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  1. Unfortunately those are the kinds of players (the casual CoD kiddies) that 343 wants to attract for a quick buck. I never thought Halo would be where it's at today during the Halo 3 days.
  2. I thought early harassment was just scouting. D:
  3. I wonder if this will be as much of a rushfest playing online like the first Halo Wars was.
  4. Thank you for reassuring me about the whole age thing. I'll add onto that below. I needed that explanation, thanks! Besides pro gaming, the only other things I focus on is cosplaying, machinima, and taking care of my birds. I don't have too many friends and I don't get along with my family, and all I'd have is a day job to funnel money into those 3 hobbies ntil the time comes where I'm lucratively successful in all 3 that I can quit and solely focus on those. My only issue would be finding 3 likeminded individuals since most people 18 or under are in school and then after school focus on college. Yet from articles I've read online what would be best on how to start is to get your name out there, join an already established team and then if you want to make the jump like a lawyer go ahead and make your firm afterwards. What do you think of that? Because quite frankly I'm surprised you'd tell me to find likeminded people who wouldn't mind putting so many hours into gaming each day to go pro instead of finding an already established team. I would think the former would be less difficult. The only reason why I kind of reacted the way I did with age is because some articles I've read have said that with pro gaming, 25 years old is age where you starting entering "that phase" like a person does once they turn 50. One article brough up some scientific mumbo jumbo about your reflexes becoming slower, stuff like that, and even made it sound inevitable that the chances to go pro as you approach that tipping point only get smaller and smaller as no team would want you. However, it did state that with experience and to make up for the loss of reflexes and dexterity, you gain muscle memory and the like so there's that. Thoughts?
  5. I don't know of this is a stupid question, but I'll ask anyway and possibly make a fool out of myself. Is it possible to still go pro in Halo in this day and age, and go pro at 19 years old? I'm asking for a couple of reasons, but mainly because I want to legitimately be a pro gamer and I don't know if its worth on Halo's end especially since my preference would be the Halo 3 days. Plus, I'm already 19 and I feel like it's getting late for me the more the years pass. Thanks you guys! Peace.
  6. So do I, man. So do I. But reading most of the posts here I haven't gotten that vibe—at least not yet—and even if I do I guess it's more people giving up or trying too adapt or meeting 343 halfway, and if you're for the classic Halo experience right down to Halo 2 or Halo 3 (whichever you prefer a little more) doing any of those 3 things is the last thing you should do.
  7. I recently went back to the Waypoint forums and posted a thread entitled '343's Vision of Halo is Killing the Franchise' (omitted the thread link since I don't know if off-site linking is against forum rules). What happened? I remember months ago the classic Halo fans were the reigning majority on those boards, or did the mods manage to ban or scare most of us away or something now? I know these 343 drones don't represent even a modest portion of the Halo community in terms of population, but to have received the amount of backlash I did left me really surprised, and as I was working on responses to each of those drones I see that the last poster locked the thread due to "beating a dead horse". If this is the direction of the Waypoint forums from here on out it really makes me more scared than before on this modern direction 343 is taking with "their" vision of it.
  8. I would have preferred Reach in the MCC rather than Halo 4. Reach was dropping the ball but when 343 came out with Halo 4, now that was screwing the pooch.
  9. Definitely getting it for H2A but DAT HALO 3 tho... Halo 3 was the Precursors' Gift to Gaming.
  10. I'll keep it short and simple. I'll say something I don't want: anything that was in Halo 4.
  11. Their listing of Halo 4 above Halo 3 just made me go rampant.
  12. I really hope 343 doesn't use SPARTAN-IVs. I really dislike the IV's lore and their armor is atrocious. That Spartan above the Chief on that cover is highly reminiscent of the IVs, and it already leaves a bitter taste in my mouth about Halo 5. I won't be highly critical for now, but I will be and I won't be very hyped if Halo 5 will be using elements from Halo 4 or will be using it as a foundation. I just hope 343 is smarter and maybe approaches Halo 5 with a cautious development by using the classic Halo games as a foundation.
  13. Is there any way to compete in this? Where can I register? (Sorry for the possible noob questions.)
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