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  1. While you waited, why didn't you just join him playing some split-scr... oh...
  2. Could be. We had to submit gamertags, twitch accounts, youtube accounts, etc in order to ensure that our reviewer would not be barred from playing and banned from Twitch/YT for violating their Terms of Service.
  3. It wasn't available 3 hours ago when I spoke with our reviewer.
  4. They are linked (or added to the playlist in my case) due to being very good. And note that I put them at the very top, which means that I consider them the best of the best for basic introduction
  5. I maintain a playlist of useful youtube-videos. They are sorted according to their importance, with the most essential at the top and the more advanced or obscure videos further down the list. This is by no means a collection of everything useful (e.g. I do not include Missingno's many and very useful full gameplay commentaries, since I focus on trick compilations). But, I try to include tips and tricks that are particularly helpful, instructive and/or well-produced. I exclude the many repetitive (and sometimes poor) videos floating around on youtube. Btw, feel free to suggest additions and videos that could be removed. Among the grenade tricks videos there are for instance quite a few overlaps, but I often keep a longer video with many redundant tricks due to it having also a couple of useful/original trick - although I push them to the bottom part of the list. Is this being too "inclusive"?
  6. I do not know, as I am not personally reviewing this time, but that would be my interpretation of the information we received.
  7. (Sorry for the belated reply - I was away for the weekend) This is the exact wording of the e-mail our reviewer got with regard to the patch:
  8. (Sorry if this has already been posted.) Our reviewer just got his code and instructions, and it appears as if the "day one" multiplayer patch will drop October 22nd. From 9 a.m. PDT / 4 p.m. CEST / 5p.m. BST on the 22nd reviewers will be allowed to stream the multiplayer side of the game (with the exception of most levels of the campaign co-op).
  9. Is this just placebo, or have they done something to H1 hit registration/netcode? I played two games before going to bed (1 am here in EU), and both were pretty good experiences. Best games on MCC in a long time for me. Obviously a good sample size to draw any conclusions, though. What are your H1 experiences?
  10. I'm not defending 343, as you seem to think. What I am getting at is that I find comments suggesting that they have done absolutely nothing are useless and, ultimately, wrong. Yes, the launch was a disaster. Yes, the game still has plenty of game-breaking bugs. But still: something has been done. And often a bit more than what they tell us before patches. (The lack of transparency is an issue in itself, though. Trying to figure out what is prioritized and will be fixed is akin to Kremlinology...). Why not direct the criticism towards the actual issues, instead of reiterating that 343i has done and will do nothing at all. With that mentality, why care about and post about upcoming patches at all? That puzzles me.
  11. I don't think yuo are making a fair comment. Look at this list of solved issues: http://www.halobugs.com/#?s=most_recent?u=resolved Many of these were not mentioned at all, e.g. camo fix, 'Flickering' Bug, Empty Weapons Don't Disappear When Dropped, etc. And some of these are quite important fixes.
  12. All we know is this, from last week's community update: But after 4 month there should be much more than what is mentioned there. Although I wholeheartedly agree that 343i has been dragging their feet with these updates, it is true that they have often been underselling the bugfixes in past updates. Stuff like Halo: CE-specific fixes have many times not even been mentioned in the final patch notes.
  13. @@Vader : The patch is currently in certification, and will thus likely be released this week.
  14. Something like this? --> xboxdvr.com/iB+l+Oby/4ffe882d-a004-427d-92e3-4a78b573bbd8
  15. The website seems to be down now: www.halo1final.com Will it come back up, or has the project been abandoned?
  16. That death animation is probably related to latency/the netcode in MCC. I guess you pressed the reload button just as you were dying, and the reload animation started playing. Then, just after, your Xbox was informed that you suffered a fatal headshot before you pressed reload. Therefore the two animations came out mixed. On OG everything happening in the game is "checked in" through the host and thus there are no delayed messages at all. No online game/netcode uses this kind of synchronous netcode though, since it creates an insane host advantage and very jarring forms of lag if the latency is above optimum levels (see H1 XBC).
  17. US players are welcome with an EU teammate for this tournament, yes. Feel free to sign up!
  18. I'm just now getting a dashboard update. Anyone know what's up?
  19. Thanks for putting it up, beamimpact. I tried making a thread about the tournament a couple of weeks ago, but apparently only partnered tournaments are allowed to be advertised here. (So be prepared for your post to be deleted, I guess...)
  20. So, I guess we should be updating the buglist. Confirmed fixes: - Camo + Shotgun/AR bug fixed - 4 starting grenades (!!) Anything else
  21. Thanks for the quick reply, @@Saucey. I do understand, although I find it quite ridicuclous that any users would affiliate forum posts about a tournament with the forum where it is posted. But if the users are indeed so numb above the neck that they give you trouble I understand your restrictive stance. PS: Just for the record, we were not planning on having any prizes in the tournament. And I have been hosting tournaments for over a decade, though mostly in Norway (on- and offline) and some online H2 tournaments in 2005-2006.
  22. I attempted to get the word out about a not-for-profit Halo CE tournament we are running over at EuroHalo, but the thread seems to have been deleted. Reading the ruels carefully it would seem that the reason for removal is that threads about non-partnered tournaments are considered spam. This is all fine, and if this is the case I apologize for not reading the rules properly beforehand. However, there are several similar threads in the general Halo forum already. Case in point: http://teambeyond.net/forum/topic/9721-halo-3-xbox-360-jwalk-4v4-mlg-tournament-500/ As far as I understand, that tournament is not partnered with TeamBeyond. Thus I find it somewhat unfair/random that a thread for their tournament is allowed, but not for ours. Would someone from the staff care to explain?
  23. Interestingly, online EU tournaments for H1 (and possibly H2) are actually underway. The announcement will be made by yours truly (and King Bob whom I am cooperating with) this week probably. But I guess there can never be enough tournaments
  24. How is the onhost shooting now, guys? I haven't had time to actually try it out yet post patch.
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