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  1. We already have a team pass and a team of 3 if you would like to try out. my gt is Miku x Oracle, although i live in colorado though not sure how you feel about that
  2. I was a former champ 1 at FFA and stopped playing all season ranked between plat - diamond solo que. Would like some serious players to grind again Will be at Denver regardless with or without team. GT: Miku x Oracle Thank you.
  3. This could simply be considered off topic or what not, but if anyone that has gotten Infinite Warfare. It seems that there are more that just a few times that COD is literally copying and pasting Halo stuff into Infinite Warfare. I'm not whining about how it's Halo's game or what not, but more for the fact that isn't that copy right? I'm more concerned about the fact that they even copied the sounds from Halo 2 sniper rifle into the Infinite Warfare's pistol reload sound. If you google Infinite Warfare's similarities to Halo you'll find tons of stuff. Just putting that out there... it's free money for 343i if they decide to sue for copy right. I could be completely wrong too.
  4. Just like the title says, and I would like to learn to at least be decent enough to not go negative K/D Any tips and advice is welcome!
  5. Your Team Name: 1v1 Me in VC Winner: 1v1 Me in VC Round Number: Round 1 Score: 2 - 0 This appears to be a no show from team Zeta both gamertags are GGooDZ & xEfeckt GGooDZ has been offline for 18 mins prior to my check and xEfeckt has been offline for 10 hours i sent both members a message just in case
  6. Team Name: 1v1 Me in VC Gamertag 1: Miku x Oracle Gamertag 2: Tohdoh Kyoshiro
  7. Am i the only one who things the AR needs a huge nerf? especially how OP it gets when you smart scope....
  8. i had mention that earlier and people had said that it would split the community plus then you would have to make many changes to the game since the Spartans are already built for the map such as clamber and specific jumps
  9. I haven't played Halo 5 yet, but I do see your point. Wouldn't this have to imply more nerfs to things such as sprint? Also to be honest Unlimited sprint is a bit over powered too. what would be a solution as of keeping the way the current mechanics are and still involve sprint? Since ultimately I would say the community wants sprint fixed first, would you agree? As i said earlier as well i have not played Halo 5 beta yet either, but 343i is at least in a better direction than halo 4 since at least now there's no shield regen during sprint. It seems to me that even then it is still a bit too much of a way as a get out of jail free card from watching people like ninja stream Halo 5 Beta.
  10. What if they made TWO kinds of playlists? I mentioned this as a part of my solution as I updated the thread. They could have a sprintless classic/competitive game and a new one of what they created. Don't you think that could satisfy the community and 343i and also still attract non-fans of the game? Advanced Warfare had did that where there was the exo suit playlist and a classic, no exo suit. It looks like it could be a possible solution to Halo 5 343i could implement.
  11. As the title says, and a poll to go with it. Now from reading all the comments for thoughts about Halo 5 Beta and if sprint was the real reason for HR and H4 failing. This has inspired me to make a thread to see just how everyone in the Halo community hates what 343i is doing to the Halo franchise. I know I am not in a position to say anything since I'm not known in the community, I am not pro, I doubt anyone likes me in the community as well, but that is alright. To get to the question that follows the poll. I do see that Sprint has been a major topic since Halo Reach and H4. Many people want it removed and each and every person has their own reasons and opinions for why you want it removed. Now in hopes that possibly a 343i developer will come across this thread or someone who can reach out to 343i to just simply look at this poll and reconsider sprint for Halo 5. That would be all I could ask. I can tell the community hates sprint and it is obvious, but has 343i ever gave us a valid reason why sprint has stayed in the game after Bungie released Halo Reach? I do not believe so, and for this all i am asking from this Halo community to vote in hopes that 343i will see this thread and explain why sprint must stay in Halo 5. We all saw Halo 4 die with sprint in it and even with reach; so all I am asking now is that you take a few minutes to read over this and vote and give a valid reason why sprint must go and maybe 343i will reconsider sprint in Halo 5. Thank You. Reasons why 343i is keeping sprint in the game: 1. Sprint needs to stay because the game is evolving and needs sprint - to counter this question. Answer: You saw Halo 4 die out with sprint as people left to be part of the COD community or other games. Is this what you really want 343? 2. We like sprint and it makes the game more fast paced - to counter this question. Answer: It seems to me that the community does not like sprint and many people are unhappy with this change. Many people have given valid reason why sprint is breaking Halo, so why must you keep it when Halo was doing great without sprint? How fast paced a game is does not make it better, even in competitive play. People play the game because they enjoy it, not because of how fast paced it is. The only personal message to 343i would be that, Sprint does not seem to be accepted. As a player stand point I see this community dying and going to other games. Is this what you truly want? Because at the end of the day, it isn't the developers who make the reputation of a game. It is the people who create what makes the game good and want more and more people who have never played it want to play it. That is how a community grows and makes a person go out of their way to buy an Xbox just to play a game. I bought and Xbox one to ONLY play Halo, and with Halo 5 beta being released and seeing the community in disappointment, it makes me sad, but please make the right choice to keep Halo alive. Reconsider what the community likes and dislikes, because Halo is dying and we are still not back. Have a nice day 343i. Updated Edit: so if you have been following this thread i would imagine that you have read my failed solution to make separate playlists one without sprint. It seems to me that it would be true, this would split up the community but so far everyone has voted that sprint should not belong in the game. Maybe I am not asking this question at a right stand point in this community. I will start a new poll with the better worded question. I don't look at this thread by the hour so if i do not keep up instantly I am doing my own things. To understand why sprint is the real problem here, is that the main reason why people do not like it because players are constantly running away surviving because of sprint. Now at a different stand point, does the community really think that sprint is broken? I look at myself when i play Halo 4 and I also will admit to it. I use sprint to escape and get to power positions on the map, and so does everyone else. Is sprint truly the reason that is breaking Halo? Or is it that the community or the vast majority of the people are saying sprint should not belong in the game because it is change, and as humans we do not accept change right away. Could this be the true reason and that maybe just POSSIBLY that 1% or even less. That 1% would be that sprint is not the reason why the game is broken and we just don't want things to change. Give me some thought on this, I really do appreciate all of the comments and votes so far and at this point I do know the title should be named differently, i hope you can all forgive me for that. I did not make this thread to have an argument over anything. This was made so there could be a balance between the halo community and 343i since i have been hearing a lot of bad feedback on Halo 5's new abilities and sprint was one of the die hard lasting abilities that the community does not like. We are all trying our best to put our words out and that's as much as we can do for now.
  12. Team Name: UrNotKnown Winner: UrNotKnown Round Number: 1 Score: 2-0 Win by no show
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