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  1. I guess you can't go around stating the obvious anymore... lol
  2. Let's say you have a gaming competition coming up in a month or two and you have to train a person who has never touched a game in their life before neither Mnk or Controller. What input do you train them on? 100% Controller. The amount of time it takes for Mnk input to reach the same degree of 'skill' as a Controller w/ Aim Assist is not only longer but harder too since it's more difficult to practice consistent aiming on Mnk. Take for example Apex Legends. For Mnk, positioning is highly valued since you generally won't be able to 1-mag someone consistently unless you've been practicing gun control in the practice mode for long periods of time/using 3rd party aim training programs or have an extensive history playing Mnk games (i.e. CSGO, Valorant). For controller, it is way easier to achieve a perfect ttk on someone with a Controller than it is with Mnk and requires less practice. You generally don't see that many people even practicing gun control on controller.
  3. An ideal solution would be to just have a new universe that takes inspiration from the Mainline Universe. In this new universe, you'd have your featured Spartan taking missions and teaming up with other Spartans/Marines/Odsts against the Covenant or Flood. Expanded DLC missions where you're playing as an Ops Spartan, i.e. UNSC sends you on a suicide mission to an infested world/military base where you have to survive against the odds of the flood while completing the objectives.
  4. You could always reach out to people who are playing Apex maybe? I think that automatics are too good on Apex (though.. maybe that's just due to Rotational Aim Assist).
  5. All major media platforms are bought and paid for. There's good reason why Corporate entities have free reign to do what they want. This Reddit Blog from 2013, with reddit statistics shows places where people are "addicted": Eglin Air Force Base, FL Oak Brook, IL South St. Paul, MN The first place is the American Government and the latter two are where Corporate entities lie in. Keep in mind this was almost a decade ago so they've been shitposting and controlling discourse for at least that long. It doesn't take much for a big company in recent years to get a strong influence and foster an apologist-like environment on Reddit.
  6. Eh... I wouldn't attribute it to Capitalism. It all comes down to bad governance in my opinion. There's several issues that's leading to stagnation in gaming: Master - Slave equilibrium (aka 1% Rich 99% Poor): The state of America is purposely kept so that the common citizen is kept poor, working long hours, stressed, and etc. Would-be creators are forced to survive to support themselves or their family, so going after creative projects is heavily discouraged. Also, people working at gaming companies lack agency and dissent is obstructed since that job is their livelihood. Public Domain & Copyright duration: As the world has grown with the spread of the internet and the like, the questionably long duration of Copyright makes little sense given the outreach one can obtain. This prevents IPs from falling into Public domain so that dedicated fans of those IP can give new life to them. Games like Halo 3, Super Smash Bros Melee should be Public domain property so that branch works can be created (Halo Online, Super Smash tournaments/mods) but we're stuck at the behest of companies. Encouraged decline of Creative quality: Not a coincidence that every entertainment area is showing lack of quality in creation/story/etc. This is 100% backed by the shareholders/people who back the bigger producers/developers. Public speech/expression controlled: Government/Corporate entities control all the major media platforms and have shills/bots everywhere to control discourse. This seeps into discussions on entertainment since the parameters put in place on other topics affect Gaming as a whole too (i.e. Herd mentality, Search result manipulation, Inorganic promotion, etc). It results in dissenters/people having to branch off into distant but small tight-knit communities.
  7. Only 3 Playlists at launch... I played with my friend and he could only stand 1 hour of playing through Quick play and a BTB before he decided to quit the game. He cited the game having no Swat, lack of playlists (Slayer + Objectives in Quick play = bad), terrible progression, and etc. I really don't know how 343 could make another fumble...
  8. Where exactly is one supposed to leave feedback? Do we wait for the survey or make feedback on some forum? It's difficult to make any divergent feedback on Reddit/Waypoint because of the fanboys who will downvote you/upvote each other that things are mostly "good" for Infinite. Does 343 still view the Teambeyond forums? I remember reading a long time ago that employees got scared since the members kept it real, no bullshit.
  9. I have a question. From playing Apex, I was intrigued with the balance of headshot multipliers, having a damage differentiation of bodyshots vs headshots on all weapons. Wouldn't Halo benefit from headshot multipliers on weapons or is that a wrong way to go about it? I was thinking it might balance Auto Rifles in a way that they're effective up close since skilled players would be rewarded with a fast ttk by focusing on the head up close but ARs lose effectiveness over range since you're less likely to hit headshots from afar.
  10. I made a thread about it on Waypoint. My performance in the beta was abysmal due to not being able to properly hit people and forced me to stop playing. Several times I'd lose 1v1s where their shields never popped/killed me sooner than expected, teamshots being irrelevant on enemy players and losing 2v1s/enemy running away, plasma grenades phasing through enemies/grenades not performing well, and etc.
  11. I have a question: Why is there so many threads/comments complaining about Controllers & AA vs MKB?
  12. The biggest thing that's ruining the game for me is that 343 Industries didn't invest in a in-game friend system for the PC MCC. You can't easily add people from your matches or add anyone as friends just from looking at their profile unless you commit towards adding them on Steam/Xbox(microsoft store). It honestly feels so lonely after several games if you're trying to focus on the game rather than reaching out on discord/forums/etc.
  13. Did they say that the MCC Halo Reach beta is open today?
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