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  1. Nope, only Beta v5 from back in April is available on the website. The changelog stops in April too: http://www.halo1final.com/NHE/
  2. I see that they are using a version of NHE that is newer than the one used for Beach LAN 5. Does anyone know when this updated version will be made available on Halo1final.com?
  3. Oh, neat! I was not aware - have you advertised it anywhere? Also: you should add MCC and Reach to the list of games (and arguably also Halo Wars 2).
  4. Why is this not yet a thing? What are the administrators of TeamBeyond waiting for?
  5. True, @@Moa, but if they mention MCC today (big IF there) it must be to show off or hint at a patch or relaunch that they have been working on for a significant amount of time. Indeed, if the rumors of a H3A with MCC relaunch are true, work on reworking the MCC probably began around the time the game silently dropped off the radar following H5's release.
  6. You should do so before concluding. Unless you are doing scientific testing (e.g. measuring actual input lag), the next best thing is to combine the traditional CRT setup with whatever LCD setup you have. And you should not only play against people on the CRT, but also switch places after a hour or two. If the LCD setup is decent, but not completely lagless (as per the definition I provide a page or two back) you won't notice the difference without such side-by-side comparison. Indeed, you might even be able to exactly point out the difference as you play when doing such comparison, but the stats and your average shots to kill will tell the story.
  7. Data for those interested (compares X1 pre- and post-patch, as well as 360 v X1 post-patch):
  8. On the topic of oddball, Damnation is one of those maps that I bet would have been great for oddball if it wasn't for the quality-of-life issues oddball has in H1. Indeed, a brief analysis of H1 Damnation oddball is a great way to show just how much small things such as oddball physics, default ball placement, and respawn time has on the playability of a map/gametype. Let's first dissect what is problematic with Damnation Oddball. Although the map may seem like a great oddball map from a pure level design perspective, with its many distinct areas and wide variety of potential strategies, similar to Chill Out and Lockout, small issues make it practically unplayable in a competitive settings. There are, in my opinion, three minor issues that together causes Damnation Oddball to be unplayable. First, the ball spawn point: in the middle of waterfall. It is very difficult, with the H1 kill times and effective range of the pistol, to grab and get the ball away from waterfall. You basically need to slay the entire enemy team, hope they get the worst possible spawn (bottom green?), and have great timing on the pickup. Failing that, the ball will go out of bounds. This leads to the second point, namely that the ball respawn time for the ball is way too long in H1. Don't remember how how long, but easily 30 seconds. The entire game thus stalls as soon as the ball falls off waterfall (which happens often). "Play ball" tactics, which are a calculated gamble in e.g. H2 Lockout due to the quick ball respawn instead become 30 second timeouts. Third, the ball physics makes the ball bounce wildly when hit by a grenade. This will often cause the ball to go out of bounds even if it is possible to get it away from waterfall, and then you are back to square one. Oddball Damnation would have played out completely different if these three things were different. Imagine the following: First, the ball is put in a more neutral position, where it is still open, but easier to move the ball into cover (in front of shotguns, perhaps?). Second, if the ball physics were H2 style, the ball wouldn't go out of bounds randomly as often as it does today. Third, a H2-style ball respawn time would make "play ball" tactics require much better time and have higher risk/reward factor than the "30 second timeout" effect present in H1 oddball today. Taken together, this could potentially have made H1 Oddball Damnation awesome. Indeed, the "Reverse Tag" gametype MLG used for damnation, which is kind of "oddball without a ball", gives us some indication that it could work.
  9. The Avermedia tested there is a different one. Avermedia produces a many different capture cards. Advertising is fluff, tests is what matters. And you should only buy products that have been tested by neutral parties with proper testing equipment. The MIMO article above, with follow-up gives you some capture cards and screens to choose from. Another good, reputable source for screens is displaylag.com (to find the relative difference/delay compared to a CRT you need to subtract at least 8ms from the numbers given there). To put the input lag numbers in perspective, btw, I just saw that displaylag has put up a new test page measuring the input lag of video games, i.e. the lag between a player action and the action on screen. In other words, how long do different games need to process the input and deliver the result as a new frame? Halo: MCC (H1 and H2) is almost the fastest game with a ~85ms input lag (in reality about 75ms when you subtract the input lag of the screen). This puts some perspective on the claim that adding 1ms (less than a frame) delay has game-breaking effects.
  10. The problem is that the performance would depend on the performance of the YPbPr to digital conversion unit within the LCD screen. So you would need to find a test of this for the exact LCD that you intend to purchase. This point highlights a more general problem: It is very important to be aware of the fact that most monitors have built in signal processing and converters. A VGA signal is, for instance, not a fully digital signal like HDMI/DVI and needs some post-processing in order to be displayed. YPbPr is analog and requires further conversion. And modern TVs even take digital signals from HDMI/DVI cabels and post-process them to "improve" the imagery (but this can usually be turned off by setting the TV/monitor in "game mode"). It is therefore often wise to rely on freestanding converters that we know the performance of (that have been tested). Such as the Avermedia/Elgato device or the Wii2HDMI for the Wii if you want to end up with a HDMI signal that can be used with any modern LCD monitor (but preferably a lagless one). There are likely other lagless (i.e. less than 1 frame of lag) HDMI convertors out there too. For YPbPr I am not so sure what is good, but there are apparently lagless (as defined above) external adapters that convert to VGA: https://smashboards.com/threads/work-in-progress-perfect-setups-tv-monitor-console-capture-device.355292/. However, this requires that you pick a monitor that does not process the VGA signal. This will typically mean finding an old, clunky PC monitor. On the issue of cost: Many reject the Elgato/lagless LCD monitor option as "too costly". I see the point that it is a costly setup if you are purchasing all in one go, and storing it your attic for use only during H1 LANs. However, it is important to remember that the Elgato and the monitor could also be put to use with your computer. For me, who is nevertheless going to buy a decent monitor and a capture card, the cost of the Elgato setup is arguably 0. And I purchased the monitor and capture card separately, when I could afford them. Moreover, there is no extra equipment to store. It is also a very simple setup with parts that are readily available from retailers across the globe.
  11. True. Although, in principle, I do not think it is a bad thing that all gametypes are available on all maps. Even if a map is tailored for TS or Oddball or flag, I don't see a problem with using a minimum amount of resources to add the necessary objective spawnpoints etc. (As long as this does not lead the map designer to alter the map to cater to the gametypes that the map is not tailered for.) Oddball maps: Midship is the king of oddball. Lockout was also really good, with lots of different, creative setups emerging over time.
  12. A source of discontent with LCD setups could also be the thing I noticed the first time I played on a (lagless Elgato) one. Namely that 480p seems very rough around the edges due to the insane aliasing such a low progressive resolution entails. An interlaced signal (480i) displayed on a CRT monitor gives smoother, but more blurry images. In a sense, the technology has built-in antialiasing. 480p is, on the other hand, crisp but very blocky. The CRT may be said to give more viewer comfort. Blocky looks can be disturbing. But the blocky monitor is crisper, and e.g. camo is easier to see as pointed out above.
  13. I think we should also be more precise as to what we are comparing. Is it individual skill? If so, I think it is quite easy to argue that H1 was more skillful than H2 or H3 (or any later Halo game). Is it about which game is most difficult to master in team play? What team size (2on2/4on4)? And what game modes? Here I feel people are often comparing apples to oranges, implicitly measuring H1 2on2 slayer against H2 4on4 MLG style (slayer+obj). I think that is a bit like comparing apples and oranges. In my view, Halo 1 does FFA, 1on1, and 2on2 Team Slayer better than H2. However, when it comes to MLG style 4on4 gameplay, I think Halo 2 surpasses Halo 1. Most H1 maps were not well adapted to 4on4 objective play, and the spawn system does not shine like it does in 2on2. There are also a few of quality-of-life problems with H1 objective games, such as the missing game clock and weird oddball physics. H2 excelled by putting an emphasis on 4on4 teamplay, with a good pool of maps - also for objective play - and, due to more player, teams, and tournaments, a much more well-developed metagame.
  14. Agreed. If you are testing back-to-back with LCD/CRT, you will probably need to rely on the anecdotal evidence of how players fell, rather than the result. I guess a scientific test could perhaps have been construed if HDMI and composite signal delay devices exists. Then one could add delay to some CRT and LCD setup and double-blind test whether people actually react to the delay, or if its all just prejudice.
  15. On the anecdotal evidence from Evo 2014 prep: I know it is insignificant. But since you pulled out your anecdotal evidence, I pulled out mine. I do agree with you, though, that it should be ignored. At the end of the day data must be king here. Because the differences (lagwise) are imperceiveable. Too bad it is not possible to do a double-blind randomization test. What neglible lag that is not present with every other CRT? As the MIMO test shows, also CRTs can be laggy: https://smashboards.com/threads/work-in-progress-perfect-setups-tv-monitor-console-capture-device.355292/page-7#post-21307864 More importantly: we are talking about fractions of a frame of lag at worst for the LCD setups with Elgato/Avermedia converters. It is inconceivable that this can be noticed, since that would require players to actually know when each frame (of the 30 per second) starts and begins. This is because the frames constitute sections of time within button presses are registered. Two button presses spaced out evenly may therefore give different results depending on when in the first frame the button is pushed. Read (and study) the section entitled Console "Lag" in the MIMO piece, where Fizzi eloquently explains frame-based lag. The only potential (but implausible) reason I can see for why some good players allege that LCD setups "feel wrong" would have to be that there is something other than lag that matters. The only other technical difference between CRTs and LCDs I can think of is the interlacing. That should not be a negative, but I guess some may not like it. Other than that, I am at a loss.
  16. @sunt_man: I think your assertion that Smashers say "CRT or bust" does not fit well with the facts. Firstly, the convincing technical proof that the delay for an Component -> HDMI conversion induces less lag than many CRT screens. There is thus no difference in lag that can be scientifically measured. Any perceived difference must therefore come from elswhere, e.g. that players fell more at home with interlaced images. Secondly, LCD monitors was even seriously considered for Evo tournaments as far back as in 2014. However, it was dropped due to risk of random blackouts (not lag) with the Avermedia LGP. Whether LCD setups have been used at Evo 2015 and 2016 I don't know. But the point is that the very top smashers in 2014 actually approved of the LCD setups. The smashers you are talking to must then be either (a) not as good as they claim, or (b) of a particularly superstitious kind... tl;dr: There is a foolproof option, and that is to use an Elgato/Avermedia and do component->HDMI conversion, then connecting to a lagless monitor. Those who claim that this is more laggy than an LCD refuse to accept scientific evidence. (Bonus: this setup will also make you able to stream & record.)
  17. Another solution is to use an Elgao Game Capture HD or Avermedia LGP capture card, which will convert the Xbox's component (YPbPr) signal to HDMI in a practically lagless fashion. Then use any "lagless" monitor. That is that the Super Smash Bros Melee players are using, and that game is much more sensitive to slight lag than Halo is. Evidence: - Original testing (w/Avermedia LGP) - Follow-up by the same guy, confiming, inter alia, that the Elgato card has similar performance.
  18. Thanks for the replies. @Missingno: I noticed you uploaded a bunch. Haven't had time to watch yet, but I will. But small variations in latency are not necessarily so easy to catch on a vido imho. EDIT: The BeachLAN final was uploaded yesterday as well, btw:
  19. I intended to write NHE, not final. Thanks for the info anyway. The need for privacy I can understand, but I would have hoped that at least some details were shared either in this thread or in blogs on the H1F website. It would also be very useful if some of the more knowledgable participants at the Beach LAN would contribute theri thoughts on the status of NHE. Hard Way wrote a little bit on reddit, but I would love to read other perspectives as well.
  20. Is there a place where one can follow the technical/development discussions regarding Halo 1: Final? On another forum, on discord, or something?
  21. A ViDoc from this project is out: Do also check out the project's new homepage: http://installation01.org
  22. If you are making money off of the tournaments or the stream, you might want to look into the details of the Microsoft Game Content Usage Rules regarding monetization. Apart from that, the usage rules gives you more than enough leeway to host tournaments and stream them.
  23. A new trailer for this fan-made game is out, showing off pre-alpha gameplay:
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