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  1. There is, but there are so few concurrent EU players (at least in the lists i play, H2C and H1 ranked) that it is very rare to get an EU server. To get to play on an European server, my experience is that significantly more than 50% of the players would have to be from Europe, or further east. Actually, I only think I have gotten EU servers when playing H1 ranked if all four players were from Europe.
  2. @Craneteam Thanks for the effort, but I can't get those links to work, I'm afraid... EDIT: Both links are also identical. But after rewriting the URLs I was able to figure out which video they refer to: Still can't find any history lesson 30 minutes in, though...
  3. Heard Sundance held an hour long MLG history lesson during Puckett's Winter WonderLAN. Anyone got a link + timecode to where I can find it?
  4. I guess the Halo Twitch channel will host the UGC stream(s), though?
  5. Zyos vs. Mat Logan live on Twitch: #WhatYearIsThis
  6. Didn't find any hard tests just now, but RTINGS.com, who does detailed input lag tests of TVs, write the following on their input lag overview page:
  7. Ah, I thought you were doubting the Elgato + monitor setup. It is true that the article says nothing about Component inputs on TVs specifically. But I thought that was a well-known fact that they ofte lag, since the converters used in TVs are usually not of such high quality as those in e.g. an Elgato. And there is a difference between HDMI and Component - the latter is an analog signal and thus has to be converted before it is displayed on an LCD screen. I therefore wouldn't trust a random LCD TV if it hadn't been properly tested for input lag using component cables. EDIT: This isn't the first time the two of us have been discussing this, apparently: http://teambeyond.net/forum/topic/14496-halo-1-play-in-480p-lagless/page-2?do=findComment&comment=846373
  8. Not sure if I understood what you are saying, but it's in the video example (GIF in the article). If you check out the follow up, they developed an improved test, see the video linked there for a demonstration. Moreover, the results are not controversial or new. There are many, many people in the Smash community with a high level of technical knowledge of displays/lag/etc that have done their own tests, which confirm the results of the MIMO article. Why are you so sceptical?
  9. I think you need to read the MIMO article more closely. The audio/light is only used to get a zero point. The CRT and LCD screens are filmed side by side with a high speed camera.
  10. Sure, but most modern LCD TVs with component imputs have quite a bit of lag. The signal processing/conversion has to happen some place, and TVs generally have electronics that are not good enough. The Elgato setup mentioned above has been tested, and proven to have extremely low latency. Actually even better than "slow" CRTs, see the links i mentioned which contain thorough research on the subject.
  11. @@Mat Logan: you can play OG Halo on a good gaming monitor using an Elgato Game Capture HD to convert the signal from analog to HDMI. The Smash players (SSBM) are using this kind of setup even for tournaments, and it is solid. I have had a couple of LANs with one box setup with this and one CRT, and it works well. See here for links w/details: http://teambeyond.net/forum/topic/14496-halo-1-play-in-480p-lagless/?do=findComment&comment=846050
  12. Shooting is still off/inconsistent. Especially on host, but also offhost and in matchmaking (dedicated servers, so everyone are offhost). Unless I have missed something on Discord, there hasn't been much work on netcode etc for HCE, other than some code cleanup - yet. Improvements are apparently planned, but 343 are (wisely) following the same path as they seem to do with all aspects of MCC now: clean up code, fix fundamental issues/design flaws, end up with an easily maintainable code, and then do more specific improvements (that do not already materialize "automatically" from the cleanup/refactoring). This takes time, which is always frustrating. But I have confidence that the end result will be better than if they were doing "bandaid" fixes on top of crap code. We saw how well the latter worked back in 2014... That being said, the game is now in the range of playability, at least in my view. While one can't really take it too seriously, it is a decent enough version to give me my fix. But perhaps that is due to the fact that there is not anymore a strong LAN community in my area (Oslo, Norway, Europe).
  13. I've had the same in HCE, @@Jarrah and @@Snipe Three.
  14. Could be, @@Bonesaw. The last couple of patches has done something to introduce leading, it seems, but no-one has convincingly documented exactly what and how much lead compared to OG.

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