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  1. Omg did he really? You know In a way he’s not completely wrong, he’s just a player who prefers the straight up 1v1 gun skill battle, but that kind of thinking is still dumb.
  2. Lol that’s why I posted it, his bs was astounding. Sure I guess with radar you have less backsmacks but that’s not a big deal.
  3. Is it really so far fetched though? An artist may want their work to be seen as goof but at the end of the day they care more about what they’ve made than what others think.
  4. Dude there’s a thing called “too safe” people who act like that are basically too paranoid to reveal what they have because they don’t believe what they have is any good. They’ll release footage of gameplay when the games gone to a point where gameplay changes(impactful ones like sprint removal for example) can’t be done.
  5. I mean shit, 4 years and nothing that lets you know what’s in the game. We have devs leaving, I wonder if my friends step dad knows anything that he’d tell me lol.
  6. Gosh another major dev leaving 343 and they tell us not to worry. Just show us gameplay already, being all sneaky like this is why no one likes them.
  7. I mean it’s an opinion I know is more popular than CE
  8. Gosh that sounds like a lot of work for a game I bet I’ll only lan once, and barely play in general. Splitscreen just causes a lot of annoyances for me, and I doubt the fov change would make me happier, especially on those small ass TVS(the big cubes) because that’s not what I’d call a splitscreen friendly tv, but I understand why it’s used for input lag reasons.
  9. That’s not the point I was making, when someone spawns they aren’t moving so no strafe is causing them bullets to miss. And that’s pretty quick considering it’s the average.
  10. Gosh it’s probably my main reason I don’t want to lan the game, but I’ll deal with it only if I enjoy myself.
  11. I mean I know how to do it I’m very experienced where I know the spawns and everything on h3, it’s just I’m usually able to do something about it. Perhaps the TTK is too quick in CE. 0.6 seconds is too fast, and isn’t justified because of skill. This is why the perfect TTK of halos main precision weapon should be .9,1, or 1.1 seconds.

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