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  1. It’s not like they’re smart individuals, like you said they’re not realizing what’s making KOTH bad, and not the mode itself. They’re not capable of realizing the details or changes. To this day I’ll play many games that get a TU or some patch and there’ll be that guy who didn’t read the patch notes and say “I didn’t realize they changed said gun, mechanic, etc when it should be clearly obvious.
  2. I gotta admit the fast kill magnum does make me think that way, anas CC in OW isn’t hitscan though, I’m not a CE player, but from watching it’s comp tournaments(beach lan) team shot is hardly needed.
  3. Hardly(someone having OS hardly counts)
  4. Definitely not wrong, I had a hell of a great time on reach, more than any halo tbh, started playing competitive(MLG) in that game.
  5. The fact you got hit by that shows your lack of skill as that’s dodge able, not everyone has this mentality of individual domination, the usage of team shooting is what makes a hero shooter unique and fun, for someone such as yourself who loves a game like CE, you desire more games like it in the sense of individual domination capability. In a game like CE you rely far less on your teammate than other halos, at least in the regard of team shooting. You say getting hit by that feels cheap, but you need to look at the POV of someone who plays overwatch( by play I mean plays it regularly and is a huge fan, I’ve enjoyed the game for what it’s worth).
  6. That’s basically what I’m saying tbh. I’ve never cared for the minority opinion simply because the weight it carries is basically zero when getting answered. Australians being few in halo isn’t new and it’s quite common in most console games, but you don’t see them complaining in pc games don’t ya? In fact EU has always had a problem on console games because they’re very few, most of EU gamers are pc! Which is why I wish I lived in eu, when it comes to console Americans are dominant.
  7. I just don’t care that Australians in halo have connection problems when it’s obvious that’s never changing
  8. When Australians cry about not getting a proper server, bitch please y’all haven’t had a quality server in halo literally ever! Not h2,3, reach etc. I care about constantly getting eastern servers when I’m from NA west. I know that’s a dick move but Australians and console are very few, y’all are way more of a pc community, as is most of europe
  9. Yeah honestly clamber isn’t needed at all, just give a jump height that isn’t ass, hell h3 has the best jump in my opinion.
  10. My friend Steve at work, worked on that game. He knew all the cool glitches and weapon spots because of it😂
  11. I disagree, once you get something meh it makes you realize how good you had it when you played good maps(like pit or narrows)
  12. Man I wish map voting or Veto would come back into halo. You know I never hated map voting simply because it meant I got something good nearly every time. Ain’t no one give a damn because there’s that one asshole who likes snowbound over pit BRS.
  13. I’d enjoy watching no sprint settings EU tournaments, I loved promod more though because of its movement speed
  14. I love the part at 1:30 when he compares Borderlands adding slide and clamber to halo😂. It really is spot on and I bet even 343 was thinking that.

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