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  1. You can use a USB hub. I am using one specifically made to fit the Xbox One, so that it gives you 4 USB ports on the side of the console. Like this: http://bluemouth.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/250x/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/x/b/xbox_one_4-port_usb_hub.jpg
  2. Keep ading concrete things to test. I don't thin I will go around documenting item spawns for all maps just yet, as I don't really have the equipment to properly analyze, nor the willpower to keep on it :P
  3. I have started filling out the document. The off-host stuff I can't really test here locally, but I tried to do a bit else. But I would love if someone later today took the time to really go through this together with me. I'll monitor this thread throughout the day. I guess more people will be up in the US in a couple of hours.
  4. @Legolas: This was the case with Halo PC as well. Honestly, I am not surprised. Halo PC is extremely inconsistent as to its shooting mechaniscs. But with time we will probably learn to compensate somewhat. At least that happened on the PC. But the fact that we had mouse controls probably helped out quite a bit. In other news, I am starting the stream now: http://twitch.tv/halonorge
  5. Ready to test in about an hour's time now guys. Anyone still up and willing to help out?
  6. Something came up guys, will not be able to test this just yet. Something came up just now. I will get back to you with a new time. In the meantime, please compile a useful list in the google doc posted above, and then it should be possible to test very efficiently. It is nice if someone could moderate a little bit in that document, so that it's not completely messed up. Thanks in advance for the patience - I know you are all eager to get some real details, and you will soon. If not later tonight (CET), i have all day tomorrow from 11:00 CET (AM) to test. So the wait will be a maximum of 13,5 hours ;-)
  7. @@chaosTheory @@Hitzel_89 Okey, guys. Thought I would hijack this thread for a little while. In an hour and 10 minutes (22:00 CET, unsure what time that would be for you) I thought I would start a stream for TESTING H1 stuff. Such as timers etc. And I would like YOU to help out. The stream will be up at: http://www.Twitch.tv/HaloNorge I would like those of you that are REALLY knowledgeable about the game to join me for this in the chat. (Looking at you, cT and Hitzel in particular). Please write here what tag you will be posting from in the Twitch chat, and we can do some "scientific" testing of different aspects. I have a second controller to try out spawns for instance, and we can test powerup spawning consistency. And you guys probably have even more tests we could run to really figure out just how good this H1 port is. It would also be nice if someone could make notes, and compile a reply here with all the detailed findings from our testing. Hopefully this will put an end to all the speculations and rumors going around.
  8. (It's me playing in the video btw) I agree that audible hit markers could be useful, since it would make life asier offhost w/regard to the pistol. However, if they are kept in the long term i sincerely hope that they remove them for grenades. With hit markers only on weapons the gameplay shouldn't change, and it would be easier to judge the ping/lead -- thus reducing host advantage.
  9. I cannot vouch for the spawn system though, as that would require more extensive testing - probably by people that are more experts than I am w/regard to spawns. Another note: I just checked in the H1 TS settings, and did not find any place where I could remove the hit sounds. I might be blind, or it might be well hidden, but as for now we will need to hope for a patch adding this option. It should be very trivial, since in Halo PC it was literally a console command that you input to activate it. Also, the broken MP that I tested pre-patch did not have a hit indicator.
  10. What cT pointed to, that you spawn with only 2 (instead of 4) nades in 2v2.
  11. I completely overlooked the # of nades issue. It seems you only spawn with two, unless it is possible to change in the settings. The MLG gametype we used tonight when streaming (e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdK_d14UEFE#t=97) were just thrown together in 10 secs from memory (I oven forgot radar=off, for ***s sake). There might be new options that I didn't notice when it comes to grenades. But it might also be that you cannot get more than 2. As for the pistol, I do not feel it is too easy. I have played a ton of, H:CE. Even competetively (at least to the level you could play it competetively over here in Norway), and it feels very right to me. Of course, when you play on host it is an advantage, and the pistol will be more "locked on" than else. Moreover, we didn't really play any larger maps, such as HeH, where the aiming skills of the players are more put to the test. On a side note, though, As for weapon timing, it seems to be to be lika OG Xbox now. But I have not studied it scientifically (busy writing review for tomorrow), so there might be fractions of a second differences that I cannot notice with my kitchen timer. What is clear, at least, it that it is vastly better than before. My tl;dr for Halo 1 is that it is a near perfect port. Minute issues such as the 2 grenade spawning for 2v2 should be possible to fix in a patch. It's not like it will cause framerate problems. The future looks very bright indeed (but, hey, I may just be a foreign, by default unskilled optimist, since I did not grow up in the US, but instead played the likes of Mat Logan, Fil4 and Lethal on XBC...).
  12. Having played Halo: PC competitively (online tournaments/clanbase in '03) I would argue that its better than H:PC. You would not get as good hit registration with H:PC even on LAN. That might be different now though, with no-lead hosts, which I have played too little to really get the feel for.
  13. Classic medals, sure. That what I am using in the above videos. Classic sounds, on the other hand, seems to be a no-go. But ingame I didn't really think about that. It's a very minor issue.
  14. I think I was referring to someone writing it in the chat, L0RCH. I haven't found that option myself, but also I have not been looking much.
  15. Have not been eable to find a place where hit sounds can be turned off. We could not hear eachother at all during FFAs. But generally there are a lot of audio chat issues throughout, so that might be fixed later. H2 (C+A) is not push-to-talk.
  16. Hope you like the game posted above where I played on stream. Being a reviewer I was allowed to stream, and tried to show a little bit of everything -- including Halo 1. Also: MP embargo is up, so AMA. I will be writing my review now the next couple of hours, before going to sleep (EU here). BTW: Based om my very briefr testing, weapon timers seem to have been fixed in the patch. As has FOV (I've heard). Maybe they were able to include more during the waiting time?
  17. Any comment on the regional block issue? Would love to pay for your app, but Play Market states that is "incompatible with all my devices". These include an ASUS eepad, a Nexus 4 and a HTC One mini. So, there must be some regional block set. Could you please remove the region block, so that me (and others from europe/scandinavia) may buy your app?
  18. Bought a new phone yesterday, and it still says "incompatible with all your devices" on the Play Market here in Norway. Does your app have an region block? If so, please remove it.
  19. Unable to download in Norway for Android. Says its incompatible with all my devices on play.google.com (although I have the latest version of Android on my Nexus 4), and on the phone's play store i cannot even find the app.
  20. Release on 14 November 2014 was also confirmed by Microsoft Norway right after the E3 reveal. See the news post I wrote for our national halo site (in norwegian, but you can discern the dates) here: http://halonorge.org/site/hjem/arkiv/nyheter/2586-europeisk-lanseringsdato-for-master-chief-collection-14-november If you expand the comment field on the embedded facebook from MS, you will see that they, upon a direct question on the matter, answer that the release dates are November 11 for the US and November 14 for EU.
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