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  1. Oddball physics, multitude of minor quality-of-life things (oddball respawn timer, flag gone indicators etc).
  2. Don't know if this is common knowledge, but the website "Glasswalls.com" has about 16 anonymous reviews from former 343i employees: https://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/343-Industries-Reviews-E564375.htm (You need to register/log in to get 10 days free access to the reviews.) Some highlights that might be of relevance to the story behind recent 343i games, including MCC and H5:
  3. @NAK: I have been thinking the same for quite some time. The potential is perhaps there, but to get the resurgence that Melee had we need at least two, perhaps three things. First, a grassroots scene, which is mostly missing in the EU and seems to only be nascent in the US. Second, and more more importantly I think, many Melee players have been introduced into Melee after playing newer editions. Then they switch to melee upon realizing that it is better/it is where the highest level of competition is. As long as the newest Halo game is getting developer support, or support elsewhere (by other tournament organizers) there will just be too few incentives to compete in H1. Third, H1 is really suffering from a legacy hardware problem. With Smash you can at least play the game on the Wii, which is readily available, and gamepads are still sold. For H1 only Original Xboxes and controllers are viable for the highest level of competition. MCC did not really contribute in this department, but could have been huge if it had brought the game perfectly onto modern (and readily available) hardware.
  4. Actually, there is a native Linux client for Xlink:
  5. Yeah, I know Cali well and am also in the Discord. I too play transatlantic, and it works. I did not mean to sound whiny, just to point out that USA players have little to complain about when it comes to matching EU players in the MCC playlist. All I'm saying is that it's no advantage, since we rarely if ever get host when playing against US players in the playlist, but it is good practice. Just need to up our game to grab the wins from you guys (Sorry for pulling this topic off track btw. Time to get back to discussing the LAN?)
  6. Well, I don't think you would see it the same way if you actually ever played from the EU. Every single game offhost (unless we match only other EU players). Believe me, it's no advantage...
  7. Offtopic I guess, but don't underestimate the interest for such reports. Living in a cold, small country in Northern Europe, we are kind of starved on H1 LANs and other news. At least I read everything with great interest.
  8. Norway here too, but no easter break yet I'm afraid :-/ But luckily my job is flexible enough that staying up late enough to catch the final should be possible. Just hope they do not have much downtime between games.
  9. Host in MCC CE can also be quite deterimental, due to the lack of bullet magnetism. Particularly on Hang 'em High, where the lack of bullet magnetism makes cross-map pistol kills for the host more or less a game of chance.
  10. My laptop w/Intel HD graphics runs it just fine. Just try and see. Do note though, that I had issues with VSYNC and locking to 30FPS: So try disabling that if you are getting a low framerate.
  11. Good point on the EA lawsuit, @@Von Manstein. I had forgot about that, even though I checked out the decision when it was in the news. Thanks for the reply.
  12. Sorry for the double post, but this also got me thinking; the discovery process in a court case against 343i would be extremely interesting. If there is some rich-ass Halo fan out there that really wants to see what the *!?** went on behind the scenes, there is an idea... EDIT: I would also like to volunteer for the doc review, pro bono! (That's not a phrase you hear every day )
  13. I'm also a lawyer, albeit from a European jurisdiction (Norway). I was intrigued by this statement: Why would certifying a class be so difficult under US civ pro law? Since the game code, and thus the issues, are exactly the same for all buyers I have always thought that a class action would be a viable possibility in this case. At least I think it could have been accepted as a class action in my own/european jurisdictions. So what is making things difficult there across the pond?
  14. After more testing I identified VSYNC/30FPS as the culpit. With "NO VSYNC" set in Video Settings I am now rarely seeing dips under 100FPS. PS: Since I cannot lock the FPS I do experience some screen tearing, but I can live with that. It is much less annoying than the jittering mess I had before.
  15. Thanks for the great work! Just tried this out on my laptop tonight, and I must say that the PC version has come a long way. One thing though, my laptop has a Intel HD 4400 integrated graphics card. With graphics on "high" and 1080p resolution the framerate is quite jumpy. The lows are around 20-25 FPS, but most of the time it is stable at 60 FPS. I know my graphics card is not much in today's world, but the game is nearly 13 years old. Is Halo 1 really that unoptimized that it can't be run in 1080p on a modern, albeit relatively poor, graphics card? Is there some tweaks I can make, or if I should just scale back the resolution a notch? EDIT: Even going down to 720p and turning off Shadows, Specular and decals did not help much. Better max framerater, but still dips as low as 17 FPS for a split second or two when just looking around at top OS on Decidia... Tried googling for help, but didn't find much other than to add the card to config.txt, which I have already done.
