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  1. Samaritxn and I are looking for 2 players that are willing to play in tomorrow's 4v4 Beyond Tournament! If you would like to play, please contact me! Twitter.com/Moukeeee Or Xbox GT: Moukeeeee
  2. I've expressed interest in competing for the upcoming HCS Open Qualifier and I'm looking to run games with anyone. Message me through Xbox Live if you want to run games Team Arena: Onyx 1851 GT: Moukeeee
  3. Team Name: Hosticide Moukeeee xX StyleszMedia
  4. 2v2 Team Gamertags: Moukeeee & xX StyleszMedia Team Name: Hosticide
  5. Player Name: Moukeeee Winner: Servant M Round Number: 2 Score: 8 - 3 Halo Waypoint Link: https://app.halowaypoint.com/en-us/Halo4/Moukeeee/home/match-3d35a5ced34f1367

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