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  1. I made a thread about it on Waypoint. My performance in the beta was abysmal due to not being able to properly hit people and forced me to stop playing. Several times I'd lose 1v1s where their shields never popped/killed me sooner than expected, teamshots being irrelevant on enemy players and losing 2v1s/enemy running away, plasma grenades phasing through enemies/grenades not performing well, and etc.
  2. I have a question: Why is there so many threads/comments complaining about Controllers & AA vs MKB?
  3. The biggest thing that's ruining the game for me is that 343 Industries didn't invest in a in-game friend system for the PC MCC. You can't easily add people from your matches or add anyone as friends just from looking at their profile unless you commit towards adding them on Steam/Xbox(microsoft store). It honestly feels so lonely after several games if you're trying to focus on the game rather than reaching out on discord/forums/etc.
  4. Did they say that the MCC Halo Reach beta is open today?
  5. What about making the spread consistent or reducing the spread to make the Auto more accurate but does less damage over distance? That way autos will gain emphasize on being a close range weapon while using head damage multipliers to make them more skillful and justify them being better as a weapon.
  6. Should automatics be balanced around Head damage multipliers? What I mean is that automatics would do more damage when hitting the head (it applies to both shields and health), causing it to have a low TTK if all shots hit the head but higher TTK if the bullets are hitting the body.
  7. You still haven't properly addressed the question about the assertion of me supposedly "complaining" about "Halo opinions". The post you quoted doesn't feature any complaining, especially nothing pertaining to "Halo opinions". In my opinion, you're the one who is losing it.
  8. Where? I don't know what you're talking about as I never complained about " "ancient grizzly" Halo opinions ".
  9. How about having no wall jump, thrust, clamber, or sprint so we can get OG Halo movement again? Does this sound too far-fetched?
  10. Fast reloading is somewhat passable but the alternative is to just make reloading relatively quick and possibly have better mag sizes on guns. It's better for everyone at the end of the day rather than a mandatory/useful trick for the top players or people who bother to care.
  11. Button Combos are detrimental due to it causing inconsistency in gameplay and breaking the weapon sandbox and balance. It's better to streamline the weapon sandbox/gameplay than make parts of the game redundant. It's fine to add it to H2/H1 to appease the Ancient Grizzlys but it shouldn't be in any future games.
  12. If you don't mind me asking, where did he pull the questions from?
  13. I see. I haven't played Reach in a long time so I'm of the thought they had to make specific gametypes with Megalo. I honestly don't know what they were thinking deciding to launch Reach without Forge. Making sure Reach launches with all its features should be one of the main priorities with the PC MCC. Instead they're trying to work on both Reach+CE almost simultaneously and cutting out a mode that would guarantee players continually playing Halo leading up to the other releases... And the hype crowd awaiting the game aren't going to make a fuss over Forge-less Reach to make 343 refocus their priorities as they're overly grateful for PC Halo. Honestly, if they release a Forge-less Reach with no ports of the forge maps used in the 360 Reach then it would be a colossal failure in my opinion.
  14. If they're even remotely invested in the players (since PC players will be stuck with Reach for months leading up to the other games) they would release something like this: Ranked Playlists: Lone Wolves Team Slayer Team Snipers Team SWAT Team Objectives Team Doubles MLG / Hardcore Social Playlists: Big Team Battle Social Slayer Social Skirmish (Objectives) Rumble Pit Multi-Team Invasion Living Dead Action Sack Anniversary Classic
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