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  1. "I spam, you pace, I get lucky and my shots hit, you lose. Skill gap."
  2. Even if they're willfully ignorant, I still like to read differing opinions. People do have interesting things to say or characteristics to learn of so I take value in the information gained from it. [There is no "TU crowd" that's only interested in playing title updated Reach, that wouldn't be covered by a V7 ranked playlist] Why do you assume that the people who would want to play TU Reach would be happy with a single V7 playlist that is Ranked? Most people don't want to stress themselves in ultra-competitive environments that is Ranked Shoehorning people into a single playlist because the developers were too lazy to properly balance the TU into Reach is a dumb idea There are people who enjoy Armor Abilities in Social playlists but would like to play on updated settings. They may be divisive on Bloom, not like Bleedthrough (since it was implemented in a way that broke the sandbox), but the nerfs of Armor Lock/Camo and Sword buff were pleasantly received. Regulating a game balance patch to custom gametypes in an initial port of a collection that won't have Forge until several months later will be beyond catastrophic for obvious reasons Whether you like it or not, Halo Reach is going to be the game a lot of people will be playing and will be the only majorly populated Halo game on PC for months until the other games come in. If the Original launch of Reach had a shitstorm at launch, you can expect a bigger shitstorm once the PC crowd founds out the Title Update that had sensible features not come in because "well we wanted to please the kids who loved the original Reach on console".
  3. It's more of a what-if than anything else. I already mentioned in a earlier comment that Russian/Splash Damage will just follow the Template off console Reach and just have separate playlists for Vanilla and TU. It will be even more of a dumb idea if they had just a single playlist for the TU and relegate the TU crowd to customs considering that way more people will be playing this PC version than the original launch and people will more than likely prefer the updated settings rather than Vanilla. It certainly doesn't help that Forge won't be available. But the oddest thing is that we may have a Halo where the Title Update version of it might not be implemented...
  4. If either 85% Bloom or Zero Bloom(less likely) were to be implemented game wide then a Weapon Sandbox rebalance would be warranted in order to accommodate the better precision weapons. What would you think if, while not removing AAs from regular playlists, Ruffian/Splash Damage decided to Nerf the movement of Sprint and Jetpack and in return they upped the base movement speed to 110%, jumping height to 110%, and player gravity to 150% or something of that line? I'm asking this because I remember a long time ago people were asking for higher movement while nerfing Sprint/Jetpack in order to speed up map movement and game flow in relation to the TU. (though if I remember correctly, BTB had 110% movement)
  5. These are the same people who either don't care about or absolutely hate MLG or any Halo league. They probably couldn't even be bothered to pay attention to the gameplay videos of Arena, Reach's Ranked playlist, where high tier players were firing at maximum RoF rather than pacing shots.
  6. I see. I was a pretty bad player at Halo 3 at the time I started playing it online 08-10' but I found myself gaining a lot of friends from individuals who would just sit in the lobbies with an open mic and would be willing to party up for extra matches. It just wasn't the same with Reach. Though the people who played in the Arena and MLG playlists usually had open mics on and were pretty chill. Ruffian/Splash Damage are the ones working on the PC MCC port. There hasn't really been an open discussion on what they plan to do as far as gameplay goes. People are predicting that they may use the Template console H:Reach has which is split playlists between the Vanilla and TU in order to save time and appeal to "both crowds". I agree with your hypothesis that the community would make demands on the Bloom when the first PC flight comes but I'm not sure on how strongly the reaction would be (especially early on) considering that so many people are just overly grateful for PC Halo. A few have already made threads on Bloom/TU but there is generally little comments in the discussions. From what I can tell looking at the popular videos of PC MCC Reach, there are a lot of people who believe that Bloom was a good mechanic that added skill by needing to pace your shots. And they also believe that the competitive crowd just couldn't adapt and were making a fuss over Bloom (and AA, etc).
  7. I remember 2010/2011 people were mentioning the difference between H3 and Reach in terms of talking players. In H3, there were people talking pre-game, during game, and post-game and you could join up with randoms in the post-game lobby to play another match (Press 'X' to Party Up feature) and possibly make a new friend. Whereas in Reach, people talked way less and were more likely to be in party chats than public since Bungie decided to change up how people interacted.
  8. Rand Paul is a Scottish Rite Freemason. Not sure why anyone would want to put trust in that guy and his family members either.
  9. My fondest memories of the Repeater after release was when people immediately switched to the Plasma Pistol when they spawned in Invasion/Elite Slayer.
  10. They might consider a patch considering that they hope to work with the Modding community. It's probably in their best interest if they want to keep people happy. That sounds like a good idea in my opinion. Either reducing manual vent duration or accumulated heat per shot would be a step in the right direction for balancing. I think that what should separate the different guns from each other is the utility/niche they bring to the table. What's the difference between the Magnum and the Plasma Pistol? One has Precision capabilities and has scope while the other can reduce shields faster and EMP vehicles. You're right that faster manual reload could be trivial but what utility could the Plasma Repeater possibly bring in comparison to its other counterparts? If I remember correctly, the Spiker had a slightly higher melee damage than other weapons in Halo 3. Maybe that could make it different from the PR assuming Bleed-through melee is put into the core Reach gameplay. But with the Repeater and PR, I think the Repeater should be good in close range while the Plasma Rifle should have the better range out of all the automatics (though there is the general assessment that Automatics shouldn't be good at range due to how easy to use they are).
  11. Do you guys think they'll buff the Plasma Repeater/Plasma Rifle/Spiker in the PC version of Reach?

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