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  1. The halo reach CE playlist gave us a magnum that was 3sk with moderate bloom. It had the movement style of reach and barely any fall damage(reach fall damage was only effective on btb maps like spire, wasn’t impactful like ce) and was greatly disliked by ce fans. It gave you an idea of what ce can play like with this powerful magnum but on a different format, and unfortunately wasn’t liked. But hey I don’t blame you it wasn’t that great. Like it played so different but you still had the strong ass utility right?
  2. Understanding it and liking it are 2 different things.
  3. 1. No new people come here because this is a joke of a halo forum. 2. It’s strayed from the original reason it was created and that was to debate our love for classical halo but it’s turned worse to ware. 3. There’s also the freedom from the corruptness of waypoint which is good, but we still wanted 343 to listen and that obviously will never happen again.
  4. Umm it is a design flaw. Camo isn’t meant to be completely invisible but just near it. A soldier who uses camouflage isn’t invisible, but they’re close to invisibility.
  5. Halo 3, h2, HR v7, cod bo4, and it’s mostlt the opinion of those who played a decade ago, rarely will you find someone who didn’t start on ce like it. The majority and minority is not nonsense. It’s people like you who think it does because you don’t to believe you’re wrong In anyway and want to feel you’re the genius in the pool of idiots when you’re not. It’s a fact majority hate h5 but it’s fans refuse to believe that, they think it’s some other outside of gameplay reason.
  6. Lol quake is one of the worse games ever. Unlike halo you don’t have people in the masses saying “I miss quake”. It’s just a bad game.
  7. One should never balance things how well a bad player uses something but how a good player does.
  8. Basically. Honestly if the h3 br was like halo online br thatd be great.
  9. I actually don’t mind the CE being somewhat easy to see. Too weak is entirely subjective. I play the game to try to see why some enjoy it the way they do, I try to figure out what’s so good about it that you people say. I’m pretty open minded jackass I just won’t let you get the benefit of knowing that usually. Prediction is not a skill regardless of how good someone can be at predicting someone. My prediction “skill” is usually good but I’m not going to sit here and act like it’s 100% skill. It doesn’t drive me crazy as you like to believe, it’s just funny seeing people here get all derailed about someone not thinking their beloved ce is the best halo. RNG pistol, crappy movement(looks like you’re sliding) , crappy jump(no matter how many times you ce purist say you don’t like this, you can’t escape the FACT it’s there, it’s in the game and you have no idea how different ce could play without that obvious flaw) mechanics, fall damage, crappy spawning system(I believe one of you mentioned how new players didn’t like prisoner because they kept spawning in the line of sight of their opponents, that’s clear evidence only a purist could love this horrid spawning, and just because you as a player have control of this spawning doesn’t mean that it’s good), and over usage of power ups(it may encourage map movement but in a bad way if you ask me depending on the map design). All in all I still find ways or times to enjoy the game. I still prefer other halos but I won’t completely dislike the game. You wanted me to say something specific I disliked about the game now here you go. Just waiting for the constant “I’m wrong and here’s why”
  10. Hard to see and completely invisible are two different things. I have glasses but they’re a pain to wear with a headset, and even with them on too camo in CE currently has nothing that can let me know my opponent is there. You’d have to stand probably melee distance to do so. Maybe because I come from h3 and afterwards this is my opinion that the camo in CE is a design flaw. I’d debate most people who come from my background won’t see halo CE as a perfect game. Don’t get me started on halo CEs movement.
  11. Prediction skill is a hard debate because at the end of the day it’s just luck. Predicting where someone is isn’t skill because there’s no way of knowing 100% that person is in the area, spot etc that I’m predicting them to be. If im incompetent for not being able to see camo in mcc CE then please stfu I don’t want to speak to you at that point. I watched some of these halo Lans you guys do and the camo is clearly seeable somewhat. In this there’s nothing that lets me know this person is here, let alone in front of me. This a major design flaw especially when I compare it to camos outside of halo CE. And obviously my OPINION doesn’t constitute as fact because there’s going to be someone who disagrees, there’s going to be someone who thinks the camo is perfectly designed(like you). Me not being able to predict my opponent with this camo has nothing to do with its flaw also. Next let’s talk about this prediction of hitting them randomly with a shot or nade, that’s just something people have done in every damn halo game.
  12. That can happen in any halo game, whether you like it to believe it doesn’t is bs. And no you have no solid proof it happens more in CE than any other halo.
  13. You’re in a great minority of halo fans and gamers in general, who think CE is the best. Sure that doesn’t make your “opinion” wrong but it sure as hell speaks louder than you people.
  14. Maybe because in h5 it’s not completely unseeable. Camouflage isn’t invisibility. It’s close but not 100% the same thing.
  15. Thanks for the defense. My grind with it in ce is it’s simply unseeable like at all. Maybe it’s just me though? Also I am talking about halo mcc CE not OG, never played it tbh.
  16. You know, I stated I don’t have 20/20, and on derelict it’s quite difficult even up close.
  17. H5 it is very effective but it’s srull somewhat seeable. There’s a reason a sleight blur was added to it. I understand you ce purist love it this way, but it’s still unbalanced as a whole.
  18. No part of that montage is skill. It’s just luck that his opponent was there. There’s a reason for balancing. The OS in ce is balanced because of the strong utility and grenade power. There’s not a good balance to this camo. Later halos do this justice.
  19. Ok I gotta say that CE camo is annoying as hell! Like there’s not even a noticeable blur. Camo shouldn’t make you completely invisible. It’s fair to note I don’t have 20/20 vision
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