  16. 4v4: H2 Midship Oddball 2v2 on any of the top tier Halo CE maps
  17. You don't need Halo PC, since Custom Edition is a separate edition of the game with mod support released officially by Gearbox. And it doesn't even require a original Halo PC disk in the tray. But it does require a CD key. The most legitimate way of getting hold of such a key is, of course, to buy Halo PC. But there are also other ways..
  18. First: I see that my phrasing may seem to attack TeamBeyond, although that is not my intention. Sorry about that. Second: The topic just seems so important and exciting. If I was a writer for a site like TeamBeyond, it would be the dream project. But I don't mean that TB should force this topic on its writers. As long as TB is not banning its writers from taking up the topic, then its all good. All I hope is that one of the aspiring TB writers takes this up and writes a really good piece. Something that would be widely read, also outside the rather small community of competitive Halo players.
  19. Perhaps true, but if so that is quite ridiculous. If TeamBeyond wishes to be a proper e-sport news site, then it needs to be able to confront also the difficult topics. A proper news organization does not stray away from important journalism because it would be "unpleasant"...
  20. To those of you that prevail in the TeamBeyond writer's recruitment drive: Do a proper investigative journalism piece about the use of Adderall in Halo/competitive (console) gaming. A long, properly researched, good read. That would have been awesome, and really legitimized TeamBeyond as a journalistic media outlet.
  21. If those numbers are correct, then I agree. Around 15-16 ms should be okay, although it is a bit on the high side for high level Halo. You won't notice it clearly, but the aim can feel a little bit off compared to a very low latency (<5 ms) monitor. Only way to notice is really to play extensively on both screens and compare in-game stats. I recently purchased a large TV too, a sony w708, 42". Like you, input lag was a chief consideration. The one I went for had an actual measured input lag (Leo Bodnar's test) of 14 ms ms. That is the best result measured among TVs of that size tested by HDTVtest: http://www.hdtvtest.co.uk/news/input-lag Although I remembered it to be higher - and that was why I doubted your TV. PS: If the sources of your input lag number is from the manufacturer, I think you should look for a proper test with a valid measurement, just to check whether it is correct. Manyfacturer numbers are usually imprecise, and can sometimes be wildly off.
  22. I would say just ignore the 37" monitor. No matter what settings you put on it will feel different (sluggish) due to the inevitable input lag of such a large display. You can't fix this by changing sensitivity.
  23. No particularly "scientific" research behind this, but here is my experience summed up in a few bullet points: I have been on 5 sens in H1/H2 etc. for years. When H5 came out I chose 5 sense there as well, but always felt the aiming was off. Both before and after the "fix". Hard to explain, but it felt like I always overcorrected. It was just very sluggish. When we got the granular controls I first though acceleration was the issue, but no. Going from 3->2 acceleration (revert to Beta) did not do it for me. It just made extreme stick positioning/turning too slow By chance I later adjusted the inner deadzone, and that was the key for me! Going from 12% to 6% inner deadzone, still with 5 sens, leaving everything else at default. With this I can go from H1 (MCC) to H5 without noticing any particular difference. I see quite a few others reporting that adjusting deadzone helps. But I think many are overdoing it by going straight to 0%. Remember that past Halo games have always had deadzones. If you want to emulate past games you should try to match their deadzone setting. Not sure if my settings for inner deadzone will give good results for every sensitivity setting, though. I suspect that a change in sensitivity on the older games also affected acceleration and/or deadzones. Thus your mileage may vary if you do not use 5 sensitivity.
  24. A few Halo fans have apparently been working on a Halo PC game for a year or so. It is still very crude, but perhaps someone would like to get involved - for example to try and help them make it competitive. I'll let the newly published teaser trailer speak for itself:
  25. That's interesting! One might infer from this that Scuf has been using its patent porfolio to put pressure on MS. I don't know what patents Scuf have, but I would not be surprised if e.g. the paddles were patented. Has there been any reports of a dispute between Scuf and MS before this agreement was announced? For example, has Scuf stated publicly that it is considering patent action against MS?
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