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  1. Ah. OK. Well, once the game installs I guess I'll figure it out. Is it really that bad?
  2. Sort of derailing the conversation... Just picked up the game, could someone give me the settings to re-create the aiming in the beta, or just give me some solid settings? I know that they're were posts before but I cannot find them for the life of me. Thanks.
  3. I was wondering when you'd make your way onto here. Good post. I'd add don't expect to win everything after one series playing together, too.
  4. May be a little off topic... but watching this event has really made me want to start playing again... Good viewer numbers, damn good production, damn good Halo. *sigh* I gotta go buy an Xbox...
  5. Real talk RIP Alan Rickman. Definitely going to watch the VoD tonight, wish I caught the entire day
  6. Only caught the last EG - dT match.. but damn... I'm impressed. Plus 18,000 viewers. Maybe I haven't watched this game enough... maybe I've been wrong.
  7. Can I get mine changed to Paladin MI, please? This one being different is murdering my OCD.
  8. Is it doing it wrong if this is all true, though? Why improve on flawed when you can start over with something good?
  9. I kinda want to see a team get a lead and just get out of the map for the rest of the game during an actual event. The casting would be tier 1.
  10. Death Zones were in the more traditional Halos, but we didn't feel that they fit into our vision of OUR Halo. We wanted to innovate how map boundaries worked. I'll stop now...
  11. The death zones weren't immersive enough.
  12. I have no idea what I just witnessed. But it wasn't Star Wars. Expanded Universe is 1000000000 times better. Who the fuck were any of these new characters? Why should I care? Why is the political landscape the way it is? FUCKING EXPLAIN SOMETHING!!!!! /rant
  13. Why does everyone say halo had to change when the past 3 "new" Halos have NEVER BEEN AS POPULAR AS THE ORIGINAL TRILOGY.
  14. I don't know how to describe it. I just have more of an immediate "This is Halo" feeling with Reach (albeit v7) than I do with H5. Reach feels like it still has the soul of a Halo game, where H5 does not. I know not the best explanation, but.im not sure how to put it into words.
  15. Which makes it incredibly depressing that fucking REACH feels more like Halo than H5.
  16. Social playlists.... if the game had them...
  17. I know. It was supposed to be so good but all I'm hearing about is wasted potential.
  18. Funny how often this is said about this game...

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