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  1. Lol Y’all basically did with that gold pro reach.
  2. Umm you have no choice because when you spawn there’s a second before you can move. And stop trying anyway I already told you.
  3. Never said spawn killing doesn’t happen but 9/10 all those points aren’t controlled, 9/10 people don’t stick successfully, 9/10 you don’t have a sniper, and in ce good luck missing your pistol shots on a stand still target. Stop trying to convince me that ce spawns are any good, it won’t work. My own personal experiences dictate my opinion and because of that I can never love that games spawning. And forever will see them as a bad spawn system.
  4. What is mid air control? Im confused by that? Like can you give an example
  5. Well In h5 when people thrust there’s like a sleight input delay or AA removal that prevents you from instantly tracking them as they thrust
  6. I never found that thrust hurt halo and considering how well that h5 mythic plays it kinda just more proves that. Sprint may hurt halo but sprint didn’t hurt like everything in halo.
  7. 1. How high are we talking here? You act like the game should be played at fucking 120+ fov when the most realistic is like 105 at best! 2. They’re stretched the fuck out so the maps are BIG you fool! This makes the gameplay good for vehicles and gives infantry a chance at moving on the damn thing properly. There aren’t constant man cannons and teleport lees everywhere ! Many BTB maps could work with sprint and some did! H3 Valhalla which was a 1:1 remake in h4 played fucking great! Sprint didn’t ruin the map. Sprint hasn’t even made btb bad or anything and you act like it does for no reason than to hate sprint. This would be a compromise that would work for everyone! This wouldn’t split the fucking community either. The people who actually want sprint in halo would get it, and the people who don’t want it would also get it! The people who want no sprint halo(you me etc) play 4v4 more than anything, and that’s what most care about. You’re a fucking lunatic how you praise h1 btb maps for their giant ness and think those play fine, when I know damn well sprint would make those he’ll of a lot more tolerable.
  8. Oh I agree but we need something quick. The problem is people here don’t seem to understand the 4v4 competitive isn’t the only players here. Try making warzone work with no sprint I dare you to try. BTB didn’t work either in other halo games compared to what we got now. Doom honestly would be the bms halo would need for shit to work for all modes
  9. The problem with a lack of sprint is the general speed of things. In halo bms is low. Like not one halo has had a fast bms and even mlg 110 is low as shit.
  10. Hmm he’s Australian so the chances of him being something else is low like very low.
  11. You’re white that comment has no affect on you lol.
  12. In pit I have a chance to do something, and that’s if someone is looking my direction. Miss that sniper shot(and yes even the best miss There) and I have a chance
  13. Ohh and you’re so special, get over yourself
  14. Whatever not debating this since every time you people come up with stupid arguments that are unrealistic AF.
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