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  1. Over there in the rest of the world. The jews, Europeans and those other guys
  2. Though he did manage to out BR that disgusting strafe of yours :ninja:
  3. You probably found people from NZ/AU and won because our internet makes foreign host so unplayable. Worse than for Americans. I say this from watching ninja and 2gre GOAT whine. /unnecessary rant
  4. I am literally on 1 down 0.9 up. I have now given up playing H3 anywhere but customs goddamn
  5. Why would I play online when I could play on good connection? Instead of the constant barrage of American and Mexican connections where we win on 400 ping. Also the TTD playlist essentially offered a massive poop on a rather tarnished silver platter. The game isn't good, why would people bother playing it in MM. Most people are playing customs or just not playing. The competitive community was never going to stop this game failing, that's on 343 and their anysmall game.
  6. Then play customs, I dont see the pull of bad connection and horrible settings when there are competitive customs to be played.
  7. Thats my point. Jesus, its not a particularly difficult concept. The thing is if you hit the first shot all you have to do is not miss, match their strafe and focus on your shots. "good strafes" arent really a thing in Halo 4 and when they are they more just look impressive. Halo 4 is about positioning and awareness, get the first shot, dont miss and then move on. YOU SEE? dont tell me about good players when you're trying to get a 50 in rumble pit.
  8. Serious though, focus on putting shots in. Strafes happen but its not like you can pull off anything too impressive with the h4 mechanics. Better off wall glitching and crouch strafing if you're trying to pull off a balls deep challenge
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