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  1. Unless it is talked about it is, sadly, possible that 343i would not notice. And the more it is talked about, it might be pushed up on the list of things to fix. So, although it my have adverse consequences in the short term, I think talking about and investigating the advantage of bad connections is necessary. (Note: I am not advocating actually using these "tricks" in real games. The adverse consequences in the short term that I refer to is mainly the possibility that lamers and cheater will read about this here and use it in e.g. matchmaking or tournaments.)
  2. Would it be possible to add the feature that @@TrueHaloMaster suggests, @@Mintograde?
  3. That video from Battle Canyon has a pretty funny plasma/melee spree from Formal, just running around the map without shooting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=WG5HycB0lj0#t=133
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fy1jbrrMfZc
  5. A couple of videos from people that were able to download the client through the registration website, and hack it to run on a local system: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_oxPILBBMY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9eDOQcOY2xc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LJbivvqw3o
  6. Sprint confirmed: :quinn: :trash:
  7. This is key. When reporting bugs and compiling bug lists, we need to apply a scientific method. How something "feels" is not a valid bug report. This is exactly why Halobugs.com was created for H1, to serve as a hub for proven bugs. (Before anyone comes in and accuse those behind HaloBugs for not adding more games: People have limited time and resources, and insidi0us (the creator of the site) probably have enough on his plate. However, I would guess that he'd share the code with anyone willing to host a H2 or H3 version. Maybe he would even be awesome and provide web server space under the HaloBugs domain, for a fee or free of charge. But he has no obligation towards the H2 or H3 community to create and maintain sites.).
  8. It's a challenge, but far from impossible. They are probably using a so-called "reverse time" netcode, where the client is generally trusted as long as the information sendt from the client is plausible in light of the game state X amount of ms ago. Given this, it should be possible to trust the client even more when it comes to position, direction and velocity of the planery shooting and the player being shot. Making the bullets behave like OG should then not be too much trouble, provided that the client is quite authoritative. This could, however, lead to more instances of people being shot despite being around corners/through a port etc. It is all about tweaking and fiddling with these different settings to try and find a workable compromise. In my opinon, the end result should be that host and off-host are as equal as possible. Even if that would entail that host shooting is not 100% to OG. If equalness cannot technically be achieved, I would prefer that host has the advantage, since this will simplfy deciding hosts in online tournaments (I can elaborate this point if it is not obvious).
  9. Noone is stopping you from creating a thread and website for Halo 3 bugs. Don't come here and complain if the H3 community lacks the necessary dedication and care about their game... (/rant)
  10. There seems to have been fixes not mentioned in the patch notes btw. From my testing, standing on new camo while the old one expires now works as expected. If someone else can confirm, we can check it off as resolved on HaloBugs.com - where it is presently listed as a bug twice. ( @@insidi0us ). Other bugs that might potentially have been fixed, either in this patch or before, but which are still labled as "unfixed" on HaloBugs.com: "Picked up 51 frag grenades" Roster/Friends List Visible Ingame Hit-sounds (are they still faint, or completely gone?) The list should also be audited so that duplicates are removed/merged. The cleaner the list is, the easier it is for 343 Industries to see the pressing issues and fix them.
  11. Asking for the third time in the last couple of pages (once by by me, once by someone else): Have anyone encountered the "respawn in 4..." glitch yet?
  12. What about the H2C "respawn in 4..." bug? Has anyone encountered it yet after the patch? (It is not mentioned in patchnotes, and I cannot find anyone mentioning it on forums/reddit).
  13. Although I agree that the patch notes look absolute shit, I think we should wait for the patch to drop before judging. The last point on "stability improvements" is very vague, and could potentially cover game-specific items. Especially considering that they have had more than 3 weeks of time to work on improvements, without the "disturbance" of pushing out a patch a week. Also, they have been fixing some things without even mentioning it earlier - e.g. camo and the weapon rotations. With that in mind, it is difficult to imagine that they have just fixed the few things mentioned in the notes. On the other hand, we should probably not be surprised if 343 goes on to disappoint us... #Believe
  14. Does this apply to objective gametypes as well? I have noticed that there seemed to be a discrepancy between gametypes, and figured that the fixes were gametype-specific. But I didn't want to redo all the 13 H1 MLG gametypes I had already made before I was sure that things was straightened out.
