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  1. Been on vacation for 2 weeks. Any chance there's a kind soul out there that wouldn't mind updating me pretty please?
  2. Has anyone had a chance to try this out and see if it is making any difference? BTW, just from watching Jimbo stream this morning....some changes are very interesting to watch people have to adapt to, while others are completely bizarre and don't seem to have any added competitive benefit. Either way, I'll be interested to see how these 'trial settings' play out.
  3. I was just watching Highly Questionable (an ESPN daytime sports talk show) and they showed a commercial for BattleBots (a new show on ABC).....the commentator was Faruq. Might tune in just to see him.
  4. ........the beat down circus aka Halo: War of Attrition.....there were some fun times to be had pre-patch
  5. Had to travel for work last week and was in meetings every day. Over 100 pages to catch up on....would greatly appreciate anyone taking the time to catch me up. Thanks in advance!
  6. I really miss those times. My personal favorite was 4v12 Sidewinder CTF. Hours of fun!
  7. Couldn't agree more. Just to inform some people who never had 'the pleasure', Boarding Action Team Snipes was a boatload of fun back in the day.
  8. ......The sneakiest and most unpredictable?! I'd have to go with Pistola.
  9. . ....yet your 'retort' is inaccurate (I never said anything about 'unsuccessful teams'....were you too entranced in your 60's & 70's game of trivia?), and the retroactive nature of my response was necessary to clear up the perplexed condition you so clearly exhibited. It is simple to see how you would mistake 'anything else', so I cleared up your misinterpretation of the comment that was made. However, that 'singular' statement was made in direct context with the conclusion of the finals......maybe you weren't watching?! Regardless of the quandary you find yourself in, I will refrain from further exasperating your lack of foresight with regard to the simple corollary that should've been easily ascertainable.
  10. Did you read my post? I'm not sure you comprehend my point. You're talking about a situation in which a player was named MVP for a SEASON, not a championship game/series. MVP for the duration of a season, or an accolade based off an entire body of work is far different than off of one game. In one game(or series in this case), especially one where is was as lopsided as it was, the Championship game/series MVP should come from the team that was dominant. This is even further compounded when the announcement was made by the casters, which was worded incorrectly, that the MVP was to 'represent the MVP for the tournament'.....yet the MVP could only be 'selected from one of the two teams in the final' (this is completely contradictory). But that is an entirely different argument, one that I don't care to get into (especially since the tournament had some flaws that many halo fans would've loved to have seen differently....double elim being the biggest issue). Whether we are discussing a single game/series MVP (which I was originally), or a tournament MVP, there is no good reason the MVP should've come from any other team than CLG.
  11. When the MVP isn't from the winning team....doesn't matter if it's esports or anything else: http://orig05.deviantart.net/0241/f/2012/181/e/5/oh_gawd_why_by_michaeljustarock-d55iasj.png
  12. At the highest level of Halo I have always said......it is ALL about momentum. Prime example is Denial at regionals. They got hot and it carried them. In my opinion Renegades had great momentum all tourney, until they were up 2 flags to 0 on game 3 against ALG. That hot momentum was from Victory and Ninja playing better than we've seen them play at the previously LAN tournaments. Then when the momentum turned in that game 3 we saw Victory and Ninja start to struggle. From that point on they couldn't ever get the momentum back, and the rest is history. Really sucks that we don't get to see a double elimination bracket. Feelsbadman
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