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  1. Sea of thieves has that currently don’t they? Heck’s you can get attacked by krackens and megaladons
  2. To think 3 months from now we will have halo Infinite gameplay . Idk if I should be excited or worried. Maybe both but definitely more worried. Unlike most of y’all I won’t give a fuck if it has sprint, I’m just worried how the masses will take it. Although I’d prefer a no sprint halo, I’d just want something enjoyable. I’ve said it before but I didn’t hate halo 5 for its gameplay(least not entirely) it was the aiming mechanics. There not smooth, responsive etc, and different servers would have different aiming feelings, so it’s worse for someone who’s west coast as the average game was eastern(didn’t help that the group I use to play with all the time were all eastern players, whom always bitched like “me” when I hosted so the game would find a server closer to me! I want something in terms of gameplay similar to halo 5 mythic as that’s a pretty good way to modernize halo.
  3. What are expecting from sailing, something really complex or something?
  4. Maybe you should post the mod on some other halo modding discord’s. Or heck’s ask halo follower or hiddenxperia to show case it in a video, I bet they’d say yes. Maybe gamecheat13 as well or vengeful vadam
  5. I think there should be a Lunge as long as you’re looking straight at them and if they crouch or jump you should have to look up or down
  6. It’s called you’re playing a damn pirate game. The whole reason people play that shit is for the ship sailing and battles. Idk if any of you ever played pirates online(Disney) but That game was fun because of the ships.
  7. Sea of thieves wasn’t bad though from a gameplay stand point or mechanic issues, it was bad because it’s content was lacking. Least that’s one of the things I’ve heard why people didn’t like it at first.
  8. I don’t like the quick power up spawns simply because to me power ups are cheap AF. But I do think that 3 minutes is too long, so I’d be cool with 1.5 minutes or 2 minutes. As for power weapons, we can keep those at 2 minutes.
  9. What do you think of my AI suggestion? I know it sounds a bit much but I think it could solve many issues. 1. Teammates don’t get fucked because a quitter turned a game into 3v4. A game no longer gets overly extended because that one guy refuses to quit. I know a surrender option could help, but there’s always trolls who would say no, and no game I’ll add a force surrender option.
  10. The problem is this! In most games with aim assist, cqc battles(whom is the average battle) are out our hands. We’re relatively out of luck. No game company will lower aim assist by significant levels. In reach case that game has more aim assist than any game out there. When you’re on a mouse you must always be doing some sort of movement so you can track players movement. The mouse does excel when cross mapping fools outside RRR, but like I said it doesn’t matter if once someone gets RRR we’re totally fucked, unless we get the first shot or two. We miss, a controller player doesn’t and if they do miss then I’m sorry but you’re garbage. On a controller you tilting your stick all the way to the right won’t randomly cause your stick to slide off your opponent either. Sometimes even those of us with good muscle memory overcompensate at times. It doesn’t help that this games aiming inputs aren’t as good as a game like cS or overwatch, whom in my opinion has the best mouse aiming ever. That games definitely a lot better to recognize than say CS, since CS isn’t really about tracking, it’s more recoil control and spread patterns. @Squatting Bear you disliked my AI post, what did you dislike about it? Was it the replace a quitter? @Hard Way yo dude I’m staryinh to think you’re right but not about the scoping just the velocity overall. Check this gameplay video out, there’s noticeable differences and the gun sounds are a bit different as well.
  11. I mean the gameplay is fun though. I enjoy playing the game, more so than I do CE. I’ve tried CE, and though I guess one of my biggest grinds about CE is the spawning. I’ve never been spawn killed in any games as much as I’ve been in CE and that’s even in doubles.
  12. Refresh your game. Usually takes like a minute or two after that.
  13. 1. Lol I see what you’re doing. Deep down you know I’m a smart ass, and I love halo 3. I see that most gamers, even in the competitive side enjoy that game especially. Sure I get it, it be nice to have the elements of CE like a super fast TTK utility, or 60 second weapon/power up timers, but something tells me that’s not gonna happen. There’s a lot more people who enjoy halo 3 than literally any halo. 2.my scoped shots are pretty accurate for the most part, and considering my average game is eastern(96+ ping there mate) that says something. In western games I barely have to lead unless I’m super far away I’ll add.
  14. Stfu bitch. halo infinite needs playable AI. I know the blam engine it’s basically impossible since you can’t make smart AI. I’d imagine how cod does it, is they have a computer monitor how a human plays and it creates an algorithm to mimic that. Halo could definitely use that, especially if you want to warm up, before heading into mm. A cool thing too would to let the AI(difficulty hard which is where the AI would have skill) replace quitters, In games so teams don’t get fucked over by a guy leaving. And in JIP games players who join a match in progress simply replace that AI.

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