  15. @Nosku: Yes. I think the easiest way to observe it is to get on Blodd Gulch, and try sniping at a frienbd on split screen thats far away on a flat surface just running in one direction with you being scoped in 10x. He should be running straight across (left->right) a good way out, where it is natural to 10x, and you can try shooting him whil you: 1) Strafe the same direction as he is running --> to aim, visualize that he is wearing a baseball cap and that you are trying to hit the tip of it. 2) Stand still --> aiming is different, not quite sure where you would have to aim. 3) Strafe the opposite direction --> notice how the aiming point form (1) does not work at all. Although the sniper bullet is somewhat faster than a pistol shot (i think) you should get the same effect, and with the contrail of the sniper it is very easy to notice the effect. When you get the idea, you can start to observe how it works in pistol duels and learn to adjust. But having observed the effect in a more "clinical" environment, you should have a good idea of what exactly is happening and that you need to adjust for.
  16. Just to bring in a legal perspective here (Nortwegian/international lawyer, though so not competent i US law - although copyright etc is pretty much harmonized wsorld over). From a legal standpoint there is nothing really stopping MLG from running ladders for Halo. No developer can block anyone from running tournaments. Sure, they could do -- like nintendo did w/Smash -- prohibit streaming. However, Microsoft has its "Game Content Usage Rules". which allow for streaming etc. At least as long as its not on a website with ads. Sooo... I guess that the reason why MLG does not want to run Halo is that they cannot stream it w/ads -- and thus they can`t make money off of it. Still, though, NOTHING should be blocking them from just setting up ladders. At least I can`t see any viable argument why they should be prohibited from doing so.
  17. I think so too. I was host several hours yesterday without seeing this bug, but then saw it upon playing offhost. Also, the suggestion that it has to do with momentum seems accurate. The wors anti-aim I've ever gottenw as yesterday when I exited a warthog in full speed and turned 180deg to shoot a player standing behind the warthog. The crosshair just didn't want to go anyway near that guy - had to wrestle the right thumbstick a good three or four times before being allowed to aim at him. Sadly, I forgot to save a clip from the just-mentioned warthog situation, but I think it should be reproducable. Maybe I'll try later tonight (EU time).
  18. New update just released, and it is 1163 MB: http://imgur.com/X6bkC6g
  19. Why is there no Odball for HCS by the way? Lockout Oddball used to be quite good (and vastly better than KoTH). Is it because of ball throwing? (I though that was nerfed a lot since H4, so that it was no longer an issue...)
  20. Really? Was there a patch (CU) released today? Or was this adressed in the last patch without anyone noticing until today?
  21. I didn't catch that - sounds promising indeed! Can only speak for myself, but I never expected online H1 to work great in MCC. Especially considering the fact that Gearbox didn't manage to get it working well with all the time they had - and they only had to port a single game. The most important thing about MCC is that we get a good H1 version that can be played with modern hardware on LAN. Anything else is a bonus imho. The fact that old hardware will die, and would have taked the game with it if it wasn't for MCC, is often overlooked in these forums it seems.
  22. If you have more than 1 xbox one, you could do LAN games and post videos here. The only thing I am really worrying about now is LAN play. That has to be perfect, latency-wise, for me to totally ditch OG Xbox w/H1. The reason why I am worried is that HPC had horrible LAN lag. I hope and think that 343 has fixed this, but until someone has tested we will not be sure.
  23. Here is an OFFHOST game of 1v1 Wizard (honors) from 03:25. Remember that I am still learning to adapt to the false visual feedback, so things are a little rough simetimes: http://www.twitch.tv/HaloNorge/b/586968205 My friend, who is hosting, lives in Bergen. I live in Oslo. That is about an 1 hour flight away, 600+ kilometers. I think this feels really good nevertheless - better than XBC and HPC. The false visual feedback is of course somewhat off-putting. But I think we can also get used to it. Map for reference: https://www.google.no/maps/dir/Bergen/Oslo/@60.1596047,3.3078746,6z/data=!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x46390d4966767d77:0x9e42a03eb4de0a08!2m2!1d5.3220544!2d60.3912628!1m5!1m1!1s0x46416e61f267f039:0x7e92605fd3231e9a!2m2!1d10.7522454!2d59.9138688!5i2
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