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  1. Could someone share a link & timecode to the Goats v McDick/Jownz series?
  2. The FFA finals are available here (from 22:00): https://www.twitch.tv/videos/299506780
  3. I've made this point before, but never gotten a proper/technical reply: The Smash Melee community has done a lot of research into RCA->HDMI conversion. The converters they have identified as "lagless" (i.e. less lag than one can perceive) should work perfectly for H1, shouldn't they? After all, SSBM gameplay should be much more sensitive to miniscule increases in latency than H1.
  4. They are functioning in H2 on the insider build
  5. There are also other issues, e.g. sound compression (terrible sound) when multiple BRs are firing in close proximity. The Halo 2 community has a list of bugs somewhere, in a google spreadsheet.
  6. The engine demo gave me flashbacks to this ancient relic: Perhaps 343 is trying to take Halo back to its roots, i.e. the original pre-MS-Bungie aquisition plan of making an open world game?
  7. Youtube version description hints at it being the next mainline entry:
  8. NDA had been relaxed, see the waypoint post. You are allowed to discuss the flight in forums.
  9. I also maintain a YouTube playlist of useful videos of high quality. Most basic/useful up top, more advanced/detailed/redundant at the bottom:
  10. There is little or no difference from the regular PC edition to the Custom Edition. Having played both extensively back in the day, I am struggling to see what they might be referring to. The big (and I thought only) difference between the two was that the Custom Edition came with a map editor, and thus was moddable. One possibility is that they are referring not to improvements made in the initial release of the Custom Edition, but improvements that the community has made to hitreg etc using the mod tools. But that doesn't seem too likely, as I would imagine that with access to the source code there are better ways to improve things.
  11. The interview posted last week with one of the Legacy Team members confirmed that they are fixing game-specific bugs, see my post w/quote and analysis: http://teambeyond.net/forum/topic/4946-halo-the-master-chief-collection-discussion/page-2703?do=findComment&comment=1013909 It is still far from clear exactly which bugs they are prioritizing, though.
  12. I don't really see why the reception to this interview is so lukewarm in this thread. To me it's an uplifting read - particualrly this paragraph: Let's analyze this paragraph:: (1) they are in fact working on game-specific patches (H1 and H2 mentioned explicitly), (2) they are not looking at MCC-introduced bugs only, which should mean that also bugs introduced in the PC ports are being looked at, and (3) there is at least one person fully dedicated to MCC bugfixing that is also a long-time community member with a talent to make old code work magic. What is there not to like?
  13. That seemed to be the case, Vinny. I guess the explanation could be that all of the internal MCC team was repurposed to focus on Halo 5. Still: experienced internal developers > external developers. (Which is reason to have some faith in this new effort by 343i imho.) Also, they seem to be starting in the right end: fix the things that entail refactoring large parts of the code base. Fixes that are simply very difficult to develop, test, and release in an "live" environment. Then, when the core parts of the code are refactored and fairly stable, it would make sense to start working in more isolated and "minor" issues, such as the game-specific issue (think the http://halobugs.com buglist). Hopefully that is also the 343 Legacy Team's plan.
  14. PS: Hacked gametypes exist also for non-NHE versions. Back in the day I had both 100 kill and 255 kill gametypes loaded in via a Action Replay memory card.
  15. Sorry for interrupting this team slayer v. objectives shouting match, but 12 hours ago Frankie made another uplifting comment on reddit. In response to a comment saying that Frankies "what happened"-essay was focused on matchmaking and NAT/networking, and unclear whether also game-specific bugs (e.g. everything on halobugs.com for H1) would be fixed, Frankie wrote the following (emphasis added): Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/77q13s/halo_mcc_what_happened_and_what_happens_next/dos2myd/?context=3
  16. New post by Frankie on NeoGAF with a bit of insight into what they are actually doing:
  17. Anything lacking from this list? We should keep it up to date now that 343 is intending on deploying fixes. Although most bugs are well known, good and consise compilations like this one are few and far between.
  18. Ske7chfactor is actually replying to a thread about MCC on reddit today: https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/75bfvj/is_343_still_ignoring_the_mcc Although there is not much actual content in his replies, there are some interesting tidbits:
  19. Here is the link to the Discord, which has all you need: https://discord.gg/tEwrzTA
  20. Took the chance of posting it - score of +392 now, with 83% upvotes: https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/62drdc/sprint_speeds_up_the_game/ EDIT: The only thing that is needed is more votes on the comments explaining to the idiots that the increase in map size is not a flaw in the methodology, but another negative consequences of sprint.
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