It’s obvious they didn’t think it’d be this hard porting a game built for console with physics tied to 60fps would be difficult. In h3 and CE custom edition 144fps isn’t possible atm so I’d imagine reach is the same way, so they have to modify the engine to allow an uncapped FPS.
  5. Now Descopijg a sniper becomes more difficult, I wouldn’t like my utility precision weapon to not have a scope, and it’d make no sense not to have one.
  6. Exactly, people need to expect unfortunate outcomes and 343 has no choice but to deliver this right. Mac is still known to this day as the worse video game launch in history, and 343s rep hasn’t been great since. They need this to WORK. This means when they give out these flights it needs to basically be playable as hell to the point where minimum flighting is necessary. Remember before the Mcc update of 2018? It took many flights I think 3 or 4, just for them to realize they were in a decent spot to release it. 343 has to make sure reach is released as quick as possible. Reach has a decent to good reputation amongst the halo community, sure it’s not everyone’s favorite but I can guarantee you that it’s more loved than h4 & h5. That game has tons of replay ability, even more so with an actual social XP progression system. Reach to this day is played by a good chunk of 5k-15k people. This game needs to release with as minimal bugs as possible, and none of them can be game breaking. A glitch like 5v3 MM that happens super rarely isn’t as important as a glitch like ghost melees that happen frequently in a match(and in h5s case it’s not connection that causes this since it happened several times on LAN) and can literally cost a match. when 343 announced pc halo we had every known streamer give positive comments on it(except shroud but he literally doesn’t like halo which is why) . If 343 pays ninja, hed be the best influence for halo PCs popularity and high population. Everyone who knows ninja knows he came from halo, if 343 doesn’t pay him to play, they are FOOLS!
  7. It literally says “if all goes according to plan” that means it didn’t go as planned. One thing I know of is 343 wants to release the pc and Xbox versions at the same time.
  8. Good! Fuck those napsacks for camping in the back like sons of bitches! Im sorry but those types of players frustrate me. I think reach did halo justice by giving us a long ranged utility.
  9. Perhaps it comes down to the map design and sizes then. In h3 the FOV is small but I wouldn’t say it’s 100% horrible for the game. When playing h4 or 5 I get this vibe the FOV should be bigger because the design, the aiming, and other qualities.
  10. IKR. What’s the FOV of CE because it’s quite good.
  11. 90 is what I’d consider decent. H5 has big maps and it’s FOV is unacceptable for how big they are.
  12. Playing pc shooters at a FOV of 105-110 on average makes you HATE anything less.
  13. Let’s talk about FORCING 343 to make sure halo infinite’s fOV by DEFAULT is 90+. This 78 FOV that h5 has is complete BS. It’s unplayable for me, this along with the crappy aiming! Even cod has a higher FOV or at least it feels that way.

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