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  1. Definitely looking into adding news/other updates...and I hadn't thought of AMAs! Thanks for checking it out and the feedback, much appreciated.
  2. Hey, Beyond…looong time lurker and I figure it's finally time to say hello. I’ve been working on a way of hoping to help grow grassroots Halo, the HCS scene, and content creators, all the while still celebrating our classic roots. It’s an app called Turf and it aggregates and promotes select content across YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter and brings it all to one spot. HCS Grassroots partners, along with current and former pros, will be featured when they're streaming, hosting tournaments, and posting new content. It's currently only available on iOS (Android version is super close to being done, though). You can get it here through Apple's TestFlight program for beta apps: http://bit.ly/turf-halo (Shortlink for https://testflight.apple.com/join/B3AZknEO). It'll ask you to install TestFlight if you don't have it, then you can just go back to the link again to install it. Let me know if you have any trouble doing so. I've made a conscious decision to link out to the content and not play it through the app itself--so it'll open say, Twitch, if you tapped on a clip that's from there--so that it can be supported through the channel it was posted on, liked, subscribed, retweeted, etc. Maybe this experience can be improved upon in the future. Some of what is brought in to the app is done so automatically, but there is also a bit of manual work at this stage. There's a bunch of content I'm still working on bringing in today--especially the pre-2011 Tournaments--and that could definitely use all your help! Feel free to post up anything you think should be there and pardon the dust. It's a bit early stage...there hasn't been anyone else testing this out yet so I'm not sure what's going to happen under more users...and there will be bugs. Just wanted to get it out to everyone here first and see if it resonates in the community. And if it does, we can help build it up together. Thanks and hope you enjoy it. .